I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 824


Chapter 824 Batman’s ‘Atlantis Defense Plan’

“Don’t get caught, seabed people want to divide us !”

At the meeting of delegates, Lord Ma Gang shouted harsh words and stern looks.

“It’s not the seabed people that divide us, but the Justice League. Superman made it very clear that he wants us to learn from a certain country, or that he actually agrees with the seabed people’s ‘sea purification and protection plan’ .”

The British representative looked haggard, and this time London was flooded with dung and garbage, and the economic loss caused him began to regret: the Chinese in a frenzy achieved a 125% goal achievement rate, But the manpower and material resources they spend are not as good as half of the cleaning of London. After careful calculation, the persistence of the British Empire is not worth it.

“How about we also try to clean up ocean pollution next month?” Someone suggested hesitantly.

Ma Gang Lord frowned: “If we follow suit, those superheroes will think they’ve succeeded and be more determined, instead of dealing with seabed people, they will oppress us.”

“Then we simply compromise, obediently and honestly comply with the ‘Om Ocean Cleanup Plan’, the harm of the garbage wave is too great, not to mention the direct economic loss of our country, the housing price in coastal cities alone has dropped by 70%! Seeing the subprime mortgage crisis It’s going to explode again.” A representative said helplessly.

Lord Ma Gang looked around and asked, “Even if we are willing to compromise, ask yourself, can we achieve Aum’s goal?

I tell the truth, the United States can’t.


It’s not that I’m not strong enough, it’s that I really do it, and the series of problems it raises will force me to step down immediately.

I’m not afraid of being impeached, but the problem is that my successor can’t do it either. Good.”

“At least for a few months.”

“Everyone, we can’t keep rolling like this.” Lord Ma Gang coughed a few times and reminded: “seabed People now only demand the protection of the marine ecological environment, but when we can’t hold on to it, will they ask for other demands after surrendering? “

“What plans does the United States have?” asked the representative of a certain country.

“My staff team suggested that if there is another wave of pollution next month, let the superheroes who obey the government to stop it. I hope all countries can cooperate.”

Ma Gang Lord glanced at the crowd, and said slowly: “Dozens or hundreds of heroes are dispatched together. Even if they can’t win and make a big noise, is the Justice League watching the show on the side?”

Initiative Start the war and let the Justice League in.

The representatives are not stupid, they immediately understood what he meant, and also felt that the plan was very feasible.

At the end of the meeting, Lord Ma returned to the White House and reported the results to his staff and the generals in the Pentagon.

β€œOur allies have agreed to let the government-controlled heroes cooperate, but only a few of us can act.

The worst outcome, our heroes can no longer let the tide of pollution hit Washington, hit the White House.”

Another month passed quickly, and it was the end of 2015, on Thanksgiving Day, when the third polluted tide was scheduled, and the volume failed to complete the month’s polluting target. city of.

This time, human beings finally responded. Atomic Captain led heroes such as Metal Man, Metal Squad, Miss America, Liberty Goddess, etc., to rush into the turbulent tide off the metropolis.

Atomic Captain Colonel Adam, who was Harley’s younger brother when Krypton invaded, and later mutated in military experiments.

The metal cyborg was originally a super villain, a cyborg with kryptonite as energy in his chest, recruited by the government.

The Metal Squad comes from a military-funded scientific experiment, pure metal biomimetic nanorobots.

Miss America is a member of the Freedom Fighters led by Sam Uncle, and you can tell by her name why she’s on the team.

Free Goddess, Harley’s servant, knows her choice just by name.

The strength of this team is not as good as Zhenglian, but its victory lies in its loyalty to the government.

50 kilometers from the coast, they clashed with the seabed people

Atomic Captain ordered the seabed people to stop the flooding of the city, and the seabed people told them to get out of the way. If it doesn’t fit, open the fight.

In the end, Atomic Captain lost contact, two members of the Metal Squad were killed, and Miss America and Liberty Goddess were injured and fled back to the White House.

The U.S. government-government’s super-squad suffered heavy losses, and countries that cooperated with the United Kingdom, Neon, and Australia also suffered losses.

However, most of the dung tide that hit the capitals of various countries was broken up in the extraordinary battle.

In the evening, the coast in front of the Kuri Lighthouse in Port of Cien.

Betterman is like a stone sculpture, standing on the small wharf, which is only two meters wide, and the cold wind blows his cloak.

“Battman? didn’t expect you to find me here.”

Arthur shook his wet hair and walked ashore from the sea step by step.

“Let’s go in for a drink.” He warmly invited.

Bateman stood still, sighing, “Arthur, it’s time.”

Aquaman stepped one stopped, looked up at the sunset, his voice was hoarse Said: “I really don’t want to take the throne of Aum. I am not familiar with Atlantis, and it is a strange place for me.

I am very satisfied with my life now.

Also, Orm is my younger brother after all, and he didn’t take his throne from me.”

“Where did you just go?” Bateman asked.

Aquaman asked in confusion: “What?”

“It’s winter, the sea is cold, but I see spring in your eyes.” Bateman said.

Aquaman blushed slightly and said awkwardly: “Is the topic too far away?”

Bateman indifferently said: “Since the Infinite Earth Crisis, you and Ze Bell’s Mela Princess, who is getting closer and closer, must have gone to see her just now, or she has come to see you.

But do you know that she is the fiancee of the King of Atlantis?”

Aquaman was stunned and said, “Meila and I are in free love.”

“Your parents are also in free love. In our world, personal will is above everything else, but in Asia Atlantis, free love won’t work.

But if you become the king of Atlantis, all difficulties will be solved.” Bateman said.

“Battman, I don’t like this remark very much.” Aquaman’s thick eyebrows furrowed into a serious expression, “I won’t hurt Orm for personal desires.”

“Sorry, let me put it another way.” Bateman’s expression remained the same, his eyes and tone also remained the same, “Arthur, have you ever thought that your appearance is the arrangement of fate?

The relationship between seabed and land people, you have seen it with your own eyes.

In order to survive and develop, the contradiction has been difficult to reconcile.

Seeing Arthur’s face turned ugly, Bateman sighed then said, “I’m not slandering your younger brother, I can make a bet with you.

You go to Atlantis to meet him , in your own way, let him tell you the truth – whether there is an ultimate weapon against land people.

The kind of weapon that wipes out tens of millions, even hundreds of millions of people in one move.

If I have, prove what I say is right.

If not, it’s up to you.

As if I never communicated with you privately ‘Atlan The True King of Teas’ plan.”

Aquaman’s expression changed, and he said, “I talked to Orm during the last negotiation.

I swear to him, from No thoughts of threatening his rule, and promise to never set foot in the realm of Atlantis, and he will no longer send assassin to harass me and my father.”

Batman said: “You are not Iat Meet him as an illegitimate child of Landis, you are the representative of the True Alliance, for the fallen heroes.

You can even notify the Atlantis Guard at the border and call Orm outside the territory .”

“Atomic Captain captured, seriously?” Aquaman asked hesitantly.

Batman gently voted p, “It is very serious, he has a military position, but was captured in the territorial waters of his own country, the reaction of the government and the people can be imagined.

as everyone We know that this time in Atlantis crisis, Zhenglian and other heroes are responsible for it, and we have to make a request to Aum no matter what.

But Aum is not stupid, he dares to set off a wave of filth, dare to If you kill and kill several heroes without any scruples, and even capture the atomic Captain, you must be ready for a full-scale war with us.

Alas, I told you these words before, and you agreed to it.

When the ‘omens’ appear, go to Atlantis and apply to Orm for the ‘Duel of the Kings’.”

“The omens. The war on land and sea, the omens that may lead to world annihilation, really appeared. ?” Aquaman murmured.

Batman affirmed: “If you don’t believe me, just ask Orm. With his pride, he will tell you the truth.”

“Okay, I’ll go.”


Some readers are wondering, with DC’s current technology and the current plot, is ocean pollution still a problem?

The real reason will be written from the perspective of the US government.

In fact, we should also be able to think that with the current technology in 2022, Earth people should not suffer from starvation, freezing, and environmental problems.

According to the insights of the elites of Earth countries in 2022, countries should not have disputes on climate and environmental protection issues-even us ordinary people can see how bad the climate has become in recent years.

As a child, we had spring and autumn, now?

My personal experience, I bought a leather jacket and a denim jacket last year for fall wear, but it was too hot yesterday, so I wore a T-shirt and a thin down jacket on second day

Autumn clothes are almost useless.

Have we humans solved the problems of hunger, climate, environmental protection, and sanitation?


Can solve it does not mean it will be solved, just like every student with normal IQ, as long as he studies hard, it is not difficult to be admitted to a suitable university, but there are too many reasons for him to be unable to do it.

Some time ago, Musk made a sentence “Why is it too urgent to cook with the same root”, what is the reason?

Isn’t it because someone forced him to provide food to tens of millions, hundreds of millions of hungry refugees?

Many times, what appears to be a technology issue is actually a political issue.

For example, ocean pollution can be solved with alien technology.

The problem is that pollution is linked to industrial production and people’s lives.

The world has been replaced with the same technology and achieved the same productivity. The United States no longer has technological advantages, and it is no different from Africa and Asia. Are they willing?

(end of this chapter)

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