I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 828


Chapter 828 Aquaman in the eyes of Atlantis

The Ring of Fire is like its Like the name, there is a lava ring around it.

The “Imperial Family VIP Seat” is on a ten-meter-long and five-meter-wide arc-shaped platform. There are not many guests, such as Halle, Nereus, Fisherman King, Crab King of Saltwater Kingdom, Mela, Atlantis ‘Prime Minister’ Vico.

There are also three other Dukes of Atlantis.

However, Harley’s “servants” were not standing by, and they all had seats.

Louis, Dachao and the others were brought to that time, just to see the government’s “representatives of scientific research” and Prime Minister Vico have a serious conversation, Grandma Xi was holding a wine glass and the Duke who was completely human was laughing. Yan Yan.

Louise’s eyes turned red when she saw Nora Lang.

Because she was pulling out the microphone and interviewing King Nereus.

Where are they servants, who can drink and chat with their masters?

Can it be on an equal footing with the Prime Minister and Duke of Atlantis?

Well, Harry and the three kings sat in the front, and the rest were half a step behind them.

“Why are you here?” Seeing them, Harry was a little surprised.

The gang of ten looked at each other, and because they were embarrassed, they were reluctant to speak, and they were all waiting for their companions to explain.

Then the Atlantis Small Captain who brought them over spoke and said loudly: “Heavenly Mountain King, they say they are your servants and want to come and serve you.”

This time, the Gang of Ten immediately changed from embarrassment to embarrassment, extreme embarrassment.

“cough cough, Halle, you know, servants are all excuses, the Atlanteans gave us a bad place.” Hal Jordan cried.

“Excuse? You’re lying to me?” Small Captain fumed.

Prime Minister Vico was very understanding and waved to the guards: “You go down, there is still a lot of space here.”

Then, he stood up and explained with a kind smile : “It’s not that I couldn’t arrange the seats for you before, but it’s easy to have accidents when you are surrounded by Atlantis audiences.”

He also instructed the attendants to bring ten stools for everyone .

Well, he was the “traitor” in the court of Atlantis who secretly supported Aquaman to replace King Orm.

The giants of Zhenglian are all the companions of “Child of Destiny” in his heart, and he just wished he could provide them with better service.

Harry and the other three kings are two-meter-high stone thrones, the second row is a chair with armrests and backrests, and the others can only sit on small round stools.

No way, the space is limited and I can’t put it down.

Louis hurriedly took out her interview equipment before taking her seat, looking around, preparing to choose a target.

Aum is the most valuable, unfortunately not here, presumably preparing for a duel.

King Nereus. Nora Long was talking and laughing with him!

Louis purse one’s lip, turning to the other two kings.

The fisherman king and the crab king of the salt water country, they don’t look like individuals, and they have never been in contact with them.

As a veteran name reporter who has been in the industry for more than ten years, Louise knows one truth: you must have a basic understanding of your interview goals.

Otherwise, it is not the worst outcome if you can’t ask for useful news materials. If you offend the other party and cause a diplomatic dispute, then.

Louis hesitated to look away, Then the eyes lit up: Mela Princess, she understands!

“Hi, Mela Princess, you are so beautiful today.” She leaned over, smiling naturally and generously.

She was right, Mela was well-dressed today, wearing a slim blouse woven with tiny diamonds and jewels, with four pink purple lantern jellyfish petals floating behind her.

The skirt also shone like a blooming edelweiss.

β€”β€”seabed people really like to shine, but the brilliance does match the dark and gloomy environment of seabed. These Earth people only have green light bubbles on their heads, no, Nora Lang doesn’t. Wear bubbles.

Louise was thinking about it in a mess, and suddenly realized that the three ordinary persons of Nora Lang were directly wearing suits and dresses, exposing them to the seabed kingdom.

Seabed people can breathe underwater. They always live in an environment with water. Not only is the airship filled with water and no air, but this duel field is also filled with high-pressure sea water. Survive.

No air, high pressure.

So, Green Lantern put on a Green Lantern Bubble Helmet for the Gang of Ten, as well as a temporary Green Lantern suit.

“You areβ€””

Meila wanted to introduce herself to the woman in the green blister headband, but the other party complimented her and looked around, as if she had forgotten about her. .

“Miss, are you a reporter too?” Mela waited for a long time, but still didn’t respond, so she could only take the initiative to resolve the embarrassment.

“Ah, I’m sorry.” Louise came back to her senses, so embarrassed that Face is red, “Sorry, Mela Princess, I’m confused by my companion’s situation.”

She pointed at Noralang, “Why can they talk, breathe, drink in the ocean, and haven’t got wet clothes? Is the environment specially adjusted here?”

Meila moved towards Harry Nunuzui, the big dog, “Yerbi Holy Son is controlling elemental power.”

“so that’s how it is.”

Louis touched her bubble head hood, I don’t know if Yebby’s magic is also used on her.

However, the interview is important now, and the bubble head cover can be tangled up later.

“Meela Princess, I’m the current affairs editor of planet daily, Louise Lane. Can I take advantage of the gap before the duel to ask you a few questions about the duel? For the convenience of land People should strengthen their understanding of the Atlanteans.”

“Well, your companion” Mela pointed at Nora Lang and whispered, “She has already interviewed me.”

“So fast?” Louise was startled at first, but then she reacted immediately. Noralang followed Harry to the VIP channel, but she was stuck in traffic at the city gate with Zhenglian for more than an hour.

“Perhaps the problem is different.” She smiled reluctantly.

Without waiting for Mela to answer, Louise suddenly found herself in a somewhat familiar situation.

Three questions about her and Harley Quinn that day.

May the gods in Silver City bless her and don’t be preempted by Nora!

“Okay, you ask.”

Meila is actually in a mess at the moment, very worried about Arthur’s safety, but like Prime Minister Vico, she is very close to the water. Xia has a close relationship and is reluctant to neglect his friends.

“The Atlanteans are very fanatical about martial duels, is this your custom?”

Mela gave her a strange look and kindly reminded: “Your companion Asked.”

Louis’s expression froze, and she said with a smile: “Even if the same answer can lead to different new questions.”

Mei La Xiang Wonder Woman raised her chin, “Do you understand the Amazons? We are actually just like them, familiar with the ‘Golden Age remnants’ under the Greek pantheon.

The ancient Greeks love the culture of competitive sports, Amazon Yes, we do too.

You may wonder why Harley Quinn is treated differently from you. Besides her status in heaven, the more important reason is that she has won almost all the warriors of the four ocean kingdoms. Respect.”

“Oh, this is the first time I heard, what did she do?” Louise asked in surprise.

“She had duel with them, just like today’s duel with the Ring of Fire. That day in the King of Zebel, under the watchful eyes and shouts of all, according to the Atlantean rules, she fought for a week. She has challenged more than 3,000 most powerful warriors.

It can be said that the famous fighters in the Seabed Kingdom have all been challenged by her.” Mela said.

“All won?”

Mela shook the head and said proudly: “I also participated in the duel, I won, and the four kings have fought against her.

But her win rate is very high, up to 98.3%, slightly higher than me. Anyway, because of that battle, Harley Quinn is very famous and respected in the seabed kingdom.”

Even the Royal Family is keen on gladiatorial competition, no wonder.

Louis understands a little.

“Superman would be better than Harley Quinn in a duel,” she said.

Meila indifferent expression.

How long can the seabed last without sunlight, with the battery life of a Superman iPhone?

And, seabed fighters have magic!

Without getting a response, Louise was a little embarrassed, cleared her throat, and changed the question: “Aquaman has never been to Atlantis, for the people of Atlantis. , he is a complete stranger.

If he wins, will he be recognized by the people?”

“This question.” Mela frowned.

Louis sighed inwardly, “My colleague asked?”

Mela gently nodded.

Louis tugged at her collar irritably.

Suddenly, she felt that this society was a mess!

I haven’t felt it for more than 20 years before, and it seems that it has only recently been rolled up

“The duel of the kings in the ring of fire, only one side can survive, the Atlanteans do not. I have to choose.” Mela frowned and sighed softly.

“Ah~~” Louise criticized out in surprise, “King Aum and Aquaman want to kill each other with their brothers, and only one survives? This is tooβ€””

Too cruel, So savage.

The conversation between the two women was also heard by the super-hearing superman.

“It’s not a good plan for Aquaman to kill his younger brother,” he said to Bateman ugly complexion.

But Bateman’s expression was light, “You and Arthur have been through so much, don’t you know him? He won’t follow the shit Atlantean tradition, and when he has the upper hand, He’ll stop in time.”

“That’s right.” Superman sighed in relief.

“What if Arthur loses?” The Flash suddenly asked in a low voice.

“No, Arthur has innate talent, Aum doesn’t.” Bateman said affirmatively.

“Buzz.” The dueling platform in the center made a dull vibration sound, a thread-shaped opening cracked, and with a “sou”, a silver-armored, bright-silver Trident warrior jumped out.

“The duel has begun.” Everyone was shocked, and the seabed people cheered loudly.

“Aum King, Aum King”

Louise was both excited and frustrated. She only asked two questions, and both were asked by Nalarang .

“Whooshβ€”” Another warrior with brass-colored scales soared into the sky and landed on the opposite side of Aum.

“Traitor, traitor!”

The 200,000 Atlantis audience was silent for a moment, then cursed by hiding the sky and covering the earth.

β€œShh, shh—” They got up, thumbs down, and shush him loudly.

“This” The Earth guest’s expression changed, and concern climbed up his face.

General Ryan looked dignified, and after approaching Harry’s side, he whispered: “Aum’s home field advantage is too great, and the imposing manner is rising.

Aquaman was beaten by ‘clansman’ ‘Insulting the traitor, his emotions seem to be affected, and I have a bad premonition.”

“Then why are you still standing there, cheer him on.” Harry said.

“Let’s do our best?” Dachao said hesitantly, “So the seabed people wouldn’t even call Aquaman a traitor?”

“The key is that there are too few of us.”

General Ryan is actually very happy with the seabed people’s attitude towards Aquaman.

Aquaman will be closer to the land people when they are repelled by the seabed people.

Wait for him to be king, the mainland people will feel more at ease.

“Let’s shout together with the heroes. With superpowers, only one Superman can top 100,000.” Halle said.

(end of this chapter)

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