I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 831


Chapter 831 Split

The king’s duel took place at night, and on the morning of the second day, Harry and a group of people returned to the United States, I didn’t even take a shower, and went directly to Washington for a closed-door meeting.

“Why did you lose? Didn’t Harley say that Aquaman is stronger than Aum?” Lord Ma Gang said with red eyes.

Well, he also didn’t sleep all night, and his eyes were bloodshot.

“I’ve said it many times before the duel, strength doesn’t mean emerge victorious in every battle.” Harry said impatiently.

“We’ve lost, think about what to do next.” General Ryan sighed.

“Halle, you and the three kings left alone last night, and they talked for two hours. What did you say?” Dachao asked.

“A tacit agreement is generally reached, the two sides ban the destruction of Earth’s ‘doomsday weapons’ and fight conventional warfare.”

“We have the destruction of Earth’s ‘doomsday weapons’?” Ma Gang Lord asked.

“You asked me?” Harry looked up at him and reminded: “You are the president.”

“Oh, yes, I am the president” Ma Gang Lord first smiled awkwardly, then wrinkled his face to several representatives of the military, “In my knowledge, we don’t have doomsday weapons, can you deny me?”

General Ryan sat there not say a word without even an expression.

General Minos scratched his nose and his eyes flashed: “Mr. President, we have about three ongoing projects that may bring Earth to the end.”

“What project, how come I don’t know at all?” Lord Ma Gang said with a sullen face. .

“Before the official exposure, you cannot let outsiders, including Mr. President, know that this is necessary for national security.” General Minos emphasized.

โ€”โ€”The dignified head of state has become an outsider.

After taking two deep breaths, Lord Ma Gang didn’t feel too angry.

Probably get used to it.

“Roughly speaking, let’s have a bottom line.”

“A bionic robot called ‘Amozo’, a robot from the Brainiac spaceship Well, a whole set of weapons, with missiles, defensive power fields, miniature devices, and the last one is genetic cloning.” General Minos mumbled.

When he said the last sentence, he unconsciously glanced at Dachao from the corner of his eye.

“It doesn’t sound good.” Ma Gang Lord frowned, and commented with some disgust: “Not domineering enough, without a name, it’s scary.”


General Minos reminded: “Mr. President, the most unremarkable of Brainiac’s many technologies is the stellar missile, the ultimate weapon that detonates a star in one shot.”

“Hey, star bomb, now I have a feeling.” Horse Gang Lord sucked in a breath of cold air.

“Atlantis’s highest requirement is to strictly enforce the ‘Aum Ocean Cleanup Act’, as for self-destruct Earth?” Superman asked with an ugly face.

“Be prepared, in case they ask for ‘rule over mankind’.” Ma Gang Lord said.

“Everyone, talking about doomsday weapons now is really too extreme.” Henry crossed his fingers, a pair of rays of light with old eyes shining with wisdom, “We already have an admiral of the galaxy.

The deterrence of ‘golden nukes’ is more effective than any doomsday weapon.

After the failed usurpation of Aquaman, there is only one problem we are facing now – the cost of fighting conventional warfare, and completing it obediently and honestly The cost of the ‘Om Ocean Cleanup’ is higher.”

“It is clear that the cost of war is greater.” Superman said immediately.

General Minos brows slightly wrinkle, “In a war, even if mankind loses, the United States will not lose its global hegemony.

Well, all countries are unlucky together.


Aum’s ocean cleanup plan will definitely make the United States a second-rate country.

Because my country has the longest coastline, the highest consumption level, the most pollutants released, and the seabed people The threat is even greater.”

“Hegemony is it possible that is more important than human life?” Dachao said angrily.

General Minos said solemnly: “Yes, it is more important than human life.

In order to fight for our current international status, we have sacrificed countless lives.

In order to maintain It has been dying all these years.

If it loses its hegemony in the future, more people will die and suffer.”

Harry looked at the time, He suddenly got up and said, “Let’s do it today, both Zhenglian and the government-government need to go back and hold a small meeting.

Wait until you both clear your thoughts, understand what you want, and are willing to pay for your goals. What is the upper limit, letโ€™s meet again and have a meeting.

The goal, bottom line and limit are unified at the meeting, and then go to the Atlanteans.

I will not participate in the next thing .

Don’t come to me until you decide to flip the switch on the doomsday device.”

After she finished speaking, she waved to them, squatted down, and performed a 100-meter dash Bubbling gesture, swish trigger quantum shift, disappear in the White House Conference Hall.

โ€œWhat does she mean?โ€ Ma Gang Lord was stunned.

General Ryan shrugged, “Probably not interested in our topic, I have seen her face impatient a few times.”

“We are discussing the survival of the world, the United States The hegemonic major event, how could she be impatient?” The Speaker had a hard time accepting it.

Zhenglian Hero also expressed incomprehension.

“She watched the duel in Atlantis before, and she was still in high spirits. Shouldn’t that be coming, and she was upset?” Hal Jordan speculated.

The crowd looked odd.

International issues expert Henry’s eyes flashed, indifferently said: “Admiral Galaxy is boring because she sees everything and thinks she has completed her mission.”

“Henry , what do you mean?” Ma Gang Lord asked.

Henry sighed: “Government-government, heroes, seabed people, and people. In the various situations, reactions, demands, ideas, and decisions of these parties in the crisis, Miss Quinn probably heart is like a clear mirror.

There is no need to discuss with us anymore.”

“But we want to discuss with her!” said the speaker.

“Her attitude isn’t obvious yet?” Henry asked calmly.

“Not so obvious.”

“Ai, the four kingdoms of seabed, at least the kings of Zebel, Saltwater, and Murloc, respect her very much.

Not only the fear of her strength and past achievements, but the respect and trust of her in virtue and conductโ€””

Louis cried, “Are you kidding me? But Demoness Harley, seabed people are afraid of her, I believe in her, and respect her in virtue and conduct.

I am not completely denying her, in some respects she is indeed people. Earth American people admire, but seabed people Why should you respect her?”

Others didn’t shout, and looked almost surprised.

It looks thoughtful, Bateman.

If anyone keeps staring at his micro-expressions, they will find Harley-like impatience.

Henry said solemnly: “I have been engaged in diplomatic activities for more than half a century. How can the attitude of foreign leaders to us be respected or feared? How can there be confusion?

Approaching Yat from the team From the beginning of the Landis border, the seabed people gave us the greatest respect and trust – without stopping the spaceship inspection, the communication number was unblocked.

Wait outside the city gate, the three kings and the Asian The Prime Minister of Trantis, Vico, came out to greet her again.

They chatted and laughed with her very naturally, like an old friend.

It was obvious that they only brought ten guests, so it can be seen that When it came to the three extra, they didn’t ask any more questions at all.

They didn’t mention anything about the servants, and directly gave us three second only to kings.”

” What treatment?” Ma Gang Lord said curiously.

Grandma Xi replied: “We sat side by side with the Prime Minister of Atlantis, Mela Princess, Duke Caspian, Duke of Leeds, Duke of Hammer, drinking together, watching the duel show together, Let’s chat together.”

She sighed lightly with a reminiscent and proud look on her face: “The atmosphere is very harmonious, very harmonious, very gentleman, very friendly, I think we should invite them back.”

“Is that so, General Ryan?” asked the horse Gang Lord.

“Uh, I’m not going with her.” General Ryan said embarrassedly.

Lana Lang said: “The seabed people are really kind to us. I tried to interview them, but they didn’t refuse, and they even allowed me to videotape.”

Henry said: ” Politicians, no matter how cordial they appear, can be superficial.

Only a candid view of the issues at stake can reveal the truth.

There is no doubt that Admiral and Three A king’s closed-door meeting, several parties trust each other, what should be said and what should not be said, everything is said.

If it is not out of trust and respect, it is difficult to be so frank.

They also have reason to respect her, and the galaxy will respect the seabed people’s right to survival and development, understand their situation and the decision to change the marine environment.”

“So, Senator Quinn stands with the seabed people this time. side?” General Minos frowned.

“No, she’s on the side of Earth as a whole.” Henry said with a bitter smile: “Politics and economics aside, don’t you think it’s okay to clean the oceans?”


“It is our duty as leaders of the country to take political and economic considerations into account.” Speaker said solemnly.

“I think we can consider implementing the ‘Aum Marine Protection Plan’.” Grandma Xi said seriously.

“Are you kidding me? Seabed bought you a few drinks and a few nice words?” General Minos said angrily.

Grandma Xi has a serious expression and sharp eyes, “The purpose of you sending me to Atlantis is to assess the strength of both sides.

I have seen their leaders, civilized, Wise, polite, know how to advance and retreat.

I’ve seen their people, brave and belligerent, numerous in number, each of them a ‘little superman’.

I’ve also seen their people Technology, blimps that act as ‘sea cars’, almost every man has one.

To us, they are small battleships that can be instantly transformed into combat weapons.

Conventional warfare, We canโ€™t win.โ€

โ€œConventional warfare will indeed be difficult. Ordinary citizens of Atlantis can survive in the ocean thousands of meters deep. What kind of physique would that be? ?

Only the royal city of Atlantis has a population of no less than 10 million, all of them are as strong as Aquaman and more high-tech than Bateman’s equipment, so they can’t fight.” Ryan The general sighed.

Ma Gang Lord frowned: “General Ryan, Mrs. Clinton, and Henry, you three are here to find out information, help us make correct judgments, and increase the odds of winning the war, don’t keep hurting our morale Ah.”

“But we’re telling the truth.” Grandma Xi said aggrieved.

General Minos looked towards Dachao, “Ordinary soldiers are not as good as them, but the Justice League should have an advantage in high-end battle strength, right?”

Dachao said seriously: ” Sorry, Zhenglian is not a watchman, and I am not a Manhattan Academician. If the US government-government does not make any changes in marine protection, Zhenglian will never be on your side.โ€

โ€œWe have Agreement!” Minos excitedly said: “The ‘hero agreement’ at the first hero meeting – you get the right to do good and a certain law enforcement power, but when the United States and the world are in danger, you have to stand up.”

“But why aren’t you willing to make any compromises? Environmental protection is clearly the right thing, and it has always been promoted by you as political correctness.” Dachao was also a little excited.

(end of this chapter)

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