I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 832


Chapter 832 Detective Bruce

– Environmental protection that makes oneself pay is not ‘good environmental protection’, tossing other countries and making others pay Environmental protection is “true environmental protection”.

Lord Ma Gang opened his mouth to explain that “environmental protection is just a political slogan and can be used to achieve political goals, but it is different from reality”, but suddenly, he thought of Hell America, and The ravaged – ravaged “freedom”.

He stayed silent for a while.

In the future hell of the United States, will there be another “environmental god” who has been abused by politicians?


But he really didn’t want it to be born in his own hands.

Tomorrow’s 2016 general election, his presidential career is coming to an end, why should he rush into the depths of hell?

He didn’t speak, and the Speaker had to go up to it himself, coldly said: “Superman, the second article of the ‘Hero Protocol’, heroes must not interfere in government-government work.”

“The law K!” Dachao uttered a foul language, greeted his teammates, turned around and left.

“Green Lantern, wait!” General Minos called.

Hal Jordan remains unmoved.

“Hal Jordan, what happens next has nothing to do with Zhenglian.” Minos changed his name and pointed out his name.

Knowing the name, knowing the home address, knowing the relatives and friends

Hall’s brows tightly knit, his legs are like a thousand forces, his footsteps gradually slow down, falling on his teammates Behind, finally stopped at the door.

When the other heroes of Zhenglian left, he turned his head and looked at them blankly. .

β€œZhenglian may not fight for the American people, but I hope Earth Green Light Legion can ensure the safety of the United States.

‘Earth Green Light Legion’ now has more than a thousand Lanterns, Don’t need too many, one hundred, one for each city in the United States, to ensure that seabed people do not hurt innocents.”

“Green light Legion not to participate in the civil war on the planet, except for a terrible massacre or genocide.” Hal said solemnly.

β€œWhen the American people face the vicious seabed warriors, isn’t it massacre?” General Minos said.

“The seabed people are still restrained now. Unless you provoke a bigger conflict, how can the seabed people enter the interior and attack civilians?” Hal said coldly.

General Minos stood up, walked up to him, put his hand on his shoulder, and said earnestly, “You were once a soldier, tell me, what is the duty of a soldier?”

Not waiting for him to speak, the general said solemnly: “Our duty is to defend the interests of the people with the guns in our hands.”

Hal struggled for a long time, then whispered: “Although the Green Light Legion has rules not to use its power and power for personal gain for its own civilization, this time is special and I would like to make an exception for Earth.

Well, ocean pollution has a negative impact on existing Earth technology. It is a big problem, but there are countless civilizations in the universe, and many of them are more advanced and developed than us.

If you put in a little effort, and with the help of the fame and fame of the Galaxy Admiral, you should be able to introduce a set of The super garbage cleaning system.

What do you think?”

Several government officials made eye contact in silence.

General Minos coughed a few times, his expression was soft, his voice was soft, and his eyes were soft and relieved.

He patted Hal on the shoulder and praised: “You are the representative of the hero and the role model of the American soldiers!

However, Hal, have you ever thought about garbage and industrial production? , residents’ living facilities, and the production level is linked to the strength of science and technology.

If you introduce a garbage disposal system, it will inevitably affect the existing Earth industry.”

Hall immediately said: “I Of course, I understand the principle of mobilizing the whole body, but we can take advantage of the situation to comprehensively upgrade the Earth industry and directly enter a relatively high civilization stage.”

General Minos’ expression was softer, more cordial, and direct. He put his arm around his shoulder and whispered in his ear: “Industrial upgrading, benefiting the country and the people, is very good.

Next time I will put Boeing, GM, United, Thunder, Grumman, The presidents and technical directors of several companies including Pfizer, Quinn, Wayne, and Luther convened together. You can tell them in detail, let them tell you the details of industrial upgrading, and then you can accurately provide supporting technology and knowledge.

However, this Atlantis crisis is of a global nature, so forget it.”

Hal was very smart, he immediately reacted to his intentions and said with a sullen face: “Why? No Quinn?”

“Admiral Galaxy?” Minos touched the nose of the garlic and his eyes flickered: “She is dedicated to selling laptops and mobile phones, and does not participate in such things.”

“You have made similar requests to her, and she refused?” Hal said.

“I didn’t refuse, she just didn’t participate.”

Hal felt that his chest was tight, his head was swollen, and his mood was very irritable.

He wanted to quit, like ‘Running Harley’ he didn’t quite understand before.

“You also said that the ocean problem is a global crisis!”

Hall used a higher volume to highlight the “big crisis”.

Minos’ eyes flashed lightly and said, “Hal, you are a wise man, a patriot, and a glorious soldier.

Then, I will use a wise man I will tell you the way of patriotic soldiers.

If the world has the same industry and technology, why is the United States still honored? Where does the American people get their happiness and pride?”

Hal was silent.

General Minos waited for a while, and said impatiently: “The matter of alien technology can be discussed later, you just need to tell me, when the seabed people attack the United States, will the green light Legion not? Will you protect the coastal city?”

Hal helplessly said: “I will lead the green light Legion to try my best to rescue innocent people.”

Minos satisfied nodded, “Hal, you are American Heroes! The Justice Seven, Superman is a Kryptonian immigrant, and Wonder Woman is an Amazonian.

We all know Aquaman now, he has Atlantis bloodline.

Batman has no superpowers, Cyborg is still a child (high school student), and Flash is too weak.

Only you are the most perfect and pure representative of the American spirit, we hope you can Play a more important role in Zhenglian and Heroes.”

Hal indifferently said: “God bless Milliken, I won’t forget this.”

“God bless Milliken !” Minos nodded.

After leaving the Conference Hall, Hal sneered at the corners of his mouth and quickly caught up with his companions who had not yet walked out of the White House gate.

He repeated Minos’ words before returning to the Hall of Justice.

The heroes didn’t scold, but could only be bitter and helpless.

For a long time, Bateman asked, “What are you going to do?”

“I don’t know if I should talk to the representatives of Boeing, GM, Wayne, Grumman. Maybe. Let the U.S. continue to maintain its status as a leader, and indirectly raise the level of global technology?”

Hal rubbed his hair and said irritably: “Forget it, we will talk about it after the industrial upgrade, and now we have to go back to the Green Light Building.

I’ll get a bunch of Green Lanterns together and get them to suspend the interstellar mission in preparation for the upcoming land-sea conflict.

Anyway, the Minoan bastard is right, I can’t stand innocent people being slaughtered.

But the Green Lantern Legion is only responsible for rescue, not fighting.”

“Don’t say Green Lantern Legion, a war really broke out, we Zhenglian and other heroic teams , and can’t stay out of it.” Superman sighed.

“The war hasn’t broken out yet, we should hurry up and do something.” Wonder Woman said.

Betterman said: “Find Aquaman first, maybe he can challenge Orm again. Last night’s duel was only interrupted, not over.”

” Still challenging? Do you regard Orm as the gatekeeper BOSS in the game?” The Flash exclaimed.

“This is the best way.” Bateman sighed: “Last night, we walked around the royal city and saw the hostility of the Atlanteans to the land people with our own eyes.

The marine environment problem is just the beginning.

The two peoples living on the same planet, as long as they maintain hostility to each other, will have big problems sooner or later.

Only Arthur can resolve the conflict and allow the two races to communicate and understand each other normally.”

Superhuman: “If Arthur can become the king of Atlantis, of course it would be the best, but he is not Austrian. Mu’s opponent.”

“Arthur is just not used to water combat, just practice more.” Bateman said.

“We have to find him first,” Wonder Woman said.

For the Justice League, finding Aquaman wasn’t difficult.

Let’s not say that Aquaman is a big living person and knows to send a signal to his companions for help.

Even if he “doesn’t want to drag his friends down”, Dachao has super hearing.

The steel skeleton can also be searched globally through the watchtower satellite.

In order to prevent teammates from relying too much on guard dogs, Batman prepared a bat watch for each hero.

Hal Jordan’s green light ring also has a tracing function.

The Flash can go door-to-door around Earth.

In short, in this real dcworld, the heroes of Zhenglian are not collectively invisible like in the “Aquaman” movie – even seabed The people were about to attack the land, and they didn’t even show up when a tidal tide hit the coast.

They were very active. They left the White House in the morning and held a meeting in the Justice Hall for half an hour. For another half an hour, the Big Seven got together.

Meela is by the side.

“Hey, we got into the mouth of a big whale at that time, and even though there was a life detector on Orm’s spaceship, we couldn’t find us.” Aquaman said proudly with a smile.

“You can hide for a while, but never for the rest of your life.” Mela took out a metal jar the size of a thermos cup, “Arthur, you challenged Aum too early and disrupted Vico’s plan. “

“What plan? What is this?” Aquaman asked, pointing to the metal can.

“It’s the ‘map’ to find the strongest Divine Item in Atlantis.”

“Golden Trident?” Aquaman was surprised.

“I thought you didn’t know the legend of the golden Trident.” Mela looked up at him, handed over the metal cylinder, and said, “Atlantis had not yet sunk into the sea, we It didn’t split into seven kingdoms.

We use Poseidon’s iron, I guess, it should be blessed by Poseidon, or the divine metal filled with his Divine Force.

Made of that metal a Divine Item that commands the ocean, the Gold Trident.

It is a symbol of Supreme power and a carrier of infinite power.”

She looked into Aquaman’s eyes and said meaningfully, “Whoever gets it can become the king of Atlantis.

Not Atlanti, one of the seven ocean kingdoms He is the king of the entire seabed world, the king of all of us seabed people.”

Aquaman held the metal cylinder and frowned, “Vico has been looking for it?”

“Help you find it,” Mela said.

Battman and Dachao looked at each other, both looked thoughtful.

Wonder Woman said: “According to the meaning of Prime Minister Vico, I hope Aquaman will get the golden Trident and challenge Aum? Then why didn’t he give the metal cylinder to Aquaman earlier?”

Mella explained: “There is no Trident in the metal cylinder, it is only related to Trident’s clues, and Vico has been trying to crack its secrets.

Well, the metal cylinder is related to the Seven One of the kingdoms is the Lost Kingdom, the technology is too old, and the current Atlantis is difficult to crack.”

“How can we help?” Bateman asked proactively.

Aquaman said: “You can’t help me with a big fanfare, don’t let Orm find an excuse to attack humans until I find Trident.”

“Where’s Trident? , do you have any clues?” Superman asked.

“If the clue is confirmed, Prime Minister Vico has already acted.” Bateman extended his right hand to Aquaman, “Show it to me.”

“You Do you understand Atlantis technology?” Mei La raised her eyebrows upwards, her eyes slightly contemptuous.

“I don’t understand, but” Bateman took off his gloves and quickly rubbed the metal cylinder up and down.

Eventually, he pulled a faint smile up his chubby ass bulge chin and said, “I have a clue.”

“Are you sure?” All doubts.

Betterman turned the metal cylinder upside down and showed it in front of everyone. “The pattern on the inside is serrated, indicating that it is to be inserted into an instrument, and it is probably the key to start something.”


“What does that mean?” Mela sneered.

“You say it uses ancient Lost Realms technology?” Bateman asked.

“That’s right, Immemorial is an old technology, and Vico has been researching it for several years, but still can’t figure it out.” Mela said.

Betterman’s eyes flashed, “Why can’t modern people crack ancient technology? Is your civilization deteriorating?”

Mela said: “Of course the Kingdom of Zebel can crack it. The ancient technology of the Zebel Kingdom, but the seven oceanic countries have embarked on a different development path since the split, and the technology is also different.”

Betterman asked: “What’s the difference?”

Mela looked around, her little eyes became vigilant, and she pursed her lips tightly without saying a word.

It wasn’t until Aquaman touched her arm quietly that she reluctantly said, “Atlantis has first-class energy technology, and the technology is very powerful.

We Zebel are good at martial skills and magic, so you see Aum’s comment, it says ‘Zebel’s five divisions and eight dan’.

My magic even suppressed Aum.

Murlocs are proficient in mecha technology, because they have evolved fish tails, which are not suitable for armed combat.

Brackish countries have the strongest military.

The Lost Kingdom It is the place where the golden Trident was forged, and it used to be the country of god-craftsmen.”

“so that’s how it is.” Bateman said, holding the metal cylinder: “We don’t need the technology to crack it at all, It’s the key to another instrument, and we just have to find that instrument.”

(end of this chapter)

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