I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 833


Chapter 833 Tess of Gotham City

“Oh, that makes sense.” Aquaman suddenly realized, “Since This artifact is from the Lost Realm, and we find the ruins of the Lost Realm, probably the door that goes with the key, or the treasure chest.

Ah, is Trident hidden in the treasure chest?”

” We split into two teams, me, Aquaman and Mela, who were in charge of finding Trident, and the rest to prevent seabeds from rashly attacking.” Bateman said.

Hal Jordan turned his head to look at the sun outside the window, and said goodbye first: “I will organize a green light Legion to protect the coastal city.”

“You go first.” Superman nodded and said.

“Battman, what are your plans? Where are the ruins of the lost kingdom? A kingdom is so big, how do you find it? You are a land person, how do you find things in the sea?” Wonder Woman asked a series of questions road.

Everyone looked at him suspiciously.

Betterman said: “The ruins of the lost kingdom are in the Sahara Desert, I don’t need to go into the water.”

“Hey, how did you know?” Mela said strangely.

“After you left with Aquaman last night, we stayed in Atlantis for one night. Know the location of the lost kingdom.” Bateman said indifferently. .

“The Sahara is more than nine million square kilometers, how do you find it?” Superman asked.

β€œThe Sahara Desert was formed more than two million years ago, and the demise of the lost kingdom was less than 100,000 years old, indicating that the Sahara Desert once had an inland sea.

By consulting the literature, adding Using the instrument to analyze the composition of sand and gravel, it should not be difficult to find it.

Then go to Gotham to find Mrs. Shangdu, and with the help of mysterious power, roughly lock the location of the royal city.” Batman said his plan.

Mela said: “Don’t be so troublesome, I know the location of the Royal City of the Lost Kingdom.”

“Then let’s go directly to Gotham.” Bateman said.

The filth hit the city, and Gotham was also affected, but Gotham’s most elite downtown Manhattan, “feces” is not too serious.

There are five boroughs in Gotham: Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, the Bronx, and Staten Island.

Manhattan hides inside the estuary.

Staten Island, facing the bay, was the worst hit.

In this dcworld where New York has become Gotham, Staten Island was once underdeveloped and chaotic, with a high crime rate, second only to Naihe Island.

It’s three times the size of Manhattan and one-sixth the population.

But under Harley’s time as mayor, the island’s industry has undergone a major shake-up.

Originally belonged to Wayne Enterprises, or other traditional factories of chemical factories, gunpowder factories, textile factories (already closed down), steel factories, and food processing factories that belonged to the old Qian Family. Either shut down, tear down factories, or move the industry to other developing countries.

The vacated land is given to several Internet giants for free.

In addition to tax incentives, many high-tech companies have established their headquarters on the island.

There are even Walmart, Amazon, KFC’s North American Eastern Sea shore warehouses.

In the last ten years, the island has developed very rapidly.

“Once the economy develops, house prices will double and rise, and real estate has become the most profitable business!” O’Neal McKee said to his son Curry.

Mckey is one of the old money in the upper east side, but O’Neal is only a collateral line in the Mackey family – the old Mackey who was killed by Galaven, is the paternal male of O’Neal’s grandfather’s cousin cousin .

The relationship is too far, more than ten years ago, O’Neal was a nobody.

But he is very good at fighting. He has won the second place in the King of Fighters Tournament. He is fortunate to be an Outer Member of the Harley family.

Later, Harley washed white and came ashore, and the people close to her followed. Most of the free business was owned by Penguin, and a small part of half gray and white was sold by the restless little brother Harley. The younger brother took over.

O’Neal got a large piece of land. After becoming rich and powerful, he began to inherit the connections and part of the industry of the McKee family.

The power and strength are far inferior to that of the old Kamei, but in terms of status, he has almost entered the class of “mutton’s back meat”.

Well, those who eat lamb rib are the first class, such as Wayne; those who eat lamb shanks are second class, such as the political and business Aristocratic Family in the Upper East Side, and those who are assigned lamb back meat are third class.

The mutton bears are almost qualified to enter the circle of Gotham real estate.

O’Neal plans to build a high-end residential area on Staten Island.

“If we do, we will become the real ‘Mckey’, the Upper East Side Mackey who inherits the sturgeon’s family emblem!” He said to his son Curry proudly: “This is the way to go The benefits of riding a hitchhiker, after more than ten years of trifling, I have walked the half-century old Karmai’s road, and I can go further than him.”

“father, there is a problem, the one from Medal Street. Old Tess doesn’t want to sell us the bar.”

Curry lay on the couch with his feet up on the armrests, and said absentmindedly as he scanned puppy videos.

O’Neal behind the desk indifferently said: “Tell her that the seabed people are about to flood Medal Street with trash.”

“I said, she’s resolute.”

“I’ve given her enough money, more than 20% of the market price, she’s still not satisfied?” O’Neill coldly said.

“Hehe, it’s 20% higher than the current market price. It’s not as good as the one third before the seabed crowd hit the city. However, old Tess is not for money, that bar is her ancestral property.” Curry chuckled. .

“If it wasn’t for the Atlantis crisis, I wouldn’t have such a good chance to get this big project.” O’Neal’s voice became stern, “If it happens this time, we can Makes 3 billion in one year.

So, no matter how much she loves her ancestral business, you have to give me the bar within two days.”

“This is simple, but Curry rolled over and sat up, holding up his mobile phone and said, “Have you watched the third issue of Louise’s ‘Atlantis Crisis’ series?

The land-sea negotiation broke down and the U.S. The government-government is uncompromising, seabed people are fighting hard. Will Staten Island really be submerged?

Or, let’s wait until the situation stabilizes?”

“Idiot, this is good news!”

O’Neal hurriedly turned on the Paradise Mountain computer and searched for ‘planet daily’.

The results found two high-profile news articles, namely, “Atlantis Crisis Series III” by Lois Lane and “Where is the Road to Land and Sea Crisis” by Nora Lang.

“Hahaha, very good, very good, both of them have been to Atlantis City in person, and they both have a bad view of the peace process.” O’Neill laughed for a while, and his eyes brightened again. glittering, “Maybe, I’ll have to borrow another 2 billion from the bank and take down Beach Street.”

“Dad, are you crazy? Even the stock of Paradise Mountain Technology is plummeting now. Fools know that the current stock is at least more reliable than the sea view house.” Curry said in disbelief.

“As long as Admiral Galaxy is still alive, the sky will not fall. As long as she is still at Quinn Manor, no matter how fearful others are, we can rest assured and boldly be greedy.” O’Neill said to himself.

Curry exclaimed: “Have you read the news carefully? The two reporters said it was perfectly clear that Harley Quinn was a middleman, and she was partial to marine environmental protection and would not help the government deal with seabed people.

This time we are all relying on Zhenglian.

But Zhenglian is obviously unreliable, when solemnly vowed that the contract was signed, the danger was over, and the tide turned and flooded the coastal city It’s over.

The U.S. government treats the contract as waste paper, and the seabed people also say revenge and revenge.

Now, both sides have reorganized their armaments and are about to go to war.

I can’t say that the seabed people still have to do the ‘Normandy landing’ in our port.

So, dad, you should take it easy, I am very satisfied with the current ‘rich second generation’ life, and do not want to become ‘Old Lai’!”

O’Neal indifferently said: “The Justice League is really unreliable. But Earth’s Sea Calming Divine Needle has always been a ‘golden nuclear bomb’. ‘.”

“Dad, you’re too superstitious about Harley Quinn.” Curry shook off his long multi-colored hair in front of his forehead, disapprovingly said: “The latest issue of the hero power list , she didn’t even have her name in the top ten.”

“That idiot who made the Ranking List must be a memory restarter just like you.” O’Neal said with a sneer.

“Dad, I’m telling the truth, don’t be angry.” Curry laughed slightly sarcastically, and said: “You two sets of memory people can be restarted or some other magic. , Affected by fantasy events, I lost my original self.

My world has always been normal, and the people and things in my memory are in line with reality.

But what about you? Last time you said you were looking for Cooks in Baker Street for a drink, but when you went there, you found that there was no such person at all, hehehe”

“Fake, you dare to mock me? Get out!” O’Neill pointed to the door Shouting: “Tomorrow morning, if I don’t see old Tess’s house sale contract at my desk, I’ll send you to the ‘green light training camp’ in the afternoon.”

“No, I’ll be leaving now. .” Curry quickly put away his phone and ran out quickly.

In the corridor, seven or eight boys dressed in non-mainstream clothes were smoking and chatting. When Curry came out, he immediately put on a dog-legged expression and leaned on him.

Little Black Ron envied: “Boss, why don’t you want to go to the ‘Green Lantern Training Camp’? The BOSS is completely for your own good. If you can become a Green Lantern, it will be fun to traverse the galaxy.


If my cousin, mother, could make a fortune and give me the hundreds of thousands of dollars in tuition, I would go early.”

Curry pouted on the ground, “S Pen just went to the training camp. I exercised 12 hours a day, 6 hours of cultural classes, and only 6 hours of eating, sleeping, and pooping. I couldn’t stand it all day.”

“Boss?” A yellow hair asked.

“Every time there is an audition event, such as ‘Teenage Superhero’ and ‘Teenage Watcher’, my dad signs me up.

He always said that the future is a superhero In this era, as a hero, no matter what my status is, I can quickly clean up and go ashore. Alas, I don’t think about it at all.”

“It’s all six hours of rest? The intensity is too high.” Little Black Ron wondered.

“How long do you think Batman sleeps a day?”

“How long?”

“I heard that in only half an hour, the coach said that an ordinary person without superpowers would be unqualified to be a hero if he did not have such energy, will and physique.”

“Hey, Bateman is such a pervert.”

“No wonder you can see him day and night.”

Medal Street is an old street built before the First World War.

The ‘Star Pattern’ Bar has been in business for over 40 years and is quite famous in the vicinity.

It has a twilight vibe, the classic decor has been around for several decades, and walking through that old oak door is like traveling back in time to the golden years of the 60s and 70s.

Its boss is also an old man in his twilight years, the seventy-year-old Tess.

“Mr. McKee, the bar is my lifeblood, I really can’t sell it.”

Looking at Curry, who drove away a few customers and closed the door of the bar, and the others, old Tess shivered a little, and her voice quavered.

But when she glanced at her husband with a straight upper back and a bartender dress, she still had a firm expression and eyes.

The husband has been dead for 23 years.

He said he stayed in the bar after he died and never went anywhere, he wanted to keep watching her.

But it wasn’t until a few months ago that she suddenly could see and hear him.

If ‘Mad Knife’ O’Neal had bought her bar a few months ago, she would have only shivered and struggled for a few words before cowardly compromising.

But now, when old Tess took another look at her husband’s dead soul, the old face was softer, and the old eyes were more firm.

(end of this chapter)

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