I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 837


Chapter 837 Another Exorcism Accident

Before the official start of the summon array, Halle asked Ivy to invite the idlers go out.

Constantine refused to leave.

He feels that he can’t be considered as a scumbag anyway.

“I’m responsible for Mr. McKee.”

Haley glanced at O’Neal, letting Zakon stay.

The psychic process after that was very smooth.

As the array drawn on the marble floor was activated, strands of grey black smoke poured from all directions, against the ground, into the center of the array, and from the flashing scarlet rays of light The bloodline power that is as pale as the sunrise is absorbed in the array texture.

“si si sizzle—”

A tall, fuzzy shadow formed in the center of the array, making a sound like a bellows with a hole.

Very intimidating.

“Who are you? Why are you after Curry McGee?” Harry asked.

“Whoosh–” Evil Spirit face looks sinister with a roar, directly opening his mouth and rushing towards her.

“bang!” Harry gave it a bang.

“weng!” holy light flickered, and Evil Spirit howled miserably, as if slaughtering ten pigs at the same time, loud and messy. .

It wants to explode into thousands of black smoke again and disappear without a trace. Halle thoughts move, and a holy light ring flies from the top of her head – the halo on the back of the angel’s head, her War God radiance. print.

The glowing halo casts a hazy holy light into a false realm, encasing the Evil Spirit in it.

Like a bundle of rope, it is bound firmly.

“Hey, you’re not alone.” Harley was surprised and gave it a stick again, holy light shattered a layer of black mist.

It’s like knocking off the mud shell outside the beggar chicken.

“It’s actually the fusion of two undead? What monster is this?”

Seeing that it was silent, Harry tapped again seven or eight times in a row.

“pēng pēng pēng ”

It got “clean”.

Without the cover of the outer layer of dark magic, its true face was completely revealed in front of the two of them.

A small Old Lady in her 70s, with her body embedded in the chest of a tall bartender in her 50s.

Like a man, half-built into a wall.

It’s just that the two share a chest and a heart, which makes Harry feel no fear.

It’s rather quirky and warm.

She felt that the picture in front of her should be terrifying, but there was a strange aura that relieved the discomfort in her heart.

After hitting a few more sticks, the old man hugged Old Lady tightly in his arms.

“What’s the matter with you?”

“Ah, Admiral Galaxy!”

The old woman struggled to turn her head to face her, but because half A head fell into the male bartender’s chest, unable to do so.

The male bartender is big, and only below the neck merges with the Old Lady, which does not affect him turning his head and speaking.

After staring at Harry for a while, he said, “I know you too, Admiral Galaxy.

My name is Paul, Tess’ husband, who died in 1998, The Star Bar is our husband and wife property.

Curry McKee wanted to buy my bar, my wife didn’t agree, they beat her like a beast.

Then they put gasoline in her stomach, poured gasoline on her and in the bar, set fire to the bar, and burned her body to crumbs.

They laughed and said – let the hell demons Detective Jim Gordon couldn’t communicate with my wife’s undead through the corpse.”

The story was brutal and bloody, but it didn’t surprise Halle.

Without great resentment, how could Evil Spirit be born?

To generate great resentment, either the person involved is a Top Grade, too self-centered, even if it is all his fault, he can still look wronged, blame God and blame God, and finally become a ghost.

When it comes to that kind of thing, Harley has a thousand ways to keep it from being born.

More Evil Spirit, but the big grievances come from the big grievances.

The grievances of death, there is resentment in the heart, and if there is resentment, it is easy to stay in the world and become an Evil Spirit.

What makes Harley strange is that this tall old bartender doesn’t seem like an ordinary Evil Spirit.

“Where did you go after you passed away in 1998?”

“Always in the bar,” the old man hugged the Old Lady, his fierce red eyes became gentle like water,” Tess is so hard on her own, I can’t bear to leave her.”

Constantine’s complexion slightly changed, “You stayed in a bar for more than 20 years, during this period, did your wife often get sick?”

Harley took out her phone, and with the permission of the Heavenly Eye Association, she quickly flipped through the information on the Star Bar and the old couple.

Include old Tess’s Medicare records.

“She rarely gets sick, and Paul’s presence doesn’t affect her.”

Harley looked thoughtful, according to the data, the couple are good-natured, hard-working, optimistic, and positive. He has no criminal record, no bad hobbies, and often helps the widows, the elderly, and the weak. He is a traditional American white Christian.

“Voice of Heaven, why did Paul stay on earth for decades?” She also wanted to find heaven to confirm.

The Voice of Heaven ignored her and only gave a message: Don’t come to me for some trivial matters, go to the golden great hall with the authority of ‘Arkham Preparing War God’ to inquire.

“didn’t expect I already have the right to go to the golden great hall to check the information.”

Harry was stunned, and was very emotional. At first, she could only beg Zaulie to go. Please help to check the information, now

“Uh, it’s too much, and the salary will be deducted!”

According to the method left by the voice of the sky, use the angel aperture on the back of the head to connect with the City of Silver Central database, she gets ‘primary level administrator’ privileges.

Searching for ‘Earth – Gotham – Star Bar – Paul – Death Profile’, she actually needs her half a month’s ‘War God salary’.

She can receive a variable amount of ‘God’s Power’ from the City of Silver every day all, which is the source of Arkham War God’s Divine Force.

At this time, only the information about Paul’s death was inquired, and it took half a month to accumulate.

“Using the City of Silver’s central database to look up data, equivalent to using a ‘divine technique’ of detection. Any miracle has a price, and you pay for it.”

Inquiry After the voice of the sky, she got such a reply.

Harry could only pinched her nose to recognize it, and secretly decided that she would spend more time on Odin’s ‘Valhalla’ in the future.

The more complete the War God seal, the higher the salary.

“Omg, you rejected the summon of heaven?”

There is not much content in the data, only records of Paul’s death, nothing about his life and secrets information.

But looking at the death report alone, Harry was taken aback.

The bartender was supposed to go to heaven, but he resisted the power of Ascension and forcibly stayed.

After being surprised, she suddenly realized that the soul who can go to heaven will naturally not hurt her in the long-term relationship with Tess.

“Summon in heaven?” Paul shook his head and said, “There is indeed a power in summon me, I don’t know what that is, what that means.

I just don’t worry about Tess, I don’t want to leave her alone.

Then I resisted that power and stayed in the bar.”

“Hehe, I’m not the only one who refuses heaven.” Zha Kang laughed Lighted a cigarette.

“Tess doesn’t want to sell the bar because of you? She’s an ordinary person who can see ordinary souls without resentment?” Harry asked.

“She couldn’t see me before, then” Paul looked confused, “A few months ago, a force suddenly came from the ‘underground in the dark’, I absorbed some, moss. Silk saw me.”

“A few months ago.” Harry immediately thought of hell emptied and the gates closed.

The old bartender’s soul is ‘sullied’ by the gushing hell magic.

This is not surprising.

The City of Silver strictly prohibits the souls of the bottom heaven from communicating with the outside world, just because they are worried that the “good souls” will be adversely affected and degenerate again.

“Why did you merge into one monster?”

“I don’t know, they beat Tess, I rushed over and wanted to hug her tightly.” Old Paul’s eyes turned again It started to turn red, and her expression was twisted and grim, “Then the fire ignited, Tess was burning from the inside out, the scorched sausage in her stomach exploded, the more she was in pain, the tighter I hugged her.

I hurt too, I felt like I was melting in flames.

My heart seemed to be burning.”

“Me too.” Tess looked at the Boss tenderly, “My My heart is also burning hot and burning.”

Paul nodded and continued: “Tess and I’s hearts are fused together, I can feel her feelings, it hurts, we are all good Pain, ah.

I want to kill them, I want revenge, let me go, I want revenge – roar!”

At the end, his voice became again He roared with resentment, and struggled hard, with demonic smoke billowing from his body.

Zha Kang put a finger between its eyebrows, and mysterious rune spread out along its forehead.

“Hey, old Paul, we have a deal to help you fix the bar, and you won’t kill people anymore.”

“You go.” Harry pushed him away, Stick after stick hit Evil Spirit’s shoulder and head, causing it to squat down and scream.

Even if she wakes him up again, she doesn’t ask any more questions, she just keeps greeting him and his wife Tess with a stick.

But unlike before, Constantine was keenly aware that the silver penance stick flashed a faint golden holy light.

“You activated the tears of the Holy Spirit with the power of God?” He was surprised and had a bad premonition in his heart.

Harry ignored him, waving her stick and shouting, “Lord, redeem them! Lost people, remember the teachings of God! Supreme God Holy Father, please Cast your eyes of pity.”

“aaahhhh” The two undead who fuse together let out a shrill scream of wail like ghosts and howl like wolves.

It was not a human voice at first, but as the stick hit “getting better”, the two old men who fused together also began to shout: “Lord, we listen to your teachings, we want redemption, redemption, Teaching, redemption, teaching—”

One after another, the voice was so shrill that even those outside could hear it clearly.

“Yes, it’s old Tess, I, I recognize it, it’s her voice.”

Curry in the hallway outside the door, pale and about to pee.

O’Neal also swallowed and said hesitantly, “Should we stay away?”

“Don’t worry, she has been surrendered by God and is repenting.” Tom comforted.

“Ah, no—” Suddenly, Constantine shouted anxiously from the room, and Tom felt his head suffocated, his soul was wrapped in ice and flames, and he lost consciousness.

“What are you doing, Tom – peng peng.”

McKee Building, three police cars came to the gate.

“Hey, you, how did you guys get here?”

Jim Gordon hurriedly jumped out of the police car and saw Bateman walking through the door first.

And beside him, there is also the focus of the recent Atlantis crisis – the Imperial Family illegitimate child Aquaman and King Orm’s fiancee Mela.

Jim immediately labelled Mela ‘Aum’s fiancee’ because Aquaman actually held hands with her, like a couple in love.

——She is your sister-in-law!

Even if he had self-awareness and never thought of taking responsibility outside of the Gotham criminal case, he couldn’t help but think more at this moment.

——Is there something else hidden in the Atlantis crisis?

A palace fight?

Love triangle, love kill?

“We’re here to find Harley Quinn, who are you?” Bateman looked towards the GCPD and the medical staff who followed Gordon, pupil shrink, “Did she fail the exorcism again and appear? A supernatural accident?”

He went to Quinn Manor first, and came over after hearing the news that Harry was exorcising here.

And Harley Evil Spirit exorcism success rate is low, not a secret in Gotham upper.

“Ai, very tragic, at least 13 casualties.” Gordon nodded sighed.

(end of this chapter)

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