I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 840


Chapter 840 Gold Trident

Harley has a part of the antimatter source stored in her body.

Harry exhausted the antimatter energy from swindle while holding the hand of creation in the land of time origin to restart the universe.

But in the last great decisive battle, when the anti-matter universe and the crowd besieged the anti-prison king, she was not idle, and dug some anti-matter origins from the anti-prison body several stories high.

The number is not large, and it is estimated that it is barely enough for all the magic power of a demon marquis.

Harry can’t convert it to Bloodline Power with the Escape Pattern.

Well, the Escape Pattern is only effective for the power of miracles (magic and magical elements), and antimatter energy is the power of secondary creation, not the power of miracles.

Harry has two uses for that energy: tired, hungry, thirsty, and lacking in energy, she can “drink it” and use it as a nutrient to keep her body running; , spraying antimatter energy on his face, causing the annihilation of positive and negative matter, the effect should be good.

If Lucifer doesn’t shrink back and chooses to fight Morpheus when he comes to the door, Harry will probably use the antimatter in his stomach on him.

It’s a pity that the ultimate move has been prepared, but has not had the opportunity to use it until today

“What is the ’emotional element’ and the origin of the anti-monitor, there is a reaction? Why?”

Harry was puzzled and didn’t dare to let the emotional elements merge with the anti-supervisor origin.

“The voice of the sky, what is the emotional element? Why does it have to react with the source of antimatter?”

“You don’t have enough authority and merits.” The voice of the sky indifferently said.

Harry checked the merits, she was in the early 5 million, and just helped the City of Silver ‘redeem’ two Holy Spirits, and received 200,000 merits, but only 1.5 million belonged to herself, and the remaining 3.5 million Deposits belonging to heroes.

Well, after the accident in hell, there were frequent occurrences of supernatural events in Earth, and Superman alone earned more than 200,000. .

“Do you accept this emotional element?” Harry asked in a different way.

Through the purchase price of Tianzhisheng, we can roughly judge its preciousness.


“What, didn’t you just order Zaulie to collect the emotional element?”

Harry was a little dumbfounded, and the price continued. If you don’t report it, how does she calculate its cost?

“I don’t want it to be taken to heaven.” The voice of heaven.

“Why?” Harry asked in surprise.

“You don’t have enough authority and you don’t have enough meritorious deeds.” The Voice of Heaven said indifferently.

Harry secretly cursed, trying to incorporate emotional elements into the War God Huiyin, but failed.

After trying a few times, she found that the thing could only be placed in the Sea of Consciousness.

But after putting it in, the source of antimatter in the stomach has been restless.

They are like two magnets trying to collide.

Harry wanted to go back and study it carefully, but when she looked up, she saw Constantine, Batman, and Gordon staring at her with wide-eyed eyes.

“What are you looking at?”

She used her powerful spirit strength to temporarily suppress the unstable source of antimatter, and asked calmly.

“Is that an angel just now? I just saw an angel, and the angel has descended to earth.” Gordon said excitedly.

“What is an angel? The two black security guards at the gate of my house are actually angels.” Harley said indifferently.

“Really?” Gordon was shocked and skeptical.

“Paul and Tess were Evil Spirits before, and they killed many people, so why did they suddenly become Saint Spirits?” Bateman muttered.

He was hit no less than Gordon.

But not seeing the angel, but the process of Paul and his wife becoming Holy Spirit.

Even good people like his father and mother are just ordinary ascended spirits from the bottom heaven.

Paul and his wife did not do as many good deeds as his father and mother did.

“What they said is not clear? Because of me.” Harley raised her chin slightly, pointed to herself with her thumb, and said proudly: “My concept of ‘God exorcism’ moved Evil Spirit!

Evil Spirit was moved by me, who would dare to refuse? Constantine?”

Harry looked at him, “Now you still refuse to accept?”

Zha Kang rolled the eyes, “You are a blind cat and a dead mouse. I bet you will only turn Evil Spirit into Holy Spirit this time in your life.”

“This is not the first time.” Ivy glared at him angrily, “Harry has been using this philosophy for more than ten years of exorcism, and at least 20% of Evil Spirit has obtained the most direct redemption – getting rid of hell Doom.”

“Two of them went to heaven?” Constantine asked in surprise.

Ivy shook her head, “There is no one who goes to heaven, and 20% go to Lingbo prison. Ordinary people who are good or bad will go to Lingbo prison and die naturally after death.

From Evil Spirit to an ordinary person, isn’t that redemption?

Or, you have seen a lot of exorcism over the years, what is the ending of Evil Spirit?”

– all hell.

Constantine’s expression has several points of unnaturalness, he stretched out his right hand holding the cigarette, and unconsciously put it to his mouth to take a sip.

“You’re going to hell. There are fewer Evil Spirits than me, but what about the living people sent to hell? McKee father and son, director Tom, those living people are all dead.

Looking at your style, you can imagine You know how many ghosts have died in vain over the years.”

“No, they have also been redeemed!” Harry said with a serious expression: “No matter where they are now, at least they don’t have to carry the burden of ‘murder moss’. Silk’ sins.

What demons are exorcised?

Not the Evil Spirit, nor the living beings who act like demons, but evil and sin.

Exorcism is a process of subtraction, which reduces the total amount of sin and evil.

Now McKee, father and son have been partially redeemed, and the sin against Tess is less, and the sin is worth the burden. 100,000; Tess and Paul were completely redeemed and went to heaven, and their sins were worth one million.

This exorcism reduced the sins of the world by 11,000,000.

If you come to exorcise, you will send Tess and his wife to hell, they are more and more resentful, and their sins are worth +100,000.

Mckey father and son solved the ordinary person with only a little money and finally The most desperate retribution will only be more fearless of cause and effect, and the sin value is +1 million.

In the end, you seem to have successfully completed an exorcism, but the human sin has increased by 1.1 million.”


Aquaman frowned: “Although I can’t find too many logical loopholes in this sentence, it sounds uncomfortable.”

Bateman gently nods, sighing: “Because we are Living people, subconsciously accept the concept of ‘the dead are gone, and the living are like this’. The dead have left, and the living must give them a chance to reform, just like the law gives prisoners a chance.

Harry’s ‘God exorcism’ is obviously more inclined towards the dead. Even if it makes sense, the living will not feel comfortable listening to it.”

“You’re too ‘a big deal’ Humanism’.” Halle said with a sneer: “The undead are no longer living, why should you obey the laws of your living?”

Constantine sighed: “Not all Evil Spirits are Not all those killed by Evil Spirit deserve to die.

Mike may deserve to die, but his younger brother won’t die.”

“Hmph, that’s right. Don’t be damned, and it’s not Harley’s final call, it’s not up to the law and morality, what happened to Paul and Tess In the greatest suffering, the law, the police, and you and I did not intervene.

In this case, Paul’s revenge under absolute rationality, no one needs to speak up. “

Ivy almost repeats what Halle said before.

It is clear that she has long been taught by the ‘Harry Mind’ and has become a faithful believer .

“We have a major event to do, you guys are going too far. “Meila, who has been unable to speak, said impatiently.

“Well, you guys are busy, I’ll go first. “

Zha Kang looked around and took the initiative to leave.

But Bateman stopped him, “Wait, we may need the help of the Magic Master.” “

“Well, you guys are busy, I’ll go first.” “

Gordon looked expectantly, looked left and right, and said goodbye, but his footsteps seemed to be stuck there and it was difficult to move.

“Well, Superintendent Gordon, Go get busy. Bateman said in a casual tone.

Gordon purse one’s lip, straightened his wide-brimmed hat, and walked out.

As he walked, he was thinking: should he help his daughter? Barbara Gordon reported for a “Green Lantern Training Camp”?

She inherited his innate talent, which is not mediocre but not extraordinary, but she is very interested in superheroes. The $200,000 registration fee is a bit expensive, but in this age no superpowers, and heroes don’t even show you!

“It’s not difficult to find the ruins of the Forgotten Kingdom, But finding useful clues is like looking for a needle in a haystack.

So three days ago, we found Mrs. Shangdu to help with the divination of ‘Golden Trident’ clues.

She was holding the metal cylinder that Vico gave to Mela, and saw the picture of using the metal cylinder in the crystal ball.

Although the picture is blurry, it roughly locks the next target for us.

We unravel the secret of the metal cylinder and confirm that the golden Trident is in the ‘Sea of the Earth’, a dimension deep in the Mariara Trench. “

On the Archimedes airship, Bateman quickly recounted their experiences in the past few days.

Unlike the plot of Aquaman, they did not engage in ” Sahara – Sicily – Pacific Ocean” global RPG guessing expedition.

When Atlantis sank, Sicily had not yet born civilization!

In order of land people Now that he has defeated many cosmic enemies such as Kryptonian, Green Lantern Legion, Apocalypse, Brainiac, Anti-Monitor, etc., King Orm still looks down on the land people.

In the sinking of Atlantis At the beginning, its civilization has entered the stage of infinite energy (which can extract endless energy from sea water), and the land people are still devour raw meat and fowl, and the first generation of sea kings are more impossible to look down on land people.

Naturally will not put The secret of Trident, which symbolizes the kingship of Atlantis, is placed on the statue of the trifling mortal king (ps).

In fact, the first generation of Aquaman did not deliberately mystifying at all, playing a guessing game and telling the answer directly The person who understands the secret of the metal tube: The golden Trident was brought to the sea of the center of the earth by Lao Tzu, and there is a big rare beast to guard, you wait for the younger generation, cherish the little life, don’t come to steal the Old Ancestor my tomb.

“You mean, the Prime Minister of King Orm, Vico, has long been looking for Trident’s secrets? “

Harry heard a palace conspiracy in Bateman’s story.

Vico was the First Layer minister of King Orm, and it turned out that more than ten years ago even The search for Trident started earlier.

At that time, King Orm had not provoked land and sea conflict.

Why search for the golden Trident?

The representative of the golden Trident The supreme kingship of the Seven Seas.

It was definitely not used by Vico himself. It was even more impossible to take it as a surprise and give it to King Aum as a birthday present.

And Arthur, the Aquaman, was taken by Vico since he was a child. The historical answer to teaching martial skill, knowledge, Trantis is obvious.

“This is not the time to be concerned, we need to find the golden Trident as soon as possible, which will help Arthur become king. Bateman guessed Harry’s thoughts and said meaningfully.

“What do you want from me?” “Harry asked.

“Owl Airship.” ”

(ps: Putting the secret of the golden Trident on the stone carvings of the kings of Sicily is the plot of the movie “Sea King”, but many of the plots are rather absurd.

For example , the ruins of the lost kingdom are in the Sahara Desert, but the historical choice of the sinking of Atlantis is similar to the reality, 10,000 years, 10,000 years of trifling, enough for the sea to evolve into desert?

Enough for the seven kingdoms Evolved to be useless?

The first generation of Neptune respected ancient Western emperors such as Caesar and Alexander, and put Trident’s secret on their stone carvings, which is even more nonsense. Time and logic do not match.


However, in the comics, there are indeed ruins that have turned into deserts – the tomb of Arion, the greatest adventurer of Atlantis, and in the desert, its tomb holds the secret of the Tears of Death .

Although I wrote this plot, but the content will not follow “Aquaman”, everyone will understand after seeing it, it is related to the tears of the demise of the seven basic forces of the DC universe.)

(end of this chapter)

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