I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 842


Chapter 842 Goodbye to the Seven Fundamental Powers

Constantine took out a broken compass and repeated in his mouth “Sea of the Heart of the Earth” really puts the spaceship in front of a seabed vortex.

After rushing into the vortex, there is a piece of while light in front of you, and the spaceship vibrates violently.

With a few breaths, they jumped into the endless ocean of sun shone brightly, the sea and the sky.

“Do you think what’s happening now is a little familiar?” Harry asked curiously.

Everyone looked around in amazement at this strange New World, but Ivy responded, “What plot?”

“Pirates of the Caribbean, Captain Jack’s compass, the end of the world. ‘ said Harry.

Ivy stared at the compass in Zha Kang’s hand for a while, “Is your compass the same as Captain Jack’s? Both can find the target you want.”

Constantine touched his face, which resembled Keanu Reeves, and said with a smile: “Depp and I are good friends, and the compass borrowed it from him.”

“Don’t Nonsense, there is an island there, let’s go and have a look.” Aquaman urged in a direction.

“oh la la β€”β€”” Beside the owl airship floating on the sea, a splash of water suddenly exploded, a tall woman with long silver hair and silver scales, holding a fishbone Trident, half-suspended on the water surface above.

“Who are you? Where did you come from?”

“Oumai-” Aquaman’s eyes widened.

“Poseidon is on top!” Mela exclaimed in surprise, “Queen Atlana, you are not dead?”

“You are. Mela? So big Are you done?”

The silver haired woman in the water stared at the woman opposite the window for a long time before hesitantly recognized the person. .

“It’s me, I’m Mela!” Mela excitedly said.

She is actually childhood sweethearts with Aum, and Aquaman belongs to heaven.

Mela mother died early, and her father intended to marry the Atlantis Imperial Family. When she was very young, she was sent to the Atlantis Palace and raised in Atlantis Queen Na’s knees.

“Youβ€”” Atlanna quickly caught all eyes on Aquaman with messy blonde hair and a scribbled beard.

The two looked at each other, and all four eyes began to become wet.



“Is she Arthur mother? Queen Atlana?” Bateman approached Harry , asked in surprise.

“Obviously, the plot is so bloody.” Harley pressed a few times on the console, the airship floated up, pressed against the sea, and then the hatch opened.

Atlana immediately understood what she meant, and jumped in.

Seeing the queen’s beautiful face and her good figure, Zha Kang couldn’t help whistling, “Arthur, you mother True Fire – spicy!”

Aquaman waved his hand vigorously, his fist the size of a casserole slammed into his chest, “bang!”

The spaceship quickly fell to the island in the sea, a few people left the spaceship, gave Aquaman, Atlana, and Mela The three left alone space, let them hug each other, wiped away tears, and told each other their sincerity. Until the distant sea appeared out of thin air again, a tornado storm with lightning and thunder.

Storms appear and disappear quickly.

After the storm disappeared, a broken Atlantis battleship was left in place.

The 15-meter-long hull has a tattered surface, like a piece of cake that has been arched over by hundreds of fat maggots, with sparks and thick smoke rising from the surface.

Seeing this scene, everyone also understood why Atlana “just” appeared next to the owl airship – the movement from Earth to here was too big and too noticeable.

“Aum is here, we missed the best time.” Bateman frowned.

“Now that the mother and son are reunited, the three of them have a happy ending, and they can still fight? Perhaps, the Atlantis Crisis is over.”

Constantine ordered himself a A cigarette, and handed one to Bateman next to him.

Batterman waved his hand in rejection.

Soon Orm appeared on the beach with seven soldiers covered in blood.

“Mother!” King Aum was even more emotional than the previous Aquaman, and tears burst out in public.


After half an hour, the reunion of the mother and son, which made Harry feel awkward, finally ended.

“Mother, you must support me, support me to become the ‘Ocean Lord’ who rules the Seven Seas, support me to get the gold Trident.” King Aum said directly and firmly.

“Mother, I’m not interested in the Throne of Atlantis, but I hope you take back Aum’s crown and end the conflict between the sea and the land that is destined to have no winner as soon as possible.” Aquaman made no concessions .

Atlanna looked at the elder son and then at the younger son, looking worried and hesitant.

“Mother, you have been away from Atlantis for 20 years. I’m afraid you still don’t know that our clansman is now facing a crisis of life and death” Contamination made life difficult for Atlanteans’, said quickly.

Aquaman gave him a cold look and said, “Mother, Aum is lying, maybe the ocean pollution is really serious and affects the survival of seabed people.

But Aum’s reason for provoking the war is not as simple as he said.

He knows the power of the land people. Alas, mother, you have been away from Earth for 20 years, I am afraid you have no idea how much Earth has experienced these years. Changes.

In short, please believe me, fighting the land people is definitely the worst choice.

Aum is very smart, and he probably understands that it is very unlikely to rashly start a victory, but He still wants to provoke conflict.

Not only to force the land people to clean up the ocean pollution.

He wants to use the opportunity of war to become the co-owner of the seven seas.”

Atlana thought for a while, and said to her younger son: “Aum, I don’t know how many superheroes appear in the land people, and how powerful they are.

But no matter how strong or weak they are, I don’t know how many Neither of them approve of provoking war between the two races.”

King Aum couldn’t hold back his anger and blurted out: “Of course you don’t want a war with the land people, you fell in love with the lowly A wild man.”

“Pa!” Atlanna turned pale with anger, and slapped him with a wave of her hand.

“Pa!” Aquaman blushed with anger, and wanted to wave his hand to slap his mouth, but was blocked by King Aum raising his hand.

“You bastard, if you want to shoot me, you can. We will continue the duel of kings that was interrupted before, irreconcilable.”

He directed all the resentment and dissatisfaction in his heart to the illegalimate child big brother, his eyes are as vicious as a razor that slits his throat.

“Aum, you’re so disappointing.” Atlanna’s lost self-control exclaimed.

“The situation is not very good.” Constantine, who was eating melon beside him, whispered whispered.

“Aum’s character is deep and reserved, and his reaction at this time seems to be too intense.” Harry wondered in his heart.

“I let you down? hahaha” King Aum laughed miserably, his eyes flushed, “mother, I’m really happy to see you here.

But I’d rather You will only stay in my memory forever, I would rather you really died at the hands of the sea monster 20 years ago.”

Atlana was stunned, muttered: “Sorry, Aum, I am not That’s what you mean.”

“What are you talking about, bastard?”

Aquaman’s beard and hair were stretched out, his muscles stretched, and he wanted to go up and beat someone.

Aum took a step back and looked at the illegal child big brother, and then at the ashamed mother, her head held high to keep the tears from shedding.

“Mother, as long as I see you, I will be happy, but when I see you, I will think of my father again”

Atlana’s eyes twinkled, “Aum. .”

King Aum waved his hand, took two steps back, and said dullly: “I have been the king of Atlantis for 20 years, what secrets can I hide from me?


You killed King Orvax, my father, for that lowly land man.

That’s why you were exiled by the Atlantis noble council.”


“What a blast!” Zha Kang whistled again.

“so that’s how it is.” While Harley was surprised, she also understood the reason for Om’s lost self-control.

“It’s not what you think” The indifferent eyes of the younger son made Atlana very painful, “Ovax is a bastard, he is going to kill Arthur and his father, I have to Alas, I don’t regret it, but I’m sorry to you.”

In fact, Ovax was worse than what she said, and he also abused and abused her through the Chang Family.

Don’t say Queen Supreme.

The king of the West is different from the Imperial Family of the East. The king of the West can be deposed and driven away by the nobles, and then import new kings from abroad, or change the country’s surname through marriage.

If you marry the queen, you will become the king, the queen will become the queen, and the power is not as good as the king who has entered the marriage.

For example, Aum’s father Ovacs, before he married Atlana, was only a part-time Imperial Family guard commander of the great nobles, but the previous king of Atlantis was not Atlana, but he.

The inheritance of the throne of Atlantis in recent several decades is this: Atlanna’s father – Atlanna – Ovax – Om.

“In the end, you or for a terrestrial wild man killed my father, the king of Atlantis.” Om yellowed.

“The lowly savage man in your mouth is my love.” Atlanna’s tone also became cold.

King Orm yelled at her: “I will fulfill the last wish that my father failed to fulfill, will you kill me too?”

“I-” Atlan Na was about to speak when she was stopped by Aquaman.

He stood in front of his mother and looked directly at his half-brother, “Aum, I will protect my mother and father. If you want to hurt them, come and defeat me first.”

Orm held Trident in front of him, coldly said: “I hope you don’t be a coward this time.”

Glancing at his Trident, then looking down at himself empty-handed, Aquaman turned The head asked mother, “Where is the golden Trident?”

“What are you going to do? Don’t fight anymore.” Atlanna advised.

Aquaman had a resolute expression, resolutely and decisively said: “I want the golden Trident, I want the throne of Atlantis, I want to be the King of the Seven Seas!”

” pa pa pa “Harry clapped lightly and praised: “Now I finally have a bit of a domineering air.”

Atlanna couldn’t persuade her son’s expression and tone.

She led everyone to a waterfall, pointed at the water pool and said, “Trident and the ancient sea monster Karassen are both inside, and there is an underground sea under the mountain.”

“Me first!” King Aum didn’t wait for others to agree at all, and jumped into the pool.

“Rumbleβ€”” Within ten seconds, the earth shook with the mountain peaks.

“ao humβ€”β€”” The loud and loud roar of the beast came from the depths of the pool.

Ten seconds later, the pool exploded with a bright red splash, King Aum pu chi, fell to the ground, vomited blood, and fainted beside the deep water.

The silver Trident he inherited from his father disappeared, the silver Battle Armor on his body was shriveled and tattered, a fist-sized hole was split in his chest, and the internal organs could be vaguely seen.

“Aum!” Atlanna creded out in surprise, and hurried over to heal him.

“That’s Carlason? Really strong!” Bateman swallowed and said hesitantly: “Arthur, Aum seems to be useless, you don’t have to go.”

Aquaman shook his head and said, “This injury is nothing to the Atlanteans.”

Bateman opened his mouth, but in the end he didn’t say “it can make him abolish” come out.

“Pu pass!” Aquaman had already jumped in neatly.

Ten seconds passed, the deep water was calm, the earth was calm, and there was no animal roar.

Twenty seconds later.

“Om, Om!” A strange vibrating ripple spread out from the deepest part of the pool. All beings had a feeling, and their bloodline was pulsing with it.

“This is.” Harry’s eyes widened, “The life force of the seven fundamental forces?!”

PS, in “Aquaman”, Atlana was exiled The reason is not explained clearly, maybe you want to put it in the second part?

However, Atlanna in “Aquaman” is like a white lotus, not like a ruthless who kills her husband in public.

Well, in the comics, she kills Orm’s father in public.

Because Aum’s father threatened to kill Arthur and Arthur’s father.

After that, Atlana didn’t let anyone exile herself – Atlana and her daughter have deep political capital in Atlantis, unlike “Sea King”, where the dignified queen said exile exiled.

Of course, killing the king and husband in public is too bad.

So Atlana arranged an assassination and let others assassinate herself, and she escaped from the kingdom of Atlantis with a fake death.

This Atlana is very brainy and the plot is reasonable.

It also explains why some people in Atlantis still want Arthur to return, such as Prime Minister Vico.

Who doesn’t have a loyal servant?

Arthur inherited part of Atlanna’s core political legacy, and Aum inherited part of his father’s and part of his mother’s.

So, King Aum’s throne is not very secure,

That’s why Aum immediately agreed when Arthur proposed a king duel.

He also hopes to stabilize his kingship by defeating Arthur.

Especially when there is a conflict between the sea and the land, he fights on behalf of the sea and Arthur, who represents the land people, and is more able to win people’s hearts.

In addition, here is a special note, Aum, like Sinesto, is not a pure bad guy.

He loved the Atlantean nation very much and was willing to make sacrifices for his own people. Therefore, after he was defeated by Arthur, he obediently and honestly gave up the throne.

(end of this chapter)

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