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I am the latest chapter of Hollywood, the body of the 185th chapter, floating astronomy

    "Hey, Eric," Elizabeth pulled Julia from her face and came to Eric. Virginia looked at the two people who suddenly came, and voluntarily got up and left. Elizabeth rudely pressed Julia on the couch and sat down. It’s down.

    "Liz, why didn't you leave?"Eric asked strangely.

    Elizabeth glanced at Eric with dissatisfaction: "Why should I leave, don't you welcome me?"

    “Of course not,” Eric denied. “It’s just that, relative to the identity of Miss Murdoch’s second wife, such a small party must not be right for you?”

    Miss Murdoch, Miss Two?

    When Julia heard Eric's words, she curiously looked at the girl next to her. Eric noticed Julia's confused expression and offered to introduce to the girl: "Julia, did Liz not tell you about it, she is the owner of 20th century Fox. The second daughter of Mr. Rupert Murdoch, the owner of News Corporation."

    "Hey, Eric, are you arguing about my relationship with Julia? Julia is right, you really are a jerk."Elizabeth angrily hammered Eric's shoulder, and it was originally for Elizabeth.Murdoch concealed his identity and Julia, who was a little bit savvy, heard the other half of the sentence and directly embarrassedly wanted to lick his face.

    God, how can she say that sentence?

    Eric squatted and then laughed: "Julia is finally willing to say what he is saying."

    "No, Eric, I don't have…"The girl waved her red ear and wanted to distinguish a few words. But nothing can be said.

    After the words blurted out, Elizabeth felt that she had lost her word and showed an apologetic look at Julia. The girl began to shift the topic without a trace: "Eric, is that woman just your affection?"

    “Yeah,” Eric nodded.

    "amount……You are really justified," Eric admitted without hesitation, but let Elizabeth be stunned: "What about Julia? ”

    Julia once wanted to hold this unobstructed girl, but since the other party had already asked, Julia knew that it was too late to do anything extra. Instead, looking at Eric slyly, I don't know what the other person will answer.

    “What does this have to do with Julia?”Eric asked strangely.

    "I……I don't listen to you talking nonsense. ”Hear Eric's words. Julia felt a liberation at the same time, and there was a strong loss in her heart. She dropped a sentence and stood up like a bunny chased by a hound.

    Looking at the back of Julia's hurried departure. Elizabeth rolled his eyes at Eric: "You can't really understand it, Mr. Williams. ”

    Eric shrugged and didn't care about the change in the girl's name: "Liz, you don't know something, so don't make a conclusion."

    "Oh, I am more and more curious about you, Eric, how can I have time to eat, I hope to talk to you more."

    "Not interested in."Eric drank the drink from the cup and stood up, intending to entertain other people.

    "Hey. How can you do this," Elizabeth said very embarrassedly at Eric's clothes: "I can't wait for you to eat." ”

    Because I didn't know the conversation between Elizabeth and Carr Tower, and there was no information about the girl in the memory, Eric gave Elizabeth a self-centered Missy type label, even though she was in a short conversation with the girl. Honorable. However, with Eric's current status, there is absolutely no need to condescend to welcome such a young lady.

    I pulled it a few times and grabbed the corner from the girl's hand. Looking at the rumpled shirt hem that was caught, Eric groaned helplessly, noticed the girl's unrequited expression, and Eric suddenly smiled and leaned over to the girl: "Liz, there is one thing. I need to remind you…"

    Elizabeth looked at the aggressive eyes in front of him and couldn't help but lean back. The hands were involuntarily guarded in front of him, stuttering and asking: "Wh…what? ”

    As the girl retreated, Eric went on, sniffing the faint perfume smelling from the girl, and swaying a forefinger in front of the girl: "I want to remind you, don't be too interested in a man. Otherwise, you will easily fall in love with each other."

    "what……"Elizabeth opened his mouth and sent out a syllable. When he saw Eric drop this sentence, he turned decisively and turned away. The girl recovered from the panic and slammed her feet: "Hey, the ghost will fall in love with you, bastard, Become embarrassed, arrogant…"A series of derogatory words flowed from the mouth of Miss Jiao, venting the anger of the heart, the girl was shocked to the surrounding, found that no one noticed his side, only relieved, stood up and arranged the bottoms , slightly raised his chin, the girl has returned to the look of the proud, carrying wine into the crowd.

    Lu Xun said that there is no road in the world, and there are more people to go, and it will become a road. In fact, this sentence can make a lot of extensions. For example, some things will not happen, but an unscrupulous guy has unintentionally buried a suggestive seed. After a long time, it will become true.

    "Mr. Williams, can I have a glass of wine? ”Eric shuttles through the crowd and chats with everyone. A little loli, led by her mother, brings a glass of juice to Eric, staring at Eric with her big, beautiful eyes looking forward.

    "Of course, Sarah," Eric smiled, bending over, gently touching the little girl's cup, and then drinking the remaining red wine.

    The little girl followed a big sip of juice and watched Eric drink the glass of wine, saying: "Mr. Williams, thank you for being able to put Annie.Give me the role of Stewart. ”

    "It's nothing, your performance is excellent," Eric looked at the little girl in front of her, Sarah.Michelle.Gaia was 12 years old at this time, but the little girl's development is far behind the soaring of Drew, perhaps a family problem, Eric heard that the life of the mother and daughter is not too good, so at this time Sarah is only about 1.2-meter, compared with their peers some dwarf, round face with cute baby fat, The girl in the memory is only 1.6-meter in the end.

    "So, Mr. Williams, can I participate in your own Director movie? ”The little girl suddenly asked, the tone was filled with the childishness of the little girl, and her face was full of hope.

    Eric looked at Sarah's mother and looked at the little girl. She couldn't tell the difference that the girl mother taught her, or the child's words.

    In fact, the role of Jonah's little girlfriend Jessica in "Sleepless in Seattle" is perfect for Sarah if it's not others with the "the", but since the girl is already in the others, the role must not be given to side, otherwise it will make the same time in two different styles of movies to see the same young girl's audience to create a sense of Shong.

    "If there is a chance, I think it will be." For a little loli with a look of hope, Eric could hardly say anything that he refused, so he had to reply. (To be continued)

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