The 144th chapter of the body is trapped

I am the latest chapter of Hollywood, the body of Chapter 144, floating astronomy

    More than two hours later, in a hair salon in Beverly Hills, Nicole looked at his new image in the mirror and realized why Eric disliked himself. At this time, the woman in the mirror was totally different from the previous one. The original image was a little girl with a pretty look, and now it’s a glamorous modern girl.

    The girl's hair in the mirror has been dyed into a beautiful golden brown. The original fluffy little curls have also been straightened, with a bunch of oblique bangs in front of the forehead. This hairstyle makes the girl look a bit more mature and intellectual. .

    "Miss, compared to the haircut you just got, now this hairstyle makes you look more temperament, your boyfriend really has a vision."The haircut sister stood behind Nicole and did the final cleaning for the girl, praised her mouth.

    "He is not……"Nicole whispered to defend, glanced at the back of the room with sunglasses and looked at the magazine, or stopped the words, if he really is his boyfriend. But now it seems that the girl feels more like a Barbie doll, letting the hateful guy dress up with his own preferences, so he looks a lot more beautiful, but Nicole doesn't have much excitement.

    "Sir, can you see?"When everything was done, the girl got up and went to Eric, and the little girl was behind Nicole, looking at the man who seemed familiar with sunglasses.

    Eric looked up at Nicole and nodded at the little girl. The girl's hairstyle was made by Eric according to the hairstyle in The Interpreter in her memory. There are so many movies about Nicole Kidman in memory. Among them, Eric's favorite is the shape of the girl in The Interpreter, which is intellectual and glamorous, strong and sensitive.

    "The Interpreter", after a tragic explosion, the girl played Sylvia's cheek with shrapnel marks on her cheeks, wearing a professional outfit carrying a backpack down the steps of the picture to let Eric memory, if not the lens of the Nicole show the temperament and " Sleepless in Seattle ", Meg Ryan stood across the road with Tom Hanks looks very similar when looking at each other, and Eric will not give her the heroine of Sleepless in Seattle.

    Thinking of Silvia in The Interpreter, Eric couldn't help but raise his hand and gently stroked the girl's left cheek, even though there were no scars. Many classic characters can always be deeply and deeply in the hearts of the viewers.

    The haircut girl used Eric's action as a relative of the couple and snickered and pushed away.

    "Eric, are you touching me?"The sensitive instincts of the woman let the Nicole ghost ask the truth.

    Eric took back his hand and smiled: "Of course, what do you think?"

    "But I think…"The girl raised her hand and did not know how to describe it.

    "You feel right," Eric looked up and down and said, "You may be Nicole Kidman, or Silvia Bloom, or Grace Stewart, Gillian Owen, Alice. · Havd, Ada Monroe, Virginia Woolf."

    "I don't understand," the girl shook her head in confusion.

    "Okay, let's go," Eric didn't explain. He greeted the waiter and handed over the credit card. After leaving the checkout, Nicole, although he wanted to pay the bill himself, was blocked by Eric.

    After looking for a restaurant to have dinner, Eric took the girl back.

    On the way back by car, Nicole had been silent for a while, and once again walked into the living room of the villa, the girl whispered: "Eric, want me…Would you wear it for you to see? ”

    Eric sat down on the sofa and asked, "No, there is time in the future. The contract you have definitely seen it today, did you make a decision? ”

    Nicole nodded guiltyly and ran upstairs to take the two contracts that signed the good words. Eric just looked at the girl's signature and found the pen to sign with it and handed one of them to the girl: "Be prepared for the script during this time."

    After Eric finished, he didn't talk too much with the girl and went upstairs to the study. He had to drive out the script of "FrInternet Explorer nds", although Jeffrey and John Aniston also proposed to set up a screenwriter team to write " FrInternet Explorer nds script, Eric only needs to be responsible for providing the story outline.

    However, Eric did not accept this suggestion. Although this is a common practice for all TV serInternet Explorers, Eric decided to write all the scripts for the first season in person to ensure the authenticity of this TV serInternet Explorer s.

    After all, even a good screenwriter can't fully understand Eric's intentions, and only Eric, who has all the mirrors in his mind, has this ability to completely replicate.

    Also, Eric is going to make the season's best changes to the first quarter based on some of the classic clips in memory, and the memory of "Frinternet Explorer NDS" is the most popular in the second quarter, except for the occasional star cameo, the most important is the second quarter of the script Very well, just as Eric had seen the first two seasons, so he made up his mind to integrate the two seasons, creating a new but completely echoing the previous life style of "frinternet Explorer NDS", anyway, according to the rules of the American opera, as long as the first quarter of success, The ratings of the future also have a great guarantee, as long as the time to spend a bit more to ponder the script on the line.

    This TV serInternet Explorer s is also an important attempt for Eric and Firefly. If you can make a name for yourself with "FrInternet Explorer nds", then Firefly will not be able to sell other American dramas in the future. The market size of American drama is actually not much smaller than the movie market, but because this market is very closed, it will appear silent. If you can successfully enter this circle, Eric will be able to convert the classics in his mind into Real wealth.

    The typewriter in the study has been replaced with the latest IBM personal computer. Although the text editing software is still very backward compared with the previous life, the operation is quite complicated, but it is still much more convenient than the typewriter. Eric also found the previous life in the laptop. The feeling of the front office.

    Every time I write a paragraph, Eric will stop and think about it for a while. It’s not an easy task to combine the two seasons. Eric will always produce a direct first version of the original. The impulse to copy the season, there is no way, people are inert.

    Nicole knocked on the door of the study with a tray, got permission, then walked in, put the coffee pot and coffee cup gently on the table, and saw Eric staring at the monitor intently, only to look at the megalole Study room.

    During the day, she also wanted to come in and see, there was no other thought, pure curiosity, but unfortunately this room did not open like other rooms, even Drew's bedroom is the same, Nicole also saw Drew bedside table A photo of Drew and Eric. But this room is an exception. It is estimated that the key to the room is only Eric.

    The most eye-catching thing in the study is the large tablet and the black piano that is out of tune with the study. The writing board is densely attached to A4 paper, some are painted with rough sub-shot scripts, some are paragraphs of text, some are scattered lines that are completely incomprehensible, and some are written with square characters. Nicole has seen it in Chinatown, it should be Chinese characters are said to be a kind of text that is difficult to learn in the world.

    As if inexplicably attracted, the girl looked up and carefully looked at the manuscript papers, and took a picture of the A4 with Chinese characters carefully pondering for a while, of course, she could not understand, but she also saw that Chinese characters are Handwritten, although I don’t understand what it means, it looks beautiful and has a flowing aesthetic.

    Carefully put A4 paper back on the tablet, Nicole couldn't help but look back at Eric, who is still tapping the keyboard quickly. This is a mysterious man. It is said that he is less than 19 years old and knows so many things. Director doesn't say it, he is also an Actor, screenwriter, and has published two best-selling novels.

    In this study, Nicole also found that the other party must know how to paint and music. He can write beautiful and mysterious hieroglyphics. It is not too much to describe with a talent. More importantly, he is still so rich. There are already hundreds of millions of dollars in the net.

    Women always admire the strong, this is a kind of Basic Instinct engraved in the depths of the gene in the evolution of billions of years. Nicole, who thinks about it all in his mind, is caught in some emotion without knowing it. In the distance, Eric's every move seems to be more and more pleasing.

    If Eric turns to see the girl's expression, then with his previous life experience, he will definitely ridicule: "Girl, what love-struck fool?"

    Unfortunately, he did not notice all of this, but was immersed in the idea of ​​the "FrInternet Explorer nds" script, and even the coffee that comes in from Nicole did not take a drink.

    The girl looked at the back of the work silently for a while. After returning to God, she also noticed her strangeness. Unconsciously, she showed a faint blush on her cheek and lifted her foot to the piano in the corner. The slender, white fingers crossed the black paint and looked at a handwritten score on the piano cover.

    "This will not be written by him personally?"The girl stared at the string of small pimple above, but although she couldn't understand it, it also produced a very strong feeling. The fingers unknowingly touched the black and white keys and pressed them completely unconsciously.


    In the quiet study, I remembered a series of crisp sounds, awakening Eric from the idea of ​​script.

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