Body Chapter 001 Hollywood 1988

I am the latest chapter of Hollywood, text 001, Hollywood 1988, Astronomy

    "Hey, Eric, the steak on the table 9."

    "Oh, okay."Eric promised, some clumsy to bring the two steaks to the front of the window. After returning to the original position, I continued to stay in the daze.

    The time is July 13, 1988, the third day of rebirth, at an Italian Restaurant in Hollywood, Los Angeles. Eric turned to look at the faint figure reflected on the glass window not far away, about one meter eight tall, angular face, tall nose, a short blond hair, this is now.

    A few days ago, Eric was also an advertising director on the other side of the Pacific Ocean in 2014. At the age of 24, he graduated from the director department of the famous domestic film and television college. He decided to be a famous international director. After ten years of hard work, he finally realized that the reality is too cruel. With his solid professional skills, he still became a famous circle. An advertising director, well known is not a good one? Married at the age of 35, a son was born a year later, and finally settled down, and the ideal package was replaced by milk powder. A few years later, a class reunion, he was squandered by a group of long-lost classmates, and then fell asleep in the memories of the past.

    As with the beginning of all the horror or not horror stories, wake up, things are not human. He found himself back 25 years ago and became a high school student named Eric Williams. He just graduated from high school this year, and…

    "Eric, are you okay?"A chubby hand rested on Eric's shoulder and patted it. Eric turned and saw the restaurant Boss Jeff Jones.

    "Sorry, Jeff, I am distracted."

    "It doesn't matter," Jeff groaned, seemingly thinking about how to word it, and then said: "I am sorry about Ralph's business, but life has to continue, isn't it? Cheer up, Eric. ”

    Ralph Williams, Eric's father, is a very good Italian cook who has been working in this restaurant for many years. Although the cooking is great, Ralph has a very bad hobby – alcoholism. According to the memory left by the original body owner, Ralph's hobby may be related to the mother Eric has never seen before. In the words of later generations, this is also a man with a story. The matter is very simple. A month ago, Ralph died of acute alcoholism due to excessive drinking.

    "Thank you, Jeff. I don't know how to be good if it is not your help. ”Eric said that after Ralph’s death, Eric’s life was in chaos. Originally, Eric had applied to the University of California, but the death of Ralph made Eric's hopes of going to college, even if it was a public university, it would cost around 20,000 USD a year, not counting other expenses. As Ralph's Boss and friends, after Jeff talked with Eric, Eric started working as a waiter in the restaurant. After all, as Jeff said, life has to continue.

    "Ralph has been working here for so many years, this is what I should do. But I can only do so much, and the rest can only rely on your own efforts. ”

    Eric gratefully nodded and watched Jeff turn and leave, thinking of what he had just said and falling into meditation. In the midst of it, since an unscrupulous god sent him to Hollywood more than 20 years ago, if he had been an obscure restaurant waiter, he would definitely be alive and dead.

    Eric was once excited after just understanding his situation three days ago, but he was confused after the excitement. Previous life As a high school student of a film and television college, he did not realize his ideals and eventually bowed to reality. What's more, now, he has neither a diploma nor a background. Even if he goes to Film Studio to apply for the lowest position, he will not succeed.

    After a busy day, Eric drove away from the Italian Restaurant, car is a Ford car left by Eric's cheap dad. After Ralph’s death, Eric once wanted to sell the car to subsidize the family, but after receiving the job as a waiter, he stayed. After all, United States is the country on the wheel, there is no car, and many things are not. Convenience.

    When passing by a movie theater, Eric saw the poster of "The First Blood 3" on the door of the theater. In the background of snow-capped mountains and helicopters, it was the golden age of Stallone wearing a vest that allowed the female fans to scream. Muscles. Ghost made the difference, Eric parked the car in the parking lot not far away, and asked about it. Just one day was about to begin, Eric bought a ticket and went into the cinema.

    Because it wasn't prime time, there were only about thirty or forty people in the two-seat auditorium, and Eric found his seat and sat down.

    Soon the screening hall fell into darkness. After the filming, the film plot officially began. Colonel Tovin invited Rambo, who was reclusive in Thailand, to go to Afghanistan to perform the task, but Rambo refused him. After Colonel Toven was trapped, Rambo was armed again to save his friends…

    Previous life, Eric has seen all of Stallone's movies, and most of them have been done more than once. The reason why I bought the ticket was because Eric remembered the experience of Stallone and also remembered her former self. In the ten years of his struggle, whenever he wants to give up, he will use some more inspirational stories to inspire himself, including Stallone's legendary acting career.

    The plot continues, and Eric takes back the thoughts and focuses on the movie. Gradually, Eric, who had relaxed his body against the back of his chair, straightened up. Because he found one thing, because of the movie before, whenever the plot advances, Eric will subconsciously think about what will happen next, and then his magical discovery, with his thoughts, pick up The movie screen will be clearly displayed in his mind. That is to say, he remembers every shot of the whole movie, every line, and even every piece of music.

    Gradually, Eric got excited, then closed his eyes and randomly picked up Cameron's "RMS Titanic" to start recalling. The result is still the same. He can recall the film every minute and every second. Picking a few movies I have seen again is still the case. Thoughts flew, Eric tried to recall some movies that I had only heard of the name but had not seen. The miracle did not appear. It seems that he only remembers what he had seen, but this is enough.

    When I was just born again, Eric also thought about taking some movies from later generations as his own. However, before, life is a professional Director. Of course, he knows how difficult it is to operate. He writes up some similar scripts. But now, after discovering that all the memories of previous life are clearly in mind, Eric knows what it means, and if he has the conditions, he can almost completely copy the classic movies that have been seen by previous life.

    Because of the excitement, Eric’s cheeks were hot in the dark, and his fingers were slightly numb. In the end, Eric finally couldn't help but patted it heavily on the armrest of the seat and blurted out his mouth: "Cushing!"

    The pain in the palms pulled Eric back to reality, and looked at the dissatisfied eyes of several viewers around him. Eric smiled awkwardly. The one-hundred-minute movie passed quickly, and Rambo successfully saved his friends and waved his sleeves again.

    But Eric, sitting in the dark, obviously didn't notice this, but thoughts flew and thought a lot. Previous life He doesn't have such a good memory. Just like an ordinary person, an article can be read many times before it can be recited. A song must be listened to many times before it can be sung. Obviously, this is a certain unscrupulous…Oh no, it is a huge wealth that the lovely god gave him.

    Eric drove out of the cinema with a huge wilderness on the peak of his life. He knows that if he has such a huge resource in his mind, if he fails like the previous life, then it would be better to take a bucket of tap water to kill himself.

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3 years ago

First chapter shows pretty much what to expect but built in super memory is interesting looking forward to this / next review on 100th chapter