Body Chapter 002 Inspiration out of quarrel

I am the latest chapter of Hollywood, the body of the 002 chapter Inspiration out of quarrel, floating astronomy

    Eric gently puts some cumbersome second-hand typewriters on the desk, wipes the sweat from his forehead, and misses his own thin life laptop. This is the second day he found himself changing his memory. After a day of thinking, Eric had a preliminary plan for his future.

    So he deliberately asked Jeff for a day off, and spent half a day shopping for this second-hand typewriter. This is essential for implementing your own plan.

    After dealing with Ralph's aftermath, Eric had only a few hundred dollars in cash left. In Western countries with a good welfare system, people have never had the habit of saving. Eric is reborn after the rebirth. Fortunately, the loan for the house he lives in is already over. Otherwise, because the house cannot be paid for, the house may be recovered. Sleeping on the streets. In this way, the money to buy a typewriter is still a monthly salary that Eric has advanced to Jeff.

    To achieve your own ideals, you must first enter the Hollywood circle. Just do Director directly, don't think about it for a while, when Actor is not a path that suits him. If you want to go to the best for him, you can still be a screenwriter. Although people always say that Hollywood's screenwriter status is low in this era, it is not the case, because the top gold screenwriters have turned to Director and Producer, which is no different from the Hong Kong movies on the other side of the ocean.

    Put a piece of manuscript paper into the typewriter, and Eric raised his hand and typed a line on the keyboard: Jurassic Park. That's right, it was the most profitable movie series of the 1990s.

    Eric still remembers previous life, from the hawkers selling pirated discs, the discs of "Jurassic Park", and the scenes when watching with a group of friends, when the lifelike dinosaurs appear on the TV screen, the feeling is only Can be described in one sentence: I and my friends are shocked.

    The memory of "Jurassic Park" in the memory was published in 1990. The novel has only more than 100,000 words, so Michael Crichton must have not started writing yet. Eric has taken it for himself, and he does not take it. As for Michael Crichton, there is no such thing as a fantasy in life. There is no such thing as Jurassic Park and Cretaceous Park.

    Eric's mouth tilted slightly and he tapped the keyboard while recalling the past. What he is writing is not the script of Jurassic Park, but a novel. Previous life After watching the movie, he was very curious to find the novel of Jurassic Park. Now, with the memory of a high school student who has a good grade in school, it is more than enough to translate the Chinese version of previous life into an English novel.

    The reason why I didn't write the script directly is to write the script directly into Film Studio. The biggest thing is that it is thrown into the trash as waste paper. The script that Hollywood Film Studio receives every day can basically be calculated. Eric, on the other hand, wants to keep this series of film copyright firmly in his hands, because even if it is now written as a script, and made into a movie by a film studio with a keen eye, the ultimate benefit will be the film studio, and E Ric, in addition to the tens of thousands of USD of the script royalties, the most received an additional bonus. Eric is definitely not going to do this kind of loss.

    By publishing the novel, Eric can hold the film copyright firmly in his own hands, waiting for the right time to wait for the price and maximizing the benefits that he can obtain.

    The time I was immersed in my work always flew fast, until the sky was completely dark, and Eric had already looked down on the letters on the keyboard, only to find out that he had been writing for four or five hours in a row, and his stomach began to linger. Howling.

    Standing up, Eric looked at the thick stack of manuscripts on the desk and sat up with satisfaction. At this speed, he could finish the manuscript in about a week. After all, he still has to work in Jeff's restaurant at this stage. Otherwise you have to go hungry.

    Into the kitchen, Eric made a simple dinner for himself, rice and a tomato scrambled eggs, typical Chinese home-cooked dishes, as for the rest of the refrigerator bread, cheese, peanut butter, and so on, Eric these days are usually snack food, although he inherited the original guy's memory, But the eastern people's eating habits are still deep-rooted.

    After a simple dinner, Eric came to the balcony on the second floor and looked at the surrounding night view against the railing. The apartment he lives in is a small yard of less than two hundred square meters, a two-story house, some unknown flowers and plants are planted in the yard, there is no hostess, and the cheap father Ralph is also an informal person. The lives of both father and son have always been rough. When the memory was about seven or eight years old, the father and son moved from Renton, United Kingdom to Los Angeles. Eric didn't remember why Ralph did this. It was too small at the time, and according to the clues in the memory, Eric couldn't figure it out, so he didn't bother to think about it.

    After moving to Los Angeles, Ralph dragged the little Eric in Los Angeles for only two days, then bought the small courtyard under the introduction of a real estate agent, and everything seemed to be chaotic. Eric smiled, and the idea of ​​a cautious home ownership in the bones was ruined.

    Stayed on the balcony for a while, is going back to the study to continue to write "Jurassic Park", suddenly heard a ping, what seems to be the sound of a glass device fell on the ground, Eric will look to the West neighbor, that is the Runkle couple's home, a more than 40-year-old couple, the couple has three children, The older son had gone to college, a daughter was studying at boarding school, and the youngest son was seven years old.

    The couple may have encountered a middle-aged crisis and often quarreled during this time. Although Eric's relationship with the Langkel family is good, Eric is not going to go to persuasion. These two are very restrained people, and there is no record of making a big hit. If you want to trade, you can only let the other side swear.

    After a rush of violent quarrels and broken sounds of several pieces of equipment, the door of the Langkel home was pushed away. Charles Nathan Runkle man of the house wearing a shirt and messy hair out of the door, run a two-step he turned his head in the door of the women shouted: "Enough, I've had enough, damn you this Bitch. When it wasn't for the sake of moving you to Los Angeles, I might now be an executive at GM, see what you look like, Heavens!! ”

    "You are going to die," Mrs. Langkel, who has always spoken softly and whispered, but the voice is very tall and sharp at this time: "In the three men who pursued me with you, one is now a California member of parliament. One sells oil in the Middle East, oil, do you know? The profit of a ship is worth a hundred years of salary! The regret is that the old lady is right. Now, go to your universal car and sleep, dear 'Universal executives'! ”

    After Mrs. Langkel finished, she threw a black jacket out and slammed the door.

    Charlie Longcker picked up his coat and patted it. He stood up and just looked up at Eric, who was standing on the balcony.

    "Sorry, I am bothering you, Eric."Charlie smiled slyly and said to Eric.

    "It doesn't matter, Charlieson, do you want to…Come to my house to sit? ”Eric said.

    Charlie shook his head and said: "No, thank you, I…I am going to go to the bar. Wait……After a while, Mary should be mad. ”

    After Charlieson finished, Eric nodded and started his car to drive away.

    Eric went back to the room and remembered the scene of the two men who had been arguing with the Langkel couple. One thought in his mind suddenly flashed, sitting at the desk and loading a piece of manuscript paper into the typewriter. The thought was gradually clearer.

    Eric has been thinking about what his first script should be writing for the past two days, and now he has the answer. That script is simply tailor-made for him. Well, because of the long distance between the years, a lot of details need to be modified, but these are not problems, and the selling point of the script is not in those details.

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