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I am the latest chapter of Hollywood, the body of the 006 chapter good news, floating astronomy

    Finalizing the publication of Jurassic Park, Eric spent all his spare time writing and modifying the script for "17 again". "17 again 》 mainly expresses the discussion about family, love, friendship and life choices. Therefore, it is not inappropriate to apply it to this era, but the various geek elements and thumb cultures in the previous life movies need to be revised. After all, big brothers are still not popular, and personal computers are also in the era of transistors.

    Eric has modified Ned's settings into a successful entrepreneur, as well as a hardcore fan who likes to collect items from various movies. Of course, limited to the movies that have appeared in this era, the lines about the movie "Lord of the Rings" can only be modified into other movies, which is easy for Eric with a huge amount of movies in his mind.

    After completing the script, Eric gave the script to Jeff as agreed. Ever since I saw Eric's "Jurassic Park," Jeff no longer underestimated the orphans left by this friend. After reading the script several times, I found some wrong details, such as the Kevin Federline's hippie T-shirt worn by the protagonist when he returned to school. Jeff was curious to ask Kevin Federline. Eric carefully searched the memory and found that the second sweetest of Britney, Britney, is still a 10-year-old Xiaozhengtai.

    After modifying some of the vulnerabilities that Jeff found, Eric will soon hand over the script to Michael Claus.

    After completing a novel and a script, Eric was not eager to create a third piece of work, but began to practice basketball, especially in the movie to use fancy basketball, Eric has no foundation at all, so you must start practicing again.

    There are a lot of basketball shots in the movie, although the Zac Efron performance in the previous life movie is not brilliant, but a few scenes about basketball are still remarkable, especially in the student canteen using fancy basketball The fragment of the bad guy Stan is impressive.

    A week later, Eric, who practiced for two hours on the community basketball court, walked into the house with fancy basketball moves, and heard the rushing phone ringing far away. In the past few days, Eric has received a call from Michael. It is about the publication of "Jurassic Park" and the "17 again" script. The publication of "Jurassic Park" is very smooth, and soon Eric can see the sample book, but "17 again" is not so lucky.

    Although after reading the script, Film Studio that received the script is interested in script, but after hearing the script screenwriter insist on the actor's condition, most of the Studio Studio gave up the script directly, which is actually quite normal. No one can easily take risks with tens of millions of USD investments. Eric even suggested that Michael not focus on Six Great Film Studios, or try the second-line Film Studio.

    "Hey, here is the Williams home."Eric picked up the phone and adjusted some of the quick breathing after the next exercise.

    "Hello, Eric, I am Michael."

    Eric smiled without hesitation: "Michael, it’s almost ten o'clock in the evening. You must have a good news when you call this time?"

    Michael at the other end of the phone couldn't help but complain: "Don't mention this, it's a hell, I made a lot of calls from eight o'clock, and you haven't picked it up."

    "Oh, sorry, Michael. I went to the community playground to play basketball. ”

    "Play basketball, wow, Eric, it seems that you are determined to win. I remember that there are quite a few basketball games in the script."

    "Of course, I am still saying that I am working in a person, and I am in the sky." Not only are I talking to basketball, but I also practice an hour of performance in the mirror every morning. ”

    "Eric, I admire you a little, and few people will be willing to do so much when things are completely unshaven. How about a day off tomorrow, let's go to a date. ”

    Eric's hand shook a little, and the basketball that had been spinning on the right index finger fell to the ground, bouncing and making a few muffled sounds: "This is…Good news? ”

    "Of course, fortunately, I got a call from Mr. James Brooks of 20th Century Fox today. They are very optimistic about this script, and there is no direct rejection of your conditions, but you must pass the audition."

    "This is really…Thank you so much, Michael. ”

    "You're welcome," Michael smiled across the floor. "Of course you have to understand that the other party's promise to audition is equivalent to recognizing your condition in disguise, but if you perform too badly when auditioning, you can only say regret."

    "Absolutely not, I am fully prepared."

    Eric was thrilled all night, and the next morning, Eric drove to the appointment with Michael Claus.

    “Here is the shooting base for 20th century Fox?”Eric looked at the huge studio-like warehouse on the wall, with a yearning in his eyes.

    Michael closed the door and walked over. He stood next to Eric and looked up at the studio. "Yeah, is it spectacular?" But Warner's studio base is more spectacular than this. Well, you must have seen it and have the opportunity to visit the field. ”

    In Eric's mind, the familiar head of Warner's movie appeared and nodded: "I will."

    The two followed a staff member to the door of an office. The guides knocked on the door and said a few words, so they asked two people to go in.

    When I saw two people coming in, two men and a middle-aged man who was talking about what was in the office stood up and greeted him.

    Michael Claus went up to shake hands with two people and then said: "James, Penny, this is Eric Williams. Eric, this is Producer James Brooks, this is Penny Marshall Director ”

    After the introduction, Michael Claus smiled at Penny Marshall: "You may not know, Ms. Penny, a week ago, Eric also said that you might become the first female director of the United States in the history of the Box Office. ."

    Eric first shook hands with James Brooks, and James just shook it with Eric and took back his left hand in less than a second.

    Eric is keenly aware that this well-known Producer doesn't seem to like himself very much. He understands what is going on with his thoughts. For the Producer who is monopolized in the film making process, his self-recommended actor is definitely not happy.

    Didn't show any disappointment, Eric turned to Penny Marshall, a 40-year-old blonde white woman who was very fat, so although she was also an Actor while doing Director, the characters were all Actors. a small dragon set that is not easy to find

    "Hello, Ms. Penny, I like your "Big" very much."

    "Thank you for your appreciation, Eric."Penny Marshall doesn't change much. With the continuous release of Big, everyone knows that the movie Box Office is already a must. In the past week, the week of the movie Box Office has not been reduced, but instead Has risen. This is the fourth week of the movie release. Many movies have been released at this time, and it is likely that they will be forced to go down because the attendance rate is too low.

    After introducing each other, Eric found that James Brooks and Penny Marshall both looked at themselves with their own eyes. Obviously, if the cooperation is successful, James Brooks and Penny Marshall will be the Producer and Director of "17 again" respectively. Eric didn't have any tension, just a confident smile on his face and sat down on the couch with Michael Claus.

    The beautiful female assistant came up with a few cups of coffee and quit the office.

    James Brooks didn't drink coffee, but placed it on the table with a crisscross and said: "Eric…Sir, your movie script is really good, but you have to say that the conditions you have presented are a bit harsh. We learned from Michael that you are just a high school student and have no performance experience. So at the beginning we were going to refuse, but Mr. Barry Diller accidentally saw your script. He liked the ideas expressed by this script and specifically approved your request. Of course, you must pass the most basic audition. If you are qualified, you will also receive short-term performance training. ”

    Eric nodded in agreement. I was a little surprised in my heart. I didn't expect my script to be approved by Barry Diller. Of course he knows who Barry Diller is, the previous life Disney Chairman Michael Eisner and the DreamWorks helm Katzenberg, who used to be only one of Barry Diller's assistants during Paramount's tenure.

    Barry Diller has been in Hollywood for more than 30 years. From the rise of Paramount to the prosperity of the 20th century Fox, from the film industry to dominate the global network to the TV Network, and the rise of the network media, he left behind the traces of his indelible.

    I thought for a few seconds, until Michael Claus licked himself, and Eric realized that he was in the office of James Brooks, and James Brooks had a faint dissatisfaction in his eyes.

    From the very beginning, he was very resistant to Eric. In the Hollywood film production process, it is usually the Producer's power. From the selection of the character to the post-editing, the producer has the final say. Eric asked himself to star in the actor, which is undoubtedly a part of his deserved power.

    "Sorry, everyone, I am distracted."Eric quickly apologized.

    "It's okay, young people," James said, adding a slight tone to the word young man, and then said, "So, before we discuss other things, let's audition first."

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