Body Chapter 019 Director Williams

I am the latest chapter of Hollywood, the body of the 019th chapter Director Williams, floating astronomy

    "I don't like you, Mr. Williams. ”Taking her daughter to the bathroom, John Aniston, sitting across from Eric, slightly squinted.

    Eric is speechless and can only shrug his shoulders: "I can know why, John?"

    John Aniston said: "For so many years, Jenny has always hated me in my heart. I am also very embarrassed about the things of the year. I always hope she can forgive me. She called me last night, you know? She was the first to call me, and I almost jumped up when I was happy. The reason why the daughter called was actually to let me help her boyfriend, the guy who might take my daughter away. ”

    Well, this reason is very strong, the daughter is the father of the previous life, this sentence is not to talk about it, usually, the relationship between the father-in-law and the son-in-law is not very good.

    Eric can only shrug again, and the two men suddenly fall into a silent silence.

    Aniston quickly returned from the bathroom, smiling and sitting next to Eric, and the appearance of relatives made John Aniston even more uncomfortable. However, it is not easy for her daughter to take the initiative to reconcile herself. He will not be stupid enough to be on the spot.

    Under the reconciliation of Aniston's, the meal on the surface was quite enjoyable. John Aniston just took the elder's shelf and dropped Eric a few words, and his daughter's anger looked over, and finally John Aniston promised. Try to help Eric contact Actor.

    With the help of John Aniston's, who has a wide network of contacts, Eric quickly found Actors for most of the characters, and because John Aniston was arbitrarily arbitrarily, the pay was not high, which made Eric breathe a sigh of relief.

    Only Marvin, the thief duo, Eric was hesitant about several candidate actor lists until Aniston brought his classmates and friends to Eric and looked at the face with a natural decline, just tried it a little. Mirror, Eric set the board because this guy is called Matthew Perry, one of the six people in the previous life "FrInternet Explorer nds".

    Then Eric flew a few trips to Canada with Jeffrey Hanson, and finally found the location of the Kevin home in a small town. It was busy all day and night, let Eric lose a few pounds in just one week, and learned about these Aniston. Both distressed and envious.

    On October 17th, Eric's first Director's work was officially launched in Los Angeles after the resurrection. The crew sent several people to choose the small town of Canada to be the Kevin home set. Most of them stayed at the Los Angeles shooting airport, the police department. Classes don't need snow scenes. After all, here is the world's largest film base, and it's a lot easier to shoot.

    The entire crew from the lighting division to the Actor, basically in the face of money and Jeffrey Hanson and John Aniston's face, only to agree to the film's shooting, although Eric is worried, but my heart is not without my own small Mind, with Eric previous life in the words: In case of not a small Firelight?

    They have already understood the content of "home Alone", and I am glad that this young director is not as other young director to play a literary film deep, so feel, "home Alone" the likelihood of success is still relatively large, 1 million US D the cost of filming, relying on Eric now with "again" and "Jurassic Park" brought by the aura, may be able to make a small profit might be, and Eric in the boot time also promised, the movie makes money, but also give everyone extra dividends.

    After all, he provided a job opportunity for the team left by his wife. Jeffrey Hanson appeared on the crew every day after the film started. Originally, Jeffrey wanted to provide some help for Eric's 'newbie' with his many years of experience. . But one day later, Jeffrey began to doubt life, and God is really unfair.

    Eric does not have the first time to guide the film's hectic, from the start of the moment, he is like a director with years of experience shooting, methodically with the set to discuss props, with a very professional terminology with the photographer to discuss the next lens, directing the lighting division to play their desired effect, Patiently give the actress drama of Kevin's mother, who is more than 10 years older than himself …

    Of course, when some of the shots were shot in succession, they also showed the talent of the race's unique talent: Director's roar!

    "Ms. LeslInternet Explorer, what I want is a doubtful expression, it is doubt, not curiosity! According to my observation, you must have some obsessive-compulsive disorder, then this expression should be easy for you, imagine you lie in bed at night, feel that the door may forget the lock, the kitchen faucet may have been dripping, but you can not be sure where the problem, so into the feelings of the conflict of the feeling, imagine these scenes. Oh, damn, we can only rent this plane for three hours, three hours, well, all the staff are ready, come again. Nickel, do you want to see the clouds of the sky through the titanium ceiling of the plane, give me a little more, FUCK! ”

    Due to Eric's outstanding performance, the crew members basically recognized Eric's Director status for a short time. So in the role of Kevin's mother Ms. LeslInternet Explorer On the plane, thinking of the recurring mistakes in Kevin's forgotten scenes at home, Eric was anxious because the shooting plan might be disrupted, and he couldn't help but roar. Everyone unconsciously forgot Eric's age. It has become awkward.

    When the 30-year-old photographer named Nickel Frank was reprimanded by Eric, she completely forgot that the young man in front of him was an 18-year-old boy and subconsciously apologized: "I'm sorry, Director Williams, I will pay attention."

    Many years later, Nickel Frank, who won the best photography of Oscar, stood on the podium of the Kodak Theatre. The first sentence was to recall the scene. He said, "At that moment, in my subconscious, I completely regarded Eric. An authoritative big director, not an 18-year-old youth, seems to be born to lead the entire crew."

    After another NG, the lens finally passed, and Eric also breathed a sigh of relief. He immediately regretted his own gaffe and took the initiative to Ms. LeslInternet Explorer apologized: "Sorry, LeslInternet Explorer, I just got a little more tone."

    "It doesn't matter, Director Williams, it's really that I didn't do well. The apology is that I am right. Speaking of it, the way you just got angry is actually quite fascinating. ”

    "amount……"Eric wants to remind her that you are a precursor to Stockholm syndrome and need treatment.

    In the next few days, Eric found that the crew members who had directly called him Eric changed their name unconsciously, calling 'Director Williams', and even Jeffrey Hanson was no exception. He knows that this is the performance of the crew members who fully recognize his Director from the bottom of his heart. So he directed the crew to become more stalking. In just four days, the crew completed the Los Angeles scene and all went to the small town of Canada.

    The crew had sent several staff members to set up the Kevin home. Although it was only conducted by telephone, Eric was very satisfied after seeing the layout of the apartment. At the same time, he was determined to take the team that Jeffrey’s wife had left. Your majesty.

    The town in the northern part of Canada has never been filmed, so the residents in the town are very enthusiastic and curious. Eric has not come yet, and many people have asked if the staff sent by Eric can be a guest. Some small characters or something. Moreover, because of the Christmas scene, all the residents in the town took the initiative to dress up their homes, and the whole town seemed to be full of joy in Christmas.

    In the face of this, Eric certainly wants to reciprocate, and generously invited several children in the town to make guest appearances in the movie.

    The main shooting in the town is the life of the small protagonist Kevin and the process of spoofing two thieves. As a pure Christmas comedy, the film does not need any connotation at all, just need to be funny. In addition, Stewart's performance is much better than the previous life's Macaulay Culkin. The shooting process can only be described by speed. Eric decided to complete all the shots within a week.

    Another thing happened during the period, when Penny Marshall, who was working on the 17th again in Los Angeles, needed Eric to dub some of the footage in the movie and suddenly found that they couldn't find Eric. When the phone didn't pick up, I went directly to Eric's house and closed the door. This made Penny Marshall even have some bad associations. When I was about to report to the police, I learned about Eric's whereabouts through Aniston.

    Penny Marshall on the phone was a complaint, and Eric had to return to Los Angeles within a week. In addition to the dubbing of the film, the promotion of "17 again" was inseparable from Eric's participation.

    Of course, Eric's filming of "Home Alone" is naturally exposed. In this regard, Penny Marshall naturally like the elders, criticized Eric for some words such as high and high, but also did not care too much about Eric's film. She is not as empathetic as the staff in Eric's crew. Naturally, This is just a young man's work.

    Eric, who is in trouble, is basically two people with reality. Although it is good to get along with the people in the crew, it is only the case. But it was introduced by Aniston that Matthew Perry would be close to the Eric suite from time to time. Eric was also very interested in Matthew Perry, but at this time his goal of completing "Home Alone" was above all else, and of course there was no chance to meet with Matthew.

    A week later, the film was successfully smashed in the town, because Jeffrey Hanson and Eric's reasonable planning, now only spent more than 600,000, leaving more than 300,000 USD, more than enough to complete post-production.

    So Eric made a big party in the town and invited the crew and everyone in the town to have a night out. The next day, when many people were still in a hangover state, Eric had already taken the film back to Los Angeles with the film.

    It took half a day to complete the dubbing of "17 again", and Eric headed into the late studio introduced by Jeffrey and began a mad job.

    In the past few days, Eric has basically worked more than 16 hours a day. It took only five days to complete the post-production work of the film in the eyes of everyone. Because everything in my mind is ready-made, Eric can do everything so quickly. It took only less than a day to cut the speed of all the shots perfectly, so that the editor who matched him now looks at his eyes full of worship.

    Five days later, in the morning, a simple auditorium with only five or six seats crowded more than a dozen people, most of whom were "Home Alone" crew members. Aniston also came to watch Eric's director's debut. .

    In the slight hum of the projector, the film officially began in the blue silhouette of the next moonlight house…


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