Body Chapter 020 Trial

I am the latest chapter of Hollywood, the main text of the 020 chapter test, floating astronomy

    Although everyone in the auditorium, including Aniston, who was not involved in the filming, knew exactly the details of Home Alone, but as the story progressed, especially in the process of Kevin’s two thieves, Laughter followed for a while, even if the old man in his fifties like Jeffrey Hanson couldn't help laughing.

    The film of one hour and forty minutes ended unconsciously. After the last line of subtitles was finished, everyone stood up and clapped their hands together.

    "I have to say that this movie is really good, Eric, I think I should congratulate you in advance."Jeffrey Hanson patted Eric's shoulder and said seriously.

    "Thank you, Jeffrey, and, thank you, I can't finish Home Alone in just half a month without your help."

    The people blew each other for a while and gradually dispersed. After all, everyone still has things for everyone. They had intended to open a small celebration party, but unfortunately Eric's unshaven look was exhausted and consciously gave up the idea. Eric had overdrafted too much energy for half a month, and everyone knew he needed a good rest.

    The next step is to contact the release of the film, just Tomorrow is the "again" of the trial, Eric thought it might be an opportunity to sell "home Alone" to the 20th Century Fox agent release, he believes that as long as the 20th Century Fox's senior View To this film, will certainly agree to their own distribution plan, even if the final let some of the split can also, after all, he has no foundation.

    Perhaps after the release of "17 again", it is easier to sell "Home Alone", but it must have passed the New Year. As a Christmas comedy, other time screenings are definitely not a good choice. You can’t wait until next year. After so much effort, seeing the plan's success is close at hand, he does not want to delay for a year.

    Only the temporary driver's license, Aniston, drove Eric's car back to Eric's house. Eric put the film in the copy and gave an account to Aniston. He then plunged into the bed and never opened his eyes.

    Aniston wanted to let Eric take a shower and sleep again. He could see Eric, who was still in a sleepy face with a markedly exhausted look. He could only sigh with a distress, take off his clothes and shoes, and cover Eric. Good blanket, turn and leave the bedroom.

    Eric's house was dusty because it was not cleaned for more than half a month. Aniston pulled the cuffs and found tools to clean up. "FrInternet Explorer nds Li Ruiqiu is a spoiled girl who doesn't know how to wash clothes in front of the washing machine. In reality, Aniston has already been self-reliant.

    On the desk of the study, Aniston picked up a thick "Basic Theory of Music" and wiped the dust off the table with a rag. Suddenly a document slipped out of the book in his hand. Aniston curiously picked up the file and found it to be a house pawn agreement.


    I don't know how long it took. At noon, it seemed that Aniston asked if she wanted to eat, but Eric refused in a groggy way and then fell asleep again. When she woke up, the bedroom was dark.

    I reached out and touched the bedside lamp. After opening it, Eric looked at the watch, it was already at 9 o'clock in the evening.

    Annie should have left, Eric thought, wearing clothes and walking out of the bedroom, faintly hearing the sound of the TV in the living room.

    Go down the stairs and see the squatting on the sofa, holding a pillow in his arms and watching Aniston of TV serInternet Explorer s.

    "Hey, Annie, good evening."Eric walked over and kissed him on Aniston's face.

    "You wake up, Eric, go take a shower, I will help you with some food."

    Eric didn't notice the abnormality on Aniston's face. He turned and walked to the bathroom. He took a bath for half an hour, wiped his beard off his face, Eric walked out of the bathroom, and Aniston returned to the sofa again. Have a good dinner.

    "Oh, Annie, I was really surprised. You would actually make Chinese fried rice, um, very fragrant."Eric took a sip and praised it.

    "You said that you like it, I specifically learned it."Aniston looked at the horrified Eric with a smile on his face, patiently waiting for Eric to finish eating, and said: "Eric, are you…Did you mortgage the house? ”

    Eric was about to send the cutlery back to the kitchen, heard Aniston's words, raised his head in confusion, he didn't tell anyone about it, how did Aniston know?

    "When I cleaned the room for you, I just saw this falling out of a book."In the face of Eric's doubts, Aniston took the pawn paper from the coffee table.

    Eric had to put down the cutlery, took a look at the document and nodded. "Home Alone was shot at a loss of 200,000 yuan. I had to mortgage the house."

    "That, the piano in the study is also…"Aniston has been to Eric's house several times before and loves the Strauss piano.

    Eric nodded again.

    Aniston frowned at some distress: "Eric, I think you are too impulsive, although everyone who shows "Home Alone" today feels good, but if you fail, you may go bankrupt at any time."

    Eric got up and sat next to Aniston, holding Aniston in his arms: "Don't worry, Annie. You see, a few months ago, I was just a high school student who was not famous. Now, just a few months ago, I successfully published my own novel, wrote a script and also served as the leading actor. Now I have made another movie. . How many people can do this at my age? So, even if it fails, I believe that with my strength, I can easily stand up again. We are still so young, of course, we have to work hard all the time, and we are also defeated, at least weeping and laughing. Otherwise, when I am old, my hair is white, I remember my life, I am dull, and I am not shocked. It is like a small meteorite that is not drawn in the sky. It would be a pity. ”

    "Oh, Eric, you said it was really too…Charming, I think you are just tempting me, you bad guy. ”Aniston couldn't help but raise his face and kiss Eric's lips.

    Eric slammed on Aniston's waist and kissed back enthusiastically

    Aniston felt Eric's hands arrogant and didn't stop like the last time in the car. Instead, he clung to Eric's waist, his face was red and his eyes narrowed.


    The morning sun hit the face, Aniston's eyelashes shook, and she subconsciously turned away from the disturbing light. This inadvertently moved the wound somewhere, and the girl opened her eyes in pain. Confused for a few seconds, Aniston soon remembered what happened last night, the face slightly red at the same time, and some hate to think of their own toss so miserable bad guy, just turned to find, found the bed is only a person, this let Aniston and some sad, Which girl doesn't want to wake up in a thoughtful boyfriend's arms.

    Some of the grievances were just beginning to ferment, and Eric walked into the bedroom with a plate and saw Aniston, who had woke up, with a smile: "Hey, baby, good morning."

    Aniston licked his mouth and said: "It's not good at all, you bastard."

    "Well, I apologize. In order to express my apologies, I deliberately spent an hour doing a delicious pork ribs soup for you."

    "No, I am still losing weight."

    "Today's situation is special, so forget about losing weight for a while, come and taste how it tastes?"

    "Hey, I haven't brushed my teeth yet?"

    Eric put the tray on the bedside table and lifted the quilt directly to pick up Aniston: "The Princess Royal is definitely not mobile, I am holding you."

    “I hate,” he said, wearing only one of Eric’s wide shirts, and the glamorous Aniston’s screaming screaming, obediently let Eric pick himself up from the bed.

    After the warm breakfast, because the mobility inconvenience, Aniston can only again to the convenience store boss leave, for this kind of thing, the convenience store boss seems to have become accustomed to, many with the star dream in Los Angeles work young people will occasionally leave to some cast to take a chance, the convenience store boss Also Know that Aniston is one of them, so Aniston accept the job when both sides have reached an understanding.

    Two people were tired for a while, Eric had to drive away from home, today is just a test session of "17 again", he wants to try to get the release of "Home Alone".

    Around 10 am, in the 20th century Fox luxury auditorium, dozens of people including the Propaganda Department of the Publishing Department and the representatives of the film dealers, "17 again" producers James Brooks and Director Penny Marshall and others did not announce The starring role also came to the scene.

    Before the movie, Eric came to James Brooks and Penny Marshall, hoping that they would help introduce the head of the 20th century Fox distribution.

    "Eric, you mean, you want to make your little-cost movie appear in Christmas?"James Brooks was a little surprised. He also knew through other people that Eric had made a movie after completing "17 again" and didn't expect it to be completed so soon.

    "Yes, James, that's a very interesting Christmas comedy, so it's best to be on Christmas, and it's definitely not appropriate at other times."

    James Brooks is a little dismissive, although the boy has surprised him many times since he met Eric, but he definitely doesn't believe that Eric's new guy can make any funny comedy films, Eric as screenwriter and actor, but also a gift, but Directo R if it's not a gift to play, it takes years of experience to accumulate. However, due to his face, he promised to help introduce him.

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