Body Chapter 023 Crazy or Fool

I am the latest chapter of Hollywood, the body of Chapter 023 Crazy or Fool, floating astronomy

    Sitting next to Jeffrey Hanson felt that he should help to bargain, but there is no opening, Eric has said: "I'm sorry, Mr. Cohen, I don't plan to sell "Home Alone" in a buyout way. Let's talk about the sharing agreement? ”

    Blunt · Cohen's eyebrows are slightly stunned, revealing an unpleasant look: "Eric, if divided, I can only give you 18 percent."

    "Mr. Cohen, have you just said 20%? ”Jeffrey retorted next to him.

    Blunt · Cohen said faintly: "I just said that on average, if we come to the release of "Home Alone," then the cost of the declaration is definitely much higher than the cost of production, and 18% is very reasonable. ”

    Jeffrey was arguing that Eric blocked some of the impulsive Jeffrey around him: "Okay, Mr. Cohen, however, I have another plan. How do we sign a gambling agreement? ”

    Although the gambling agreement is very common in the film and television circles, Blunt Cohen still sneered in his heart, and what is your qualification to sign a gambling agreement with Columbia? However, he was still interested to signal Eric to go on, but he wanted to hear what kind of gambling conditions this little guy could offer.

    Eric didn't seem to see Blunt · Cohen's undisguised ridicule on his face. He smiled and said: "50 Million USD is the bottom limit. If Columbia guarantees the promotion and the number of theaters, if "Home Alone" Box Office Below 50 Million USD, I will give away all copies of Home Alone to Columbia Film Studio for free."

    After these words are finished, even Blunt Cohen, who is used to the storm, has some movements. Their estimate of Box Office for Home Alone is about 50 Million USD. If you really sign the agreement, you just have to do it. A little trick to control the Movie Box Office within 50 Million USD is a very simple matter. Blunt · Cohen felt that Eric was stupid and had to admire the young man's courage.

    And Jeffrey Hanson stood up suddenly, and his voice was incredibly serious to Eric: "Eric, are you crazy?"

    Eric got up and patted Jeffrey's shoulder and motioned for him to sit down, then said: "If Box Office is within 50 Million to 100 Million USD, I want a 20% share, and if Box Office exceeds 100 Million USD, Then, for every 10 million USD of Box Office, my share is increased by one percent."

    When Eric finished speaking, he stopped talking and took the coffee and calmly drank it. Next to Jeffrey Hanson, squinting between the two people with a gaze, he was worried that Blunt Cohen would directly agree to Eric's absurd agreement, so that the 10 million USD buyout fee would be lost. Ten million USD, how many people have never seen so much money in their lifetime.

    Unfortunately, Blunt · Cohen is indeed a lack of power, hesitated for five minutes, and finally said: "Eric, I need to have a meeting to discuss this matter, will you give me a reply tomorrow?"

    Eric nodded and got up straight to say goodbye to Blunt Cohen.

    Coming to the parking lot, Jeffrey didn't take his car, but got into Eric's co-pilot.

    "Eric, you are so impulsive. Ten million USD, there is no blink of an eye. You have seen these years, although comedy movies generally can get a good Box Office, but there are few black horses. Tomorrow, we still choose the buyout agreement directly, maybe on the price. Fight for it again? Listen to me, young people, sometimes people have only one or two chances in their lifetime. If they miss it, they will never have it again. There are 10 million USD. You can continue to shoot movies and do a lot of things. ”

    Eric was immersed in the Columbia Film Studio to dig the pit of the pleasure, all over the blood seems to boil slightly, previous life "Home Alone" box Office is counted into the Guinness World Records, now the copy of Home Alone is just as good as previous life, and he does not believe in Columbia the old giant's ability to issue, "Home Alone" box Office than previous Li How much is the FE difference, so at first he didn't know how to fight for his best interests.

    According to the normal division of negotiations, his small-cost movie can only get up to 20% of Box Office. In Blunt · Cohen, I heard that Eric wants to sign the agreement, and the percentage will be When Twenty's was reduced to 18%, Eric's flash of light flashed, and I remembered the way to make it fall into a float—for gambling.

    In the film circle, it is very common to gamble on Box Office, because usually, this is a win-win situation, both sides can get the most benefit for themselves while avoiding risks.

    If you follow the final 280 Million USD North America Box Office of the previous life "Home Alone", after signing the gambling agreement, Eric will eventually get a 38% share, which is more than the 35% share of the powerful producers. high. Moreover, according to Blunt Cohen's reaction to his proposal, Columbia Film Studio is properly prepared to jump.

    "Hey, Eric, I said so much, are you listening to me?"Jeffrey Hanson found himself groaning, and Eric was sitting in his seat and was distracted. Eric responded by gently taking two shots on Eric's shoulder.

    "Well, Jeffrey, I know that you are good to me, but you think about it. A few months ago, I didn't have anything. I tried to tell you a little bit, I think, Home Alone. The Box Office is likely to break 200 Million. Think about it, according to my proposed gambling agreement, how much can I get in that way?"

    Jeffrey glared at Eric with a look at paranoid patients.

    Eric smiled disapprovingly: "Jeffrey, I have confidence in me. If it is really successful, you will be a producer of the name. I will definitely give you a generous dividend. You can put Firefly. Film Studio redeemed it from the bank, so how about helping me now?"

    Jeffrey dreamed of redeeming Film Studio, which he co-founded with his wife, but he didn't take Eric's words seriously. He couldn't persuade Eric to change his mind. He had to ask, "Well, Eric, what do I need to do?"

    “Help me contact a Law Office and an accounting firm. No surprise, Columbia will definitely agree to the agreement I made. At that time, I need someone to help me supervise and audit the implementation of the agreement. If there is a dispute, someone will help me. Go to court."

    Jeffrey said: "These are all right, but Eric, do you still have money? Even if you just ask two such teams, you need a lot of money. ”

    “Of course,” Eric opened the storage box in front of the car and pulled out a novel from Jurassic Park: “I pledge the follow-up royalty and movie copyright of Jurassic Park to “Jurassic Park”. Sales situation, these two things low value 1 Million USD is still no problem. If the gambling really fails, take the "Jurassic Park" credit, I believe that those firms will not refuse. ”

    "Eric, you are really…Crazy! ”

    "All great geniuses have crazy attributes."

    Jeffrey spread his hand: "Well, you are not only crazy but arrogant, Aristotle can't stop you."

    “Aristotle is very busy, this sentence is what Stendhal said.”


    Jeffrey finally agreed to help contact the firm as soon as possible. At the same time, several senior executives in the conference room of Columbia Film Studio were negotiating Eric's gambling conditions.

    "Well, probably this is the case, everyone will express their views."Blunt · Cohen described Eric's gambling conditions, looking at the top executives, waiting for everyone to express their opinions.

    After Blunt · Cohen finished, most of the executives in the conference room were unbelievable. Is it foolish to say that the boy is crazy?

    Finally, Lester Reed, an executive at the issuing department, took the lead: "Mr. Cohen, this is a good opportunity to promise him. According to our estimation, the film office has the highest potential of 50 Million. After signing the gambling agreement, it is very easy to limit Box Office to 50 Million USD with a little operation, and we even have The buyout fee of 10 million USD is not used. ”

    Lester Reed finished, and others followed.

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