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I am the latest chapter of Hollywood, the body of Chapter 024 jumped, floating astronomy

    Sitting at the bottom of the meeting table, Amy Pascal felt that this was not as simple as I thought. Although she had only been in contact with Eric for just a few hours, she still felt that the boy had a peer age. People are incomparably calm, people with this personality will certainly not have a fever in the brain, and propose a gambling agreement with a very low odds ratio. Well, this gambling agreement is most likely to be considered by Eric Williams.

    Amy Pascal ignored the other people's support for the gambling agreement, thinking for a long time: "Mr. Cohen, I think it's a little cautious, there is no white lunch in the world. We can raise the buyout price a bit, and then negotiate with Eric Williams. It's not good. Sign the sharing agreement. Anyway, with the potential of the Box Office of this movie, we can definitely make a profit. ”

    "Amy, I think you are too conservative, even the child is not as good."Lester Reed, who spoke first, retorted: "Do you know the potential of this film? If we fully obtain the copyright of this movie, then in addition to the Box Office division, in the next video tape copyright, TV broadcast and other various peripheral authorization, at least we can earn tens of millions of USD for us, let alone we still You can shoot a sequel. If you choose to split the agreement, copyright is still in the hands of the boy, we have to give the boy a big split in the next operation. ”

    Amy Pascal said: "We can also raise some buyout prices, maybe, 15 million USD, the boy will definitely agree."

    "Based on the potential of this small cost comedy in the past, 50 Million USD is usually considered a Box Office dark horse, and most of the excellent quality can only get 20 million USD of Box Office. Then, there are more than 80% chance of getting the full copyright of the movie for free, why do we have to pay more than 10 million USD. The boy can make such a crazy gambling agreement in less than 20% chance of winning. Do we have no guts for this gambling? ”

    "but……"Amy Pascal looked at the greed and fanaticism in her colleagues' eyes. The sixth sense of women's uniqueness made her feel that this was even more inappropriate.

    "Well, Amy," Blunt Cohen interrupted Amy Pascal's statement: "Although Jeffrey Hanson and Eric Williams may be your friends, you must understand that you are an employee of Columbia Corporation and must be The interests of the company are thinking."

    Blunt Cohen's words made Amy Pascal stunned. She was a friend of Jeffrey Hanson, but she was a professional manager who was always very ethical.

    Now, just to express my opinion on the basis of prudence, I was suspected of eating out and helping the outsiders to fight for their interests. A strong sense of humiliation caused Amy Pascal to tremble with the right hand of the pen. Finally, Amy Pascal suddenly stood up and said: "Mr. Cohen, since your opinion has produced this idea, I think, I am no longer suitable to participate in this project, I will leave, goodbye. ”

    After that, Amy Pascal hurriedly tidy up the documents in front of her lips and turned away from the office silently.

    The entire office was in a short silence.


    I don't know who sighed first. Amy Pascal is a high woman. In the patriarchal society, I will definitely be subject to various kinds of discrimination. I just don’t know what kind of sigh is in this body. mood.

    Blunt · Cohen has slightly regretted the words, Amy Pascal's ability to work and professional ethics are obvious to all, or it is impossible to sit in this office as a woman. However, Blunt Cohen lacks courage in the management company, but he is very self-sufficient. He feels that although he speaks a little bit, Amy Pascal leaves the conference room, which is also a provocation against his majesty, so it is natural. All the mistakes were attributed to Amy Pascal.

    The office was silent for a dozen seconds, and Blunt Cohen said: "Well, since everyone agrees to the gambling agreement, come here today, Lester, from tomorrow, you are solely responsible for Home Alone. Let's do this project."

    In the eyes of everyone's envy, Lester Reed agreed with excitement. If he wins the bet, this credit will definitely count him. It will be a matter of course to get a promotion and raise salary in the future.

    "No problem, Mr. Cohen, I will try my best to accomplish this. ”

    The next day, Eric received a notice from Columbia accepting the gambling agreement. At the same time, Jeffrey also contacted Eric's required firm. After evaluating the value of Jurassic Park, the two firms agreed to send a team to assist Eric in drafting the agreement. Supervise the execution of the gambling agreement.

    On October 31st, although very interested, Eric was still unable to participate in the first Halloween parade since the rebirth. Instead, he stayed in a conference room in Columbia headquarters with a lot of boring middle-aged men and women to draw up a gambling agreement. details.

    On the basis of Eric's terms, the specific content of the agreement is gradually refined, in order to ensure that Columbia Corporation does its best for the "home Alone" to do the promotional release, the content of the agreement is linked to different well-known newspaper How many promotional software published on the details of this detail, as well as the number of hospital line attendance will need to increase or reduce the number of screening screen, movie theaters daily row and row time, and so on. Moreover, once Columbia violated the content of the agreement, it also made different breach of contract measures according to the degree of breach of the agreement.

    The last few dozens of contracts were drafted, and Eric himself was stunned and couldn't help but admire the professionalism of the accounting and legal team that Jeffrey Hanson had brought.

    On Columbia, Lester Reed, who is responsible for the Home Alone project, thinks that Home Alone is basically a thing in Columbia's bag, so he doesn't pay too much attention to this dozen-page contract, but instead laughs at Eric. The big problem is big, the two teams invited by the other party, the commission is estimated to be hundreds of thousands of USD, it is a waste.

    Lester Reed feels that even though the contract is more detailed, the potential of Home Office's Box Office is there. Columbia's top executives have the boldest expectations of Home Alone Box Office, and no more than the current year's Box Office first. Framed Roger Rabbit, the perfect combination of this animation and real people, is only 150 Million North America Box Office.

    Columbia’s original plan was to release Home Alone during the Christmas season in December, and Eric resolutely opposed it. No one knows more about the tragic situation of the high-end Box Office movie crocodile in December. In the first month, the top ten Box Office movies in the year accounted for three, and the "Home Alone" previous life was released in November. After a long line show of more than two months, I got the amazing Box Office.

    In the end, Columbia made a compromise and decided to release it on November 18th, the same day as "17 again". This is also proposed by Eric. The two movies related to him are also released, because the theme and audience are different, not only It will not squeeze the other side of the Box Office, but can play a mutually reinforcing role. To this end, Columbia even postponed the feature film "New Horse", which was originally scheduled for release on November 18, to December, freeing up about 1,000 screens for Home Alone.

    From the screen number, you can see Columbia's ambivalence. In general, only Box Office is expected to have more than a thousand theaters, so this figure shows that Columbia is very optimistic about Home Alone Box Office. But at the same time, because of the gambling agreement, Columbia does not want Home Alone to exceed 50 Million, so that not only can you share all the Box Office shares of Home Alone, but also all the Home Alone including the sequel. Copyright, so there are no more than 1,000 screens.

    Eric is not dissatisfied with this. It is normal for Columbia executives to have this mentality. Moreover, in the dozens of pages of gambling agreements, it is clearly stated that Box Office will reach a certain number to increase the corresponding screen, if Columbia refuses If you don't implement it, then just wait for the lawsuit. Eric believes that the profit of a movie is not enough for a giant like Columbia to tear his face and lose his business reputation.

    After the signing of the gambling agreement, because the signing parties did not intend to conceal the agreement, they hoped that the gambling contract would spread, so the content of the agreement quickly spread throughout Hollywood.

    Under the operation of the Columbia Film Studio Propaganda Department, the next day, the Los Angeles Times entertainment headline published an article about the bet.

    Talented Youngster Bet With The Giant Columbia : Crazy or Fool? 》

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