The 027th chapter of the text shocked the eye

I am the latest chapter of Hollywood, the body of the 027 chapter shocked the eye, floating astronomy

    On November 18th, Eric flew to New York the second day, "Home Alone" and "17 again" officially ushered in the premiere, "Home Alone" opened for 1000 screens, and "17 again" opened the screen It is 1279 pieces, more than two hundred pieces more than "Home Alone". Fox has no scruples about the gambling agreement, so he did his best at the beginning.

    There are also 1395 screens of global film Industry's Before Time, and 952 screens of Oliver & Company, an international animated by Disney.

    Three children-oriented films were released at the same time, this makes the media feel that Eric is less likely to win the bet, but Eric is not too worried, the two animation may be the "home Alone" caused a certain box Office squeeze, but later on the durability will not be with the home Alo Ne "Compared to previous life" home Alone "but 10 consecutive weeks box Office are in million above.

    After attending two premieres, Eric and the crew returned to the hotel at 11 o'clock in the evening. In this era, there is no such advanced Box Office statistical system as the later generations, so you can only wait until next week to know the Box Office data of Home Alone and 17 again.

    Back in the room, Eric took a shower and was about to go to sleep. The phone ring suddenly rang. It was only Aniston who called this night.

    "Hey, Eric, are you sleeping?"Aniston asked with a little excitement in his tone.

    Eric sat on the bed and wiped the wet hair with a towel: "Not yet, just after taking a shower, Annie, what happy things have you encountered?"

    "Guess it?"

    Eric teased: "Oh, I know, you must be pregnant, rest assured that I will be responsible."

    "Hey, you are a big color wolf, you know what you want."Aniston took a sip with a microphone: "I just went to see "Home Alone" and I had a very interesting thing."

    Eric smiled: "Talk about it?"

    "This is the case. I came out of the cinema. I just saw a five-year-old boy who was clamoring to see Kevin. The child’s parents disagreed and said that they had just seen it. As a result, the boy was lying on the floor and crying. stand up. Some people saw that the scene was misunderstood that the parents were traffickers, beat the poor young parents, and reported the police. Finally, several police cars came. It was so fun, haha. ”

    Aniston just said this as an anecdote on the way to watching Eric, and Eric saw more meaning from it. I talked a little bit with Aniston, hung up the phone, and Eric was lying on the bed, a little excited.

    Because things still follow the path of previous life. Previous life "Home Alone" was able to achieve such an amazing Box Office, because a large wave of bear children clamored over and over again to watch "Home Alone", and rushed to imitate Kevin's every move in the film, and finally promoted the film to get Amazing Box Office scores.

    As Eric had guessed, the first day of the movie, home Alone and two other animated box Office were almost the same, but with the word "home Alone" spreading at an alarming rate in children's mouths, the next day, the day of home Alone box office doubled directly, and the third day box office grew substantially again, with some of the popular cinema doors already lined up.

    After all, cartoons can be seen at any time, and Kevin, who is a stranger, is not always ready to meet. Most children are imagining that they grow up quickly and can do a lot of things that they can't do now. "Home Alone's film, from the child's point of view, fulfills what most children want to do but can't do, dare to do or can't do.

    North America's children's group quickly swept a wave of imitations of Kevin, and even a real Homeloone incident was reported on a San Francisco newspaper. A nine-year-old boy read Home Alone and prepared for the whole family. When I went to Hawaii for a holiday, I secretly locked myself in the room.

    The parents with six children did not really find this. After the family flew to Hawaii, they found that the boy was gone. The boy's parents had to give up their vacation and flew back to San Francisco from Hawaii. At the same time, the boy had made a mess of his family, waiting for the arrival of the 'stupid thief', but unfortunately waiting for the parents who were anxious.

    A week later, Box Office finally counted in the first week of the movie. Although the various hot signs have already made people feel psychologically prepared, Home Alone's amazing 27.55 Million USD first week Box Office still shocked everyone's attention. .

    The more than 20 million USD box office may not be comparable to the first week of the box office in the past, but in this era, the results directly exploded in recent years all the High box office movies, and even spinternet Explorer Lberg ' E . T. The extra-terrestrial did not make such a stunning start, and it was only George that surpassed the home Alone. Lucas's "Star Wars" series, but "Star Wars" production cost is "home Alone" 100 times!

    At the same time, "17 again" also won the second place with a good score of 13.12 million. The "Land Before Time" and "Oliver & Company", which competed with home Alone, were only given 7.12 million and 3.98 million of Box Office, well below the two film Studio's Expected value, there is no doubt that two animation Box office has been "home Alone" suppressed very miserably, the world and Disney high-level exclamation "Home Alone" Box Office too contrary to the days, but also some envy Columbia good luck.

    Columbia was really lucky, but Columbia Chairman Blunt Cohen, who saw Box Office for the first week, wasn’t in a good mood. He even managed to drop the teacup in his hand several times.

    Based on the first week of Box Office data, Columbia reassessed that the North America Box Office for Home Alone is definitely above 200 Million USD, and possibly even more than 300 Million USD. Blunt Cohen is extremely remorseful. If he insisted on buying out the "Home Alone" copyright plan instead of signing a dog-snack agreement, then this year, Columbia will earn hundreds of millions of dollars in profits.

    Now, according to the gambling agreement, if Home Alone Box Office 300 Million USD, Columbia will pay 120 Million USD to Eric, it can only get 45 Million USD, minus the cost of issuing, Columbia may earn only More than a fraction of the Eric 120 Million USD.

    Blunt · Cohen has repeatedly thought of tearing up the agreement. However, the content of the gambling agreement is now well known. If the agreement is ruined, it will be difficult for Columbia to win the lawsuit and it will become the laughing stock of the whole country. It will definitely be swept out as a scapegoat.

    "No, you must find a way to recover the loss, you must…"Blunt · Cohen is muttering to himself, the assistant knocked on the door and said: "Mr. Cohen, everyone is here, you can have a meeting. ”

    Blunt · Cohen licked his temple and got up and walked to the conference room.

    After sitting down in his position, Blunt Cohen asked Lester Reed, who is in charge of the Home Alone project: "Lester, what about data analysis?"

    Lester Reed had to come back late in the night with the "Home Alone" crew, but an emergency call from the headquarters allowed him to return to Los Angeles a little longer than others. Lester Basic Instinct felt a little bad after coming to the Columbia headquarters and learning about the Home Office of Home Alone for the first week.

    Blunt Cohen, who looked at the blank expression with guilty conscience, decided to accept the bet agreement with Blunt Cohen, but he first responded to the agreement at the original meeting. According to Blunt · Cohen's self-use personality, there will be a temptation to anger himself.

    "Mr. Cohen, according to the analysis of the data department, according to the gambling agreement, we can only get a maximum of 50 Million USD, divided into peaks of about 225 Million USD, which is the data curve. ”

    Blunt Cohen took the analysis file and glanced at the red parabola that represented Columbia's profit, and the green curve that Eric split into on the road. The temple couldn't help but jump twice.


    Another teacup was slammed on the mahogany floor by Blunt·Cohen, and a muffled sound was heard. The rest of the room was slightly shocked, and the subconsciously lowered his head and became chilling.

    In general, the 50 Million USD Box Office division has already made many of the studios of the Film Studio laugh awakened. After all, even the six giants, the Box Office has the best profit in the whole year. about.

    But in contrast to Eric's possible 100 Million multi-USD profit, all the excitement that Blunt Cohen should have disappeared.

    "Then, the gambling agreement is your responsibility to sign, what should I do now?"Blunt Cohen glanced coldly at everyone, and finally his eyes fell on Lester Reed.

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