Section 029 of the text of the compensation agreement

I am the latest chapter of Hollywood, the compensation agreement of the 029th chapter of the text, Astronomy

    Looking through the crowds, the Langkel home in the west has gone to the sky. The Home Alone was released less than three days. The Langkels hurriedly left Stewart with the propaganda crew. It is said that someone Open the price and ask Stewart to advertise.

    When Eric was in the field, this information appeared on the newspaper. Because of the fire of "Home Alone", Stewart earned millions through various endorsements and advertisements in just a few days, and the whole family moved. Into the Beverly Hills Zhuang Mansion.

    Although hope Runkle not like previous life Macaulay Culkin parents are so mercenary, but look at the situation, the couple and previous life that the couple is no different, Eric can only hope that Stewart will not go Macaulay Culkin's old road, after all, "Home Alone" sequel also need this smart little guy, previous life's third "home Alone", because there is no Macaulay Culkin, Box Office directly from the second part of the 170 million plummeted to million.

    It was so thoughtless in the encirclement of the reporter that it was finally over ten minutes. Someone found Eric's dilemma and called the police. Eric was rescued from the crowd by the police.

    Driving with a tail to the headquarters of Columbia, the two front desk ladies recognized Eric at a glance, they don't know the complex emotions of Columbia's top-level Home Alone Box Office, but only through various news that Eric is about to become the youngest in Hollywood. Billionaire. So after the Chairman's office was notified, the two girls changed their way to Eric, and if they were seen by the young and young people, they could fly directly to the branches.

    Eric was also happy to tease with two beautiful vases, and spoke a few small, sensational jokes, giggling the two girls, and unconsciously, two more hands were scattered. A small card with a scent of perfume.

    "Hey, Eric."Talking to the host girl, Eric suddenly heard Blunt · Cohen's voice ringing nearby. Turning around and discovering that Blunt · Cohen has spread his arms, Eric also enthusiastically stepped forward and embraced Blunt Cohen.

    "Mr. Blunt, how come you personally, send someone to bring it up."

    Blunt · Cohen smiled and said: "Why, do you think that this old man is bothering you young people to flirt?"

    “Of course not,” Eric quickly denied.

    Blunt · Cohen said: "Home Alone has achieved such a beautiful Box Office score. I should pick you up in person. Let's go, first talk about business and then think about dating girls. Young people still have to put their careers on. First place."

    Eric nodded and rushed the two girls to raise the pink card in their hands and followed Blunt Cohen to the elevator.

    Looking at Blunt · Cohen and Eric, the two people walked into the VIP elevator. The girl at the front desk, a little petty, looked forward to asking another girl: "Emilia, do you think Eric will ask me?"

    Emilia, a tall blond with a blond hair, whispered in her ear: "Who knows, maybe Eric will ask us two at the same time, are you willing?"

    "what? Then how…How? ”Thinking of some possible scenes, the face of a petite girl is slightly warm.

    Emilia suddenly laughed and said, "Okay, Lisa, don't think about it." Judging from the conversation of Eric Williams, he is obviously a veteran of flowers. The two of us together are sure to be left behind by others. ”

    "How is it possible, he is only 18 years old?"Although she has just been teased by Eric, the girl named Lisa has a good impression of Eric. The world is like this. If an ordinary person teases them, the result will definitely be thrown out of the Columbia headquarters by the security guards, but the replacement of a young man with a lot of gold will make the two girls flattered.

    "Correct one point is an 18-year-old guy who is about to become a billionaire. Being able to achieve such a huge achievement so young, we can’t catch the two together, and you didn’t find it? Just Blunt · Mr. When Cohen left, he gave us a look and was obviously warning. So, Lisa, realistically, go to the nightclub with me at night, I will introduce you to two handsome guys. ”

    Lisa nodded in disappointment and couldn't help but glance at the VIP elevator not far away.


    In the Columbia Chairman office, Blunt Cohen enthusiastically let Eric sit down on the sofa and go to the wine cabinet to pick up a bottle of wine: "Eric, let's celebrate a little, wait for "Home Alone", I will definitely Open a grand celebration for you. This bottle of white wine is produced by me in Burgundy's winery, leaving only the last bottle. ”

    Eric picked up the goblet and smelled it. The amber liquid overflowed with a fresh pineapple aroma.

    Blunt Cohen learned about Eric's file and knew that the young people in front of him couldn't have been exposed to such top wines before, thinking that Eric was pretending to ask, "How are you feeling?"

    Eric nodded and praised: "Great wines, Burgundy wines are not easy to make pineapple fragrance."

    Blunt · Cohen was a little surprised: "Eric, I don't think you know about wine."

    “It’s just accidental to hear,” Eric tells the truth.

    Blunt · Cohen didn't go too far, and started the wine glass: "So, for the success of Home Alone, cheer."


    After drinking, Blunt·Cohen asked the assistant to pack up the wine and returned to the seat and said, “Eric, let's talk about business. This is the Box Office data of Home Alone last week. Let’s take a look. ."

    Eric took the file and opened the file, not only the Box Office data of Home Alone, but also the Box Office data of all the movies being released this week. The data of Home Alone 27.55 Million USD topped the list, second place. "17 again" dropped directly to 13.12 million USD, although this data is quite good, but compared with "Home Alone" it seems a lot.

    "That's it, Eric," Blunt Cohen straightened up, with a hint on his face: "There is something that we need to get your understanding about the release of "Home Alone" this week."

    Looking at the expression on Blunt Cohen's face, Eric had a subtle feeling and nodded to indicate that Blunt · Cohen continued.

    Blunt Cohen said: "According to our gambling contract, Columbia should increase the number of screens to 2,000 this week. Unfortunately, because Home Office's Box Office far exceeds Columbia's expectations, our preparation is not enough. Only 500 screens can be added this week."

    Although the reason that Blunt Cohen said is reasonable, Eric is keenly aware of the problems.

    "So, Mr. Cohen, what is the plan for Columbia? ”Eric asked calmly.

    "Eric, Columbia is very much concerned about the agreement between us. But this incident is beyond everyone's expectations, and it is impossible for the cinema dealers to vacate the screen to accommodate our gambling agreement, so Columbia has negotiated a compensation agreement. ”

    Eric is slightly alert: "Compensation Agreement?"

    "Yes, Eric, please don't worry, the original gambling agreement will not change. On this basis, because of our lack of estimates, we will add losses. From the next week, based on the agreement, we will add an additional 100 screens, which will continue until the film is down. I think this is enough to show Columbia’s Sincerely. ”Blunt · Cohen said with a smile.

    Eric nodded subconsciously. If this is the case, the compensation agreement is indeed acceptable, but Eric still feels awkward.

    Seeing Eric nod, Blunt Cohen took out the prepared compensation agreement and pushed it to Eric: "This is the compensation agreement, Eric, you can look at it, if you have no problem, sign it."

    Eric picked up the agreement and saw that the agreement was short, a few sly, and the language was straightforward. There was no contractual trap on the surface. But Eric is still cautious: "Mr. Cohen, can I show it to my lawyer? If there is no problem, I will send the contract back after signing the word. ”

    "Of course not," blunt. Cohen nodded his head, and then said, "Well, then, let's talk about the overseas release of Home Alone, Eric, because now the movie's hot situation, the sooner you can get high box office abroad, once you miss the holiday schedule, the Overseas box office to at least Cut by half, so we want to million USD or 8% of the overseas box Office into the "home Alone", what do you think? ”

    "Mr. Cohen, 8% is a bit less. ”

    Blunt · Cohen shook his head and said: "Many, Eric, overseas Box Office plan to go to the local theater line and the high amount of movie tax, we can only get about 20%, and you do not have to pay any price, you can It’s very reasonable to get 8% of Box Office."

    Eric heart is coldly snorted, what is not to pay any price.

    Without "Home Alone", Columbia won't earn 50 Million USD for any movie in the whole year, and even get the 50 Million USD North America Box Office profit in 1988. There are no more than 10 movies. Just relying on the split of a film in "Home Alone", Columbia's performance in the six majors will rise directly from the bottom to the top three. It is really a big deal for Columbia.

    "Sorry, Mr. Cohen, I need to think about it. ”Eric shook his head and rejected Blunt Cohen's proposal. Eric wouldn't give up the benefits he should have because he made too much money in the gambling agreement. In his values, you can be yours, but mine must be me. of.

    It seems that Eric's answer is expected. Blunt · Cohen nodded and said, "Well, Eric, go back and think about it, but please give me a reply as soon as possible."

    Out of Blunt Cohen's office, Eric just happened to meet Lester Reed, who is responsible for the Home Alone project.

    "Hey, Lester, good morning."

    Lester didn't expect to encounter Eric so easily, and his expression was a bit unnatural: "Hello, Eric, congratulations on your success with Home Alone."

    "You are the same, Lester, "Home Alone" is your responsibility, will definitely get a rich year-end award?"

    It’s almost like getting a skunk, and Lester’s belly groaned, but his face didn’t show up and smiled slyly.

    "Right, Lester, may I ask Ms. Where is Pascal's office? Home Alone won't be so easy to succeed, but I want to thank her. ”

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