Chapter 053, I hope you have the refusal to keep going

I am the latest chapter of Hollywood, the main text of Chapter 053, I hope you have the refusal to keep going, floating astronomy

    Since the news that Drew spent the night at Eric's home, a lot of sales of the hype have increased. So during this time Epa's paparazzi is not less. The second day after the acquisition of Brokerage Firm, this news appeared very soon on the newspaper.

    "Los Angeles Metropolis News" directly wrote this article:

    “It’s hard to understand why Eric Williams chose to acquire Kapoor Sid’s Brokerage Firm. Kapoor Sid is a capable manager, but he was driven out of Creative Artists Agency because of a conflict with Michael Ovitz in the Hollywood manager circle. It is difficult. It is rumored that Kapoor Sid intends to sell the Brokerage Firm and go to Europe to develop. Eric Williams is determined to keep it. It seems that our young miracle Director has been successfully stunned, and I don’t know how serious the consequences will be if I anger the Creative Artists Agency. ”

    The Hollywood Reporter focuses on Eric's enhancement of the Brokerage Firm commission:

    "According to a contracted actor renamed United Elite Brokerage Firm, the first thing announced after Eric Williams took over the company was to raise the manager commission to the highest of 10 percent required by federal law. Eric Williams, after filming, will certainly give priority to the actor of his brokerage Firm, and if his work keeps the same level as again or home Alone, even if the Commission is raised to 20%, it is enough to make a lot of desire The famous actor are flocking. But obviously this assumption is impossible, movies are like gambling, and no director can win all the time. So I can be sure that this new company, Eric Williams, is difficult to survive for a year. ”

    Other newspapers have also seen Eric's acquisitions, and some reporters even sent an interview invitation to Michael Ovitz in order to maximize the popularity of the event.

    Michael Ovitz didn't refuse it as he used to. Although I didn't show up, I asked the assistant to give a speech for myself. The idea is that I am very optimistic about the potential of Eric Williams, the young Director. I hope that the two sides can cooperate.

    This passage seems normal, but the media gives another diametrically opposite interpretation. This is the warning that the head of Creative Artists Agency has concealed from Eric Williams: as long as the other party is still in contact with Kapoor Sid, both sides are very It is difficult to have the possibility of cooperation.

    Of course, this is only part of the media speculation.

    Then, Eric Director's second part movie "Pretty Woman" was announced through the media, and the vast majority of paparazzi did not spend much time digging out Eric's attempt to invite Richard Gere to the actor.

    This has made many paparazzi people excited again, because Richard Gere is one of the signing artists of Creative Artists Agency, and is in the low tide of the business. Under normal circumstances, the other party will accept Eric's invitation 100%. Therefore, once Richard Gere and Eric fail to work together, the guess about Creative Artists Agency blocking Eric will also be confirmed.


    In a newly refurbished conference room at Firefly Film Studio, Horner Willie is sitting there drinking coffee. He is one of the Creative Artists Agency's gold managers and has another identity: Richard. Gere's manager, which is why he appeared here today.

    The conference room door was pushed open, and Eric, who was dressed appropriately, walked in and smiled at Horner Willie with a smile: "Sorry, Mr. Willy, has kept you waiting."

    "It's okay," Horner Willie stood up in arrogantly, grabbed his hand with Eric, and quickly sat down on his own.

    Eric frowned without a trace, sat down opposite Horner Willie, and swept in the conference room with doubt: "Mr. Willie, why did Richard Gere not come today, today's deliberation, he only Is it the protagonist?"

    Horner Willy shook his head and said: "Richard is busy with other things. He has delegated all the power to handle this."

    Although she had already felt something in her heart, Eric asked politely: "I sent the script outline to Mr. Richard Gere. He should have seen it. I don't know what you mean?"

    Horner Willie said: "Mr. Williams, Richard is still very happy with your script, but you only pay 500,000 USD, which is hard to accept. You know, Richard's "An Officer and a Gentleman" got 100 Million and more USD's North America Box Office. ”

    Eric sneered in his heart, another guy who thought he was a rookie: "Mr. Willy, I am young, I have never heard of An official and a Gentleman. Which movie was this year? I will go back and find a videotape to take a look."

    "In 1982," Horner Willy blurted out and saw that Eric's face didn't hide too much banter, and Horner Willie knew he was being played.

    The Hollywood movie star's pay is not the peak of the movie. The higher the Box Office, the higher the value will continue. Rather, it is based on factors such as Box Office, awards, and my exposure in filming in recent years. "An Officer and a Gentleman is already a film by Richard Gere seven years ago, and basically has no reference value for his current worth.

    Before the invitation, Eric had a good understanding of Richard Gere's recent career. The film Box Office, which was filmed by Richard Gere in the past three years, was very popular. The best action thriller "No Mercy" was only 12 Million. Total Box Office for USD. Recently, a guest movie has only got "180 USD of the total Box Office, you are not mistaken, that is, "180 USD, it is estimated that the producer did not earn back even its guest fees.

    So Eric's 500,000 USD pay is even higher.

    "Well, Mr. Horner, since you are too few, let me talk about your conditions."

    Horner Willie’s face quickly returned to normal, saying: “Mr. Williams, in fact, 500,000 USD is not unacceptable. However, you should know where your problem is. Mr. Ovitz is not a stingy person, as long as Kapoor Sid leaves United States, then Mr. Ovitz will not go to him again. It turned out that this matter has come to an end, but you have left the other side on your own initiative, which makes Mr. Ovitz is embarrassing, so…"

    Eric sneered: "So you want me to cooperate with us and let me dismiss Kapoor, right?" It’s ridiculous, I have to force myself to leave my country, and I can say that I am generous. ”

    "Mr. Williams, "Horner Willie's face is also cold: "Although you have achieved some success, don't look too high on yourself. In front of the huge Creative Artists Agency, you are just an ant. I hope that you are a smart person, don't do the kind of youthful things. ”

    "If I have to do it?"

    "Then we are sorry, Mr. Williams, don't forget, Stewart Longkel, the protagonist of Home Alone, is now a signing artist for Creative Artists Agency. If you're against Creative Artists Agency, the Home Alone second part won't be shot. ”

    “It seems that the Creative Artists Agency has inflated to forget its own duty,” Eric said with a sneer on his face: “Don't forget, you are the Brokerage Firm, and all actions must put the interests of the customer first. Only then can you survive for a long time."

    Horner Willy retorted: "This does not require Mr. Williams, you remind us that we have been doing this all the time. Even if we can't talk about it, Richard will get the protagonist of another movie as compensation. The most important thing for Creative Artists Agency is the quality movie project. ”

    "I hope that after the release of "Pretty Woman", Mr. Richard Gere will still feel that he has received enough compensation," Eric said with a hint of meaning. He stood up and said: "Mr. Willy, there is no need to talk about it between us. Going on. Please go back and tell Michael Mr. Ovitz, although in Hollywood, no one can't replace it. But as long as the Creative Artists Agency has the Actor I am looking at, I will continue to make invitations and will not accept any binding conditions from Creative Artists Agency. I hope you will continue to refuse. ”

    Horner Willie glanced at Eric coldly: "I also hope that you will not regret the decision today."After that, the other party did not say a word more, picking up the briefcase and pushing the door straight.

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