Body Chapter 054 Implantation Advertising

I am the latest chapter of Hollywood, the text of the 054th chapter of the advertisement, floating astronomy

    The conference room door was pushed open again, and Jeffrey Hanson and Kapoor Sid walked in and saw Eric's gloomy face, knowing that things were going to collapse.

    Kapoor knows that this thing must not be related to himself. Otherwise, Richard Gere, who is almost too fast, can't push Eric, a promising Director's film: "Eric, or I will resign, go to Europe. Going to Europe, although the European movie is now in a downturn, it is easy to find a job based on my ability."

    Eric reached up and rubbed on some stiff cheeks and said, "No, I won't make any compromises, Kapoor, you just have to do your thing, right, sign up with Julia's brokerage contract, you What do you think of Julia?"

    "I have specially seen Julia Miss Roberts's "Mystic Pizza" and just talked to her for a while. To be honest, Eric, I am not optimistic about her potential. This lady has only received short-term performance training and acting. Generally, and the shape is not good…"

    Kapoor's words are getting slower and slower. I look at Eric's face from time to time. I think that Julia Roberts is specially recommended by Eric, plus the sex scandal that appeared on the newspaper. The relationship between the two is definitely not normal. He is somewhat worried that he is so straightforward and Eric will be upset.

    However, after Kapoor finished, Eric nodded and agreed: "In fact, I think so."

    "Then you still let her do Heroine?"Jeffrey asked, he always wanted Eric to change to a more famous Heroine.

    "Because I have an instinct, Julia will definitely be able to fire in the United States, rush into Oscar, and make a name for the world…"Eric just opened his head and saw the expressions of 'you lie ghosts' on both Jeffrey and Kapoor's faces.

    Smiled, Eric changed his mouth; "Well, let's make a joke. Actually, Pretty Woman has a beautiful woman's name, but can't really find a beautiful girl to play, and Julia's image is in my opinion. Just right. If the woman is too beautiful, the audience can easily turn their attention to Heroine's face, ignoring the deeper theme of the movie. If the audience watches the movie in the future, mention "Pretty Woman" and only think of one. Pretty face, that is the failure of our movie. ”

    Both Jeffrey and Kapoor have read the script of "Pretty Woman", listened to Eric's analysis, combined with the script content, and finally agreed with Eric's point of view.

    "Now, the most important thing for us is to find a male lead."Eric looked at the two people in front of him: "Although I like Richard Gere most, but since the other party refused, then we have to choose other male Actors. Do you have any good suggestions?"

    "How about Michael Douglas?"Jeffrey first proposed: "In the "Wall Street" last year, Douglas played the image of a stock tycoon, similar to Edward's setting in Pretty Woman?"

    Eric’s mind just recalled the movie “Wall Street,” and he heard Kapoor whispering aside: “Eric, Michael Douglas’ Brokerage Firm is also a Creative Artists Agency.”

    The three men were silent for a while, and Eric said: "Kapoor, you are a professional in this area. Let's do this. Organize a list of male Actors who are suitable for Edward as soon as possible and arrange an audition. Our time is tight."

    Kapoor nodded and said, "No problem, if there is nothing else, then I will do it."After Eric nodded, Kapoor hurriedly left the meeting room.

    Looking at Kapoor's departure, Jeffrey sighed softly: "Eric, do you think it's really worth it?"

    “You mean Kapoor, something to do with Creative Artists Agency?”

    Jeffrey nodded.

    "It doesn't matter if it's worth it, Jeffrey, my situation is different from others, and you will understand it in the future. Maybe other Studios are afraid of being like a giant like Creative Artists Agency, but I don't have these scruples. ”

    "I really don't understand where you are confident?"Jeffrey shook his head: "Eric, you mentioned something about the sports car sponsorship in the movie, and I contacted you about the Ferrari sports car in Los Angeles, and they readily agreed to provide sports CA for us free. R assist shooting, in understanding the film content, the other side a listen to heroine is a prostitute, and some hesitation, I think, we still contact the other sports car brand? ”

    "No problem," although I like Ferrari, but since the other party gave up this promotion, Eric didn't force it. After recalling Jeffrey's words, Eric suddenly thought of a question: "Jeffrey, you just said that the other party promised to provide us with sports car for free. Help with shooting?"

    Jeffrey didn't understand what Eric meant, seriously recalled it and nodded.

    "You didn't mention the money?"

    Jeffrey said: "Eric, with your current fame, it's easy to find a sports car brand to sponsor a movie for free. We don't need to give money to each other."

    "I mean……"Eric has some distressed underground consciousness and waved his right hand: "Does the other party give us money?"

    Jeffrey was amazed: "How is this possible?"

    The act of implanting ads should have been around for a long time, but looking at Jeffrey's reaction, Eric understands that the concept of adding movie revenue through the placement of advertisements is not well known. In the era before the crossing, the industry chain of advertising in global film and television dramas has reached the scale of more than 20Billion USD per year.

    "Jeffrey, you can imagine, according to the script, the sports car in the movie will appear in the first 20 minutes, and even Heroine will introduce the performance of the sports car. This is equivalent to a 20-minute sports. Car advertisement. Let's say I get this movie to million USD North America Box Office, which is equal to a million person who has seen the ad, plus the number of people after the global screening, the number after the release of the video, this view will be even more large, 10 years, two Ten years later, every time people watch this movie, they still have to see the ' Sports car ad ', and that's how much advertising is going to happen, you know? ”

    Jeffrey nodded thoughtfully.

    “So, you sort out the things I just talked about and go to the top of the sports car brand. Remember, the sponsorship fee is less than 1 Million USD.”

    "Eric, 1 Million is not too much, and you just assumed that if you have a movie, Box Office is not good…"

    Eric said: "This method is easy to solve. We can agree on a Box Office number with each other. If Box Office does not meet expectations, we will refund some of the sponsorship fee."

    Jeffrey chased after him: "What if it is over?"

    Eric is somewhat helpless to this embarrassing old man: "Jeffrey, these specific details are what you should consider for this producer. There are still many things I have to do. You can't let me worry about these things?"

    As he said, a staff member knocked on the doorway of the office: "Mr. Williams, the clothes that have been customized according to your drawing have already been sent. Do you want to see it yourself? ”

    "Okay, I am coming right away, you let Julia change it first."Eric promised, and talked to Jeffrey a few times, then said: "Jeffrey, let's go and see what I designed for Julia."

    Walking out of the soundproofed conference room, I heard the faint knocking sounds, and some workers in the office were doing renovations.

    In a more than 30 square meter audition room, Julia has been replaced by the classic vest skirt dress in Pretty Woman, wearing a red jacket outside, Eric just glanced at it and frowned: "wig Well, I remember to explain it before."

    "In the dressing room, are you going to bring it now?"Asked Julia.

    Eric waved his hand: "Hurry up and change, wait for the makeup photo."

    Julia walked into the locker room obediently, and the female assistant named Alison, who had just been assigned to her by Brokerage Firm, followed her eye to help.

    Soon, Julia came out again, not only wearing a golden wig, but also wearing a black cap on her head.

    Just appeared, everyone in the audition room couldn't help but light up. Under the wig, Julia's face gave a faint stun. If Julia could only play six points, he can now play at least eight points. .

    Eric saw Julia's look and still felt something was wrong, but just told the photographer next to take some pictures of Julia.

    After finishing this, Eric said: "You all go out, I talk to Julia."

    Several staff members left and Jeffrey also got up and said goodbye.

    When everyone left the audition room, Julia asked for a pinch of the corner. "Eric, is there any problem, I see you have been…Always frowning? ”

    Julia Roberts felt that these days' dreams were like dreams. First, it was inexplicably embarrassed by Eric, and he got a promise that he didn't find a margin.

    Eric didn't contact her anymore in the next week. When she was disappointed to think that Eric's previous words were all about playing with her, the other party suddenly called her. Hastily signed a brokerage contract, Eric directly threw a stack of scripts in front of her: "Heroine is yours, don't let me down."

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