Body 055, this kind of thing, how do you let me refuse

I am the latest chapter of Hollywood, the main text of Chapter 055, how do you let me refuse, floating astronomy

    Eric didn't answer, still sitting on the couch and staring at Julia for a while.

    "Julia, make a chest with both hands, a look that doesn't care."A few minutes later, Eric finally spoke.

    Julia breathed a sigh of relief, and when Eric frowned, the pressure from her body made her breathless. After brewing it, I put a pose in accordance with Eric's requirements, holding my chest with both hands, and staring at the ground, a casual look.

    "Go a few round trips," Eric stretched out his fingers and crossed the ground in front of him. Julia walked up at Eric's command.

    "Okay, stop," Eric said, full of dissatisfaction: "Julia, have you read the script seriously?"

    Julia nodded quickly: "Of course, the lines are almost the same."

    "Then you are Vivian now, think of me as Edward, remember, you are a prostitute, come and pick me up."

    Seeing Eric sitting there in a lazy look, and Eric's move to get everyone out, Julia inexplicably remembered the rumor of the audition sofa. If you refused, you almost blurted out. In the end, you still sighed in your heart and secretly explained that you have never had it…

    Taking off the red jacket and setting it aside, Julia walked over to Eric and slid down, took a deep breath and reached for the man's belt. Eric raised the eyebrow with some doubts, until the warm feeling came from below, the girl misunderstood My own intentions.


    Comfortably snoring, Eric relaxed and leaned against the sofa. After more than ten minutes, Julia slammed her mouth and rushed to the bathroom next to her.

    Eric took out a few paper towels and cleaned it up. She tied the belt. After a while, Julia came out of the bathroom and took a paper towel to wipe the water stains on her hands. The eyes were reddish and the chin was raised high: Mr. Williams, now, are you satisfied? ”

    "Of course," Eric smiled as he looked at the girl's look and glared. "But, Julia, you obviously misunderstood what I meant. I just really let you try to use words to slap. I, you are…"

    When Julia heard Eric's words, the whole person was there, his face was red and white, and he changed quickly several times. He suddenly threw the paper towel in his hand to Eric: "Why didn't you stop me?"

    Eric laughed and ducked away from the flying paper towel and said, "I am a normal man. How do you let me refuse this kind of thing?"

    "you this……Bastard. ”Julia snorted, and the feeling of embarrassment rose to her heart. The body sat softly on the ground, and buried her head in her arms and cried softly.

    Flying quickly, smiled and sighed, Eric walked over to Julia and patted the girl's shoulder: "Julia, don't cry, just I am wrong."

    "Do you think I am squatting now?"Julia didn't stop crying and asked with a convulsion.

    "Of course not," Eric sat down beside Julia, smashing the girl into her arms and admonishing: "You are just not confident." Maybe you also found Jeffrey and Kapoor. They are not very optimistic about you, which gives you a strong sense of crisis. Julia, believe me, since I have given Heroine to you, it is definitely well thought out. You know, there are a lot of people waiting to see my lower-end movie Box Office. ”

    "Thank you, Eric."

    "You are trying to make a good film. It is the biggest thank you. Now let's talk about your problem."

    The two stood up together and Julia hurriedly made up her makeup and sat down opposite Eric.

    "Julia, now let me tell you where your biggest appearance is. Vivian is a prostitute in the script, a…A professional ethic prostitute. Therefore, before Edward transformed her, her every move, a smile, a word and a line must meet the profession of prostitutes. Through my observation, this bundle has made you a little more beautiful, but you don't have the enchanting charm of Vivian, which is still the waiter in my previous impression. ”

    Julia tasted Eric's words, and when Eric finished, he said, "Eric, or else, I will try again?"

    Eric shook his head. "No, Julia, now I'm going to give you a task. Now you start observing them on the streets where the prostitutes appear every night, trying to imitate the words and deeds of those women." During Christmas, I will go to New York. After I come back, I will give you a test. In the evening, I will wear this dress to stand on the crowded street. If there are less than ten men talking with you within an hour, Even if you are not qualified. ”

    Julia opened her mouth without confidence: "Eric, ten…Is it a bit more? ”

    “That’s it,” Eric didn’t give the girl a chance to bargain: “When you’re too bad, I don’t mind changing people.”

    Julia could only nod. Eric thought and said: "When doing this, don't go to a remote street, remember to bring your assistant, two people are safer."

    Julia gave birth to a warmth: "Thank you, Eric."


    Richard Gere's refusal to star in Eric's new film was quickly stunned by the hearts of people, and the idea of ​​Eric being blacklisted by Creative Artists Agency was on the news.

    Under the tireless pursuit of paparazzi, Creative Artists Agency and Eric have consistently argued that the failure of the two parties to cooperate successfully is due to the fact that the pay and schedule are not consistent. Regardless of the truth of the audience, neither side has come up with the meaning of letting the media infinitely speculate. After all, it has not yet reached the point of tearing the face.

    And United Artists, a member of Metro Goldwyn Mayer, also seized the opportunity to announce a new film, Richard Gere will soon participate in a feature drama "Road House" produced by United Artists based on real events.

    The film was originally United Artists to be released in May, so there was no immediate plan for filming, but creative artists Agency recommended Richard Gere as the leading actor, the Metro Goldwyn mayer-united artists The high level to feel this is a good time to take advantage of Eric's new film Dongfeng, decisively decided to shoot the film ahead of time, and confirmed the Easter schedule, and Eric new film Da Lei intention is not Often obvious.

    There was a lot of noise on the newspaper. Barry Diller couldn't help but personally call and asked Eric about it. Fox had some expectations for Eric's new film, but he was more concerned about the second part of Home Alone. If Creative Artists Agency really blacklists Eric's Film Studio, the shooting of the Home part of Home Alone will definitely be greatly hindered.

“……Don't worry, Mr. Diller, if this happens really at the end of the year, I will consider handing over the sequel to Home Alone to Fox…I am sorry, I am very busy recently, I am afraid I have no time…Ok, that's it, goodbye. ”

    Eric put down the phone and saw a stack of thick Actors in front of him. He looked up at Kapoor Sid, who was obviously bloodshot in the opposite eye. Eric advised: "Kapoor, you don't have to fight like this, no matter what. The body is the first."

    In just over a day, Kapoor found dozens of Eric-required male actor details, which made Eric feel moved, and Eric also determined that he really didn't read the wrong person.

    "Thank you for your concern, Eric, it doesn't matter. I used to have a two-day and two-night look for a movie project."

    Eric nodded, flipped through the folder and looked through it carefully.

    Most of these Actors are artists of William Morris Brokerage Firm and International Innovation Management Company, and some are from some small Brokerage Firm, and some even have no Brokerage Firm for the time being, and their own relatives act as managers.

    Eric flipped through and looked at the favorite Actor and planned to contact the audition.

    Suddenly, Eric saw a special person: "Kapoor, Al Pacino's data shows that he doesn't have a Brokerage Firm right now, what's the matter?"


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