I will be taught to be stupid in Chapter 056.

I am the latest chapter of Hollywood, the body of Chapter 056 I will be taught silly, floating astronomy

    Kapoor took a look and said: "This is the case, probably in 1985. Al Pacino starred in Warner's big investment of nearly 30 Million USD. The result was only more than 300,000 USD for Box Office. Too big to choose a temporary shadow. I heard that Al is currently seeking a comeback, so he added his list. ”

    I remembered the delicate and violent "Scent of a Woman", the powerful gas field from the inside out showing the charm of men to the ultimate blind Lieutenant Colonel. Eric couldn't help but ask: "Kapoor, are we likely to Al signed in to the United Talent Agency?"

    Kapoor hesitated: "I can try my best. Al Pacino is one of the four talented Actors that emerged in the 1970s. Although the 85-year-old film was a fiasco in Box Office, Al did not have any problems. He was nominated for four Oscar best actor. Since he has released the comeback signal, I believe that many Brokerage Firm will compete for it, we have no advantage. ”

    Eric knew that Kapoor was all facts and had to say: "We should try to touch it anyway, right, invite the actor of "Pretty Woman" to send it as soon as possible. If possible, I hope Al Pacino Can play Edward."

    “Okay,” Kapoor replied, referring to the list of Actors Eric picked out: “So, Eric, don’t you want to tell these people to audition?”

    "Not necessary for the time being, you should contact Al Pacino first. If the other party refuses, we will contact these people again. ”

    In the next few days, Eric began the non-stop audition of the supporting role, the movie, the contact shooting venue, and the night-time shooting script to the late night.

    At the same time, Eric also took the time to contact a women's boarding school in Los Angeles for a sponsorship fee. Although it was less than ten days from the Christmas holiday, I still rushed the school’s pseudo-Loli to the school. It’s terrible to have nothing to do with the gimmicks, and I’m still awakened by the teacher’s skills. It will definitely be a mess when you make a fuss.

    "Eric, a good news, a bad news, listen to that first?"On the new day, I just sat in the office and read the budget report for a while. Jeffrey’s door forgot to knock and rushed in.

    Eric saw Jeffrey's expression still happy, and smiled: "First come, good, pressure."

    Jeffrey took a contract from the briefcase and handed it to Eric. "Lamborghini agreed with our sponsorship program. They are about to launch the new Lamborghini ghost sports car. After listening to my explanation of your previous words, the other party is very I promised it soon. Look, this is the contract, a whole 1 Million USD. The news spread, those peers are mad, and many movies are not necessarily earning 1 Million. ”

    Eric took the contract and looked at it. Lamborghini really promised to pay 1 Million USD advertising fee, provided that the Pretty Woman North America Box Office reached 100 Million USD. According to this base, Box Office is less than 100 Million USD. The proportion of the advertising fee is refunded. Of course, the higher part, Lamborghini will be added in proportion.

    This kind of implanted advertising sponsorship is very common in later generations, so Eric doesn't have much excitement, even jokes Jeffrey. "Jeffrey, you are too happy. If our movie Box Office is not up to expectations, we still have to return. Advertising fee."

    Jeffrey calmed down and thought of this possibility, hesitating: "Should…No, Eric, are you not always confident about this movie? ”

    Eric waved his hand: "Okay, don't tease you, talk about bad news?"

    “The bad news is that I contacted several famous jewellery companies. The other party is not willing to pay a penny for sponsoring Vivian jewelry. Only one jeweler has reluctantly promised to provide us with a set of jewelry to assist in shooting.”

    Eric laughed and said: "Jeffrey, although you are very happy, but you may have forgotten that Vivian's identity is a prostitute, and the other party can promise to provide jewelry shots."

    "It's true, I'm a little ill-considered," Jeffrey quickly understood. "Eric, if you change Vivian to a white-collar, I can…"

    "Don't even think about it, Jeffrey, it's stupid to modify the script for advertising sponsorship. You still do your product honestly. Don't think I will listen to your suggestions."

    "Okay, okay, I know I have a criminal record…"Jeffrey smiled slyly. "Eric, Al. Pacino has responded. I heard that you want to invite him to star in the actor?"

    “Kapoor is contacting, but Kapoor called me last night and said that Al Pacino is now in New York, and it is said that the other party wants to play a long time on Broadway.”

    "Then you have to make up your mind as soon as possible," Jeffrey persuaded. "It's a Christmas holiday right away. If the actor hasn't settled yet, the plan to start shooting immediately after the Christmas holiday will definitely run aground."

    Eric nodded in a hurry: "Reassured, I have a measure."


    In this era, USD is still quite strong. The advertising sponsorship fee of 1 Million USD is definitely a huge sum. After 20 years, the Beverly Mansion with tens of millions of USD is now only a million-level price. Lamborghini's upcoming Ghost series sports car is priced at only 240,000 USD. After spending such a large sum of money, Lamborghini quickly released the news in order to achieve the best publicity.

    For a time, all kinds of envious and hateful words flooded the newspaper page.

    "Los Angeles Times" ridiculed: "It is rumored that Eric Williams's new film production cost is only seven million. Only one sponsor of Lamborghini's advertising has recovered one-seventh of the investment. It seems that our young miracle Director is not only one. The film genius is still a business wizard."

    "Hollywood Reporter" raises the question: "1 Million USD sponsorship fee, is Eric Williams planning to shoot a sports car advertisement for more than 100 minutes? According to the title of "Pretty Woman" revealed by Firefly Film Studio, it is difficult for me to link it to the Lamborghini sports car. I began to doubt the quality of the new Eric Williams film. ”

    The above are just those mild words. The latest issue of "Movie Review" is fiercely written and criticized: "Eric Williams is like a mixed-boy who broke into Hollywood, 1 Million USD's advertising sponsorship fee is simply about film art. Hey. Once Eric Williams' success in this advertising model, it is conceivable that, driven by huge profits, those profit-making producers will advertise large-scale movies in order to earn more profits. Therefore, we call on all those who love film art and don't walk into the cinema to watch Eric Williams' new film. ”

    Unfortunately, the style of "Movie Review" is somewhat high-end. Although the United States people like to watch movies, they are not too interested in this serious movie magazine, so this remark is only in the old-fashioned moviemakers circle. Waves, but it did not cause much impact.

    The disturbances from the outside world did not have any impact on Eric, and he was still in the process of preparing for Pretty Woman.

    Of course, in addition to the undecided actor, the preparation of "Pretty Woman" has come to an end, and the rest of the trivial little things Eric basically do not have to come out, Jeffrey is running around.

    "Eric, if you insist on inviting Al Pacino, you may need to go to New York."Kapoor said a little tiredly sitting opposite Eric.

    Eric got up and personally gave Kapoor a cup of coffee and asked, "Can you tell me why?"

    “Al Pacino has some questions about your script and has been hesitant. So I want to talk to you in person, but he can't come to Los Angeles himself, because during this time, he performed "Richard III" in a theater in Broadway. ”

    Eric thought about it. He originally planned to go to New York to watch Aniston during Christmas. If he didn't show his face about sovereignty, little girl would lose money if he invested in someone else's arms.

    "No problem, I just have to go to New York, Kapoor. Can you go with me when you arrive?" Maybe we can try to convince Al to join the United Talent Agency? ”

    Kapoor nodded. "I also have this plan. Al currently has only one private Manager, and there is no Brokerage Firm. Anyway, I always have to fight for it."

    "That's it, buy a ticket as soon as possible, this evening or tomorrow. If you can't talk, I have to fly back to contact other male actor for audition."

    After negotiating the matter, Eric drove off the company and headed for a girls' school near Rose Bowl in the north of Los Angeles. Drew was just sent here a few days ago.

    Just met the girl and began to cry and screamed with a small face and complained endlessly: "Eric, beg you, give me a school, is it good, or will I change to Shanda and Satan?" Catholic schools are so boring, and they are all women, I will be taught to be stupid. ”

    Eric smiled and tapped on his head, his soul came from the East, and there was no faith. The reason why Drew was sent here was to listen to Jeffrey's suggestion. The Catholic boarding school is very rigorous and can be properly constrained to polish Drew's over-riding and unscrupulous character.

    "Well, Drew, I want to transfer to school, but I paid a large sponsorship fee. I am here to tell you that I will go to New York these two days. If everything goes well, it is estimated that I will come back after Christmas. You have the keys to my family. If you don't want to go home if you don't want to go home, you can go to me. If you have anything, call Jeffrey and he will help you. ”

    Drew heard Eric's words and was unhappy: "Are you going to find Aniston?"

    Eric didn't deny it. He nodded and confessed a few words before he drove away in the eyes of Drew's little sorrow.

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