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I am the latest chapter of Hollywood, the text 059 apologizes, floating astronomy

    A 30-year-old, petite brown-haired white woman came out from the studio, and the high heels slammed on the concrete road. The crisp squeak reflected the woman's troubles at the moment.

    The tall and handsome Brad Pitt was downcast behind the woman.

    The two men got on a car, and the woman slammed the door shut and glanced at Brad Pitt next to him: "Okay, Pete, tell me now, what happened, you know that I am fighting for you." How much effort has this character spent? Only two days later, you were kicked out of the crew. I just asked Henry, he hinted that the problem with me was on you, and the producer personally greeted him. ”

    Brad Pitt shook his head: "Thanks to Lisa, I have worked very hard. Yesterday Director also praised me for performing well. Moreover, have we not signed a contract with the crew? They are breaking the contract, we can…"

    "Shut up, do you think you are Tom Cruise? If you are a top star, they certainly don't dare to default. But you are just a little Actor with little fame. ”

    Brad Pete clenched his fist and lowered his head slightly. He is the same age as Tom Cruise, and both of them have similar origins. He even feels that he is no worse than Tom Cruise, regardless of his acting or appearance. But fate is so fond of teasing people, Tom Cruise is now a hot star, but he is still a nameless pawn.

    "Pitt, have you done anything to anger the Director or the producer, and don't try to hide it from me. I am your manager, if you even conceal me, I have to consider giving up on you. ”

    Brad Pitt raised his head in dismay, he has been struggling in Hollywood for several years, knowing how important an excellent and connected manager is, and signed a contract with Xie Lisa Cody for less than a year, he has already got several Character. So thank you Lisa for the last sentence that had to be taken seriously by Brad Pitt.

    The brain turned quickly and recalled the bits and pieces of the past two days. Blatter Pitt was somewhat uncertain: "Should…Wouldn't it be that? ”

    "what's up? Say, don't grind. ”

    Brad Pitt said: "The Jennifer Aniston, thank you Lisa, you should know? We had some late work yesterday, so I just…I took the initiative to send her home, and the result was met by his boyfriend. His boyfriend seems to be very upset. ”

    Thanks to Lisa Cody as an excellent manager, the news is very well-informed: "You mean, Eric Williams, the young Director of Home Alone?"

    Brad Skin has nodded.

    Thanks to Lisa, she suddenly worries her forehead: "Pitt, you let me say how you are." A few months ago, if Tyson didn't hold back, you wouldn't be a comminuted fracture, lying in the hospital for a few months. I didn't expect you to learn the lesson and even go to the woman of Eric Williams. ”

    "Isn't it said that two people have broken up in the news? Moreover, I think that although the Home Alone Box Office is very upset, he is only a Hollywood newcomer Director. It is impossible to have such a big energy. ”

    Xie Lisa is really helpless to this man who has a handsome brain but not a good brain. He explained: "Hollywood is a small circle, but it is not big, and the connection is complicated. Film Studio and There are inextricable links between broadcasters. Eric Williams is a very good and young, over-the-top director, and there are many people who want to win over him. If you just want to organize an unknown little actor, maybe just a few phone calls, I believe many people will be happy to do this small thing to sell each other's personal feelings. ”

    Brad Pitt was silent for a while and said: "That…What do we do now? ”

    Thanks to Lisa for a moment, saying: "Don't you know Eric Williams' current address? You'd better go to the other person to apologize and be sincere in your performance. ”

    "I didn't do anything, why should I apologize to him?"Brad Pitt has some resistance.

    "It doesn't matter if you do nothing. The key is that the other party has already identified you as an offense to him."

    "If I apologize, can I get that role back?"

    Thanks to Lisa, she shook her head. "Of course it is impossible. The crew has found a reason to kick you out. It will definitely not hit your face. I only hope that after you apologize, the other party will no longer be against you. If you've been mixing in the inner actor circle, maybe nothing. But if you want to have a better development, you must bow to the other side this time. Otherwise, the road to performing in the future may be just a sentence from the other side, and you may lose the opportunity to change your acting career. ”

    Brad Pitt bowed his head for a moment and said, "Okay, I…Go to apologize. ”


    "Hey, Jenny, are you free?"Outside the set, I waited until seven o'clock, and Brad Pitt and Xie Lisa Cody saw Aniston coming out of it.

    "Hello, Mr. Pitt, Xie Ms. Lisa. ”Aniston saw Brad Pitt walking towards himself and the subconscious took a step back.

    Although it only lasted for two days, Aniston had some good feelings for Brad Pitt. Brad Pitt was very good at marrying women. Unlike Eric, both of them were small Actors. There was no sense of difference in identity. Let Aniston feel very relaxed. So Aniston agreed last night to Brad Pitt's suggestion to send himself home.

    But Eric's appearance annihilated Aniston's little flame that Brad Pitt had just produced, and poured a bowl of cold water. My boyfriend’s almost out of control last night made Aniston subconsciously stay away from Brad Pitt.

    "Pitt, I am sorry that you left the crew, but I have to go back now, Eric is waiting for me at home."

    Brad Pitt saw Aniston's expression of a refusal, and he said in his heart, but on the surface, he still smiled with a charming smile: "Annie, it is like this, maybe it was Mr. yesterday. Williams had some misunderstandings about me, so I want to invite you to dinner, and apologize to him. ”

    Aniston's little brain turned and soon after taking a shower last night, accidentally heard Eric's words on the phone, and Brad Pitt was contacted today by the crew.

    I was thinking about how to answer the two people in front of me. A taxi stopped at the side of the road. Eric in a black trench coat got a taxi and walked over to a few people.

    Seeing Brad Pitt's first look, Eric's brow wrinkled immediately. At noon, James Brooks called out and told him that things had been done. Remember, Brad Pitt shouldn't pack his bags at this time?

    Three or two steps went to Aniston and asked with concern: "Jenny, what happened?"

    Aniston looked at her boyfriend in a complicated way, and she didn't speak. Thanks to Lisa Cody, she smiled and reached out her hand: "Hello, Mr. Williams, I am Peter's manager, my name is Xie Lisa Cody. ”

    “Hello,” Eric shook hands with the other side: “Ms. Cody, you stopped my girlfriend, is there anything? ”

    "This is the case, Mr. Williams," Xie Lisa Cody didn't care about Eric's cold tone, still with a faint smile: "Pitt's behavior was a bit awkward last night, so we wonder if we can invite you to dinner to express our apologies. ”

    Eric swept between Lisa Cody and Brad Pitt. Brad Pitt, although holding a smile, was unwilling to show his face, but the petite female manager showed no dripping.

    Eric doesn't care about Brad Pitt's feelings. Previous life, the famous Hollywood 婊砸 婊砸, that long exposure of the pick-up girl's record makes many men envy and hate, "FrInternet Explorer nds" plays the role of Rachel sisters The two actresses have not escaped their claws.

    At this time, Aniston seems to be a little simple in terms of feelings. If it is not for me to appear in time, this little girl might have been smacked by Pete. Moreover, once this happens, it is not an easy task to reclaim it with Aniston's stubborn character.

    In order to prevent two people from contacting, Eric decisively took steps to kick Brad Pitt out of the crew, for which he owed James Brooks a big favor.

    "Dinner is no longer needed, I accept Mr. Pitt's apology, as long as he no longer comes to entangle my girlfriend, I will not pursue this matter in the future. ”Eric finished, staring at Aniston just about to leave, thought about it or could not help but said: "Xie Ms. Lisa, you are a very good manager, it is his pleasure for Brad Pitt to have a manager like you. If you are interested, you can go to Los Angeles and I am always welcome to join the United Talent Agency. ”

    Thanks to Lisa Cody for getting Eric to let Brad Pitt's promise, just breathed a sigh of relief and heard Eric's next words, and quickly revealed a flattering expression: "Thank you for your invitation, Mr. Williams, I will consider it. ”

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