Body Chapter 062 Roxette

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    "Hey, Penny, how are you?"After chatting with Jeffrey and James for a while, Eric began to socialize among other guests.

    Penny Marshall gestured to the two guests next to him. The other person turned and left with a very eye-catching look: "It's still the same, I received a lot of script invitations, but I was not satisfied, so I decided to take a break. I don't like you, so I shot the second part movie so quickly. ”

    Eric smiled and said: "I am also forced to do so, so many people are waiting to see my jokes, of course I have to give them some thoughts."17 again 》Box Office has 70 Million USD yet? It seems that breaking the billion is definitely a matter of time. Within two years, two Box Offices will be produced. As a female Director, your records will be difficult to break in a short time. ”

    Penny Marshall is very useful for Eric's compliment, but still said: "That can't compare with you, "Home Alone" got more than 24 million Box Offices in the last week."

    "Well, you don't want to compliment each other again. I hear a little nausea."James Brooks suddenly came in: "Eric, I have something to discuss with Penny…"

    "Of course no problem," Eric nodded and turned to walk to the others.

    At the end of the reception, Eric stopped Kapoor who wanted to leave: "Kapoor, come with me, there is something to discuss with you."

    Kapoor nodded and followed Eric to the second floor study. The study looked a bit messy, occupying a wall of paperboard, the original newspaper clippings had been cleaned up, and it was densely covered with Eric's hand-painted "Pretty Woman" footage. By the window, the piano that was returned was returned by Eric.

    Kapoor obviously has a strange look at the strange style of the room. The rest of the villa is neat and tidy. People who suddenly come here will have a feeling of incompatibility.

    Eric stuffed several folders on the desk into the bookshelf and explained: “This is where I created, the cleaners are not allowed to come in, so there is some chaos.”

    “Drew not living here?”

    Eric pulled out a chair and handed it to Kapoor: "The girl doesn't have this consciousness, and I organize it myself occasionally."

    "You can't be too fond of her."Kapoor smiled and suggested.

    Eric shrugged and didn't answer, stuffed a box of tape into the recorder and pressed the play button: "Kapoor, let's listen to this first."

    Kapoor knew that Eric wouldn't be aimless and listened to Eric.

    The rhythm of the accompaniment sounded, and the song of great appeal was soon heard.







    After a few minutes, the song was quickly played, and Eric asked: "Kapoor, what do you think?"

    Kapoor tells the truth: "I don't know too much about this. This song is very powerful, and the voice of female singers is also very explosive. Eric, what do we listen to? ”

    "I plan to use this song as an episode of Pretty Woman. But this is not the main thing, Kapoor, have you thought about the future of United Talent Agency? ”

    Kapoor nodded. "Of course I thought about it, we have already signed Al Pacino. If your "Pretty Woman" can be successful, plus Julia Roberts, as long as there are two superstars, our Brokerage Firm It will be able to gain a foothold in the industry. The United Talent Agency is still small, and our pace can't be too urgent."

    Eric said: "Don't you think about developing to other aspects?"

    "You mean…"Kapoor glanced at the recorder: "Singer?"

    Eric nodded: "The Actors in both the movie and TV circles have basically been divided up by the large and small Brokerage Firm. We want to grow in this area, and we can only slowly dig and cultivate. However, the music industry is still a prostitute, and even the giants of Creative Artists Agency are not paying much attention to this business. This is a good opportunity for us to take a different approach. ”

    The 1990s was still the golden age of the recording industry. When Eric was preparing for the "Pretty Woman" episode, after some hard work, he found the famous "" in the movie and found the singer Roxette combination. I haven't gotten out of Sweden yet.

    The previous life Roxette has been active for more than a decade, and after the North America debut, the first single released by the group won the national music singles list in a sweeping stance. How could this potential stock Eric let go?

    "Kapoor, the song we just heard, the singer is the Roxette combination of Sweden's stalwart, so a song that is enough to reach the top of the bulletin board has not been heard by many people, so this is an opportunity for us. do you understand?"

    Kapoor said: "It seems that I have to run a Sweep in person."

    "Of course, the sooner the better, the song I can find, and the other Record Company will soon notice that after all, their vision in this area is more professional than me, leaving little time for us."

    "Eric, are you going to set up a Record Company?"

    Eric shook his head: "It's still too early to set up the Record Company. My current focus is on the film. After taking the Roxette brokerage contract, the specific mode of operation still needs to be explored by yourself."

    Kapoor nodded and understood that the two had negotiated some details before the other party got up and said goodbye.

    After sending Kapoor, Michael Claus quickly got together: "Eric, it’s been so long, "Resident Evil" hasn't finished yet, are you always a fast gunner?"

    The last vocabulary was just heard by a female waiter who was invited. The girl glanced down at Eric's underneath. She laughed and didn't dare to laugh. The little face was slightly distorted, and she walked around the kitchen with a tray.

    Eric looked depressed: "Michael, you can't pay attention to it. If the girl just revealed what you said inadvertently, I don't know how the gossip tabloid newspaper will arrange me."

    Michael Claus was very sincere and grinned, and still continually asked Resident Evil.

    "Okay, take it."Eric found the manuscript and handed it to Michael: "The contract is the same as before. You just got it and sent it to me to sign the contract."

    As he said, Drew suddenly popped up and saw the manuscript that Michael was reading, screaming and rushing over: "Hey, Eric, I haven't finished reading yet."

    Michael stretched out his arm and pushed the hand to cut the watermelon. He blocked the small claws that the hoes stretched out and stuffed the manuscript into the bag. He ignored Drew's protest and said, "Eric, then I will go first, goodbye. ”

    After that, Michael picked up his legs and left, as if there was a little magic star behind him.

    "Okay, don't make it happen."Eric tapped on Drew's head: "I haven't settled with you for the matter of skipping classes. I even secretly deleted the phone message that the principal gave me."

    Drew didn't have the momentum of the claws and turned into a well-behaved little girl with his hands on his back, but his eyes were still the same: "Sorry, Eric, I don't dare any more."

    Eric has a dignity in his eyes: "Drew, are you touching those things again?"

    Drew quickly shook his head: "No, really, I just took a few classmates to the Rose Bowl to watch the game, Eric, I swore that I would never touch those things anymore."

    With a sigh of relief, Eric hugged his head in his arms and hugged it. When he remembered Drew’s words, he suddenly couldn’t help but smile and slap a slap on the little buttocks of the skull: “No wonder your headmaster was a little angry when you called me. You I don’t learn well, but I also taught the prostitutes in your school."

    Drew snorted and arched in Eric's arms and raised his face: "Eric, my female classmates are very beautiful. If you want to introduce me to you, they are still prostitutes. I am deliberate. Checked."


    Some pictures appeared in Eric's mind, and the wind was in a mess: "It's too noisy, go to sleep, don't go out before school."

    "Oh, really overbearing, be careful, I will tell you to ban girls."

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