Text No. 063 Chapter test

I am the latest chapter of Hollywood, the body of the 063 chapter test, floating astronomy

    In the 1980s, Hollywood did not conquer the world, and the Avenue of Stars was not as famous as the later generations.

    At night, the Avenue of Stars and the other streets of Los Angeles are no different, dense shops, walk-through pedestrians, and exposed girls in the streets.

    An inconspicuous car parked on the street, on the first officer, Eric looked with interest at Julia Roberts, who was always on the left front.

    At this time of Julia Makeup, even very familiar with her people, for a while it is impossible to recognize her. The girl took a bit of laziness and leaned on the pillars of the street lamp, and her eyes flowed, looking forward to her life. Eric's styling in the memory of Vivian's appearance not only brings out a pure and delicate face, but also perfectly shows Julia's good figure.

    In less than half an hour, the man who talked with Julia has exceeded the number of tasks Eric has laid out. Thinking about not going on, Eric saw three or four well-dressed youths surround Julia, hurriedly to the sturdy driver in the driver's seat: "Tony, drive, you can do it by hand." ”

    "Okay, Boss."Tony Serges Car and comes to Julia. Julia is barely smiling and a few small foxes to see the snake, seeing Eric's car coming over, and quickly opening a young man who stretches out to himself: "Hey, man. We, my customer came to pick me up. I told you I was waiting for someone, but he's got a big price. ”

    Several young people looked at the inconspicuous car and sneered and continued to entangle: "little girl, can you make a few dollars for such a broken car, 200USD one night?" The other little girls on this street will be 70USD a night. ”

    Nearly two meters tall, Tonys opened the door, and the hill appeared in front of a few people. His eyes glanced at a few young people. The other side squinted and sneaked at the small arms and legs of the family. I can't beat it, I laughed and left.

    "Miss Julia, get on the bus."Tonys put away his fierce expression and thoughtfully opened the rear door for Julia.

    Julia said a thank you, got into the car, and the female assistant Alison Green in the back seat quickly put the jacket on Julia. This season's Los Angeles, the night is still quite cold.

    "Eric, how is my performance?"Julia was wearing a jacket and couldn't wait to ask Eric on the co-pilot.

    Eric praised: "I am very satisfied. If you didn't specifically call Tony Sly, maybe there is still a little trouble today."

    "Boss, these are all I should do."Tonys started the car with a thick smile.

    Tony is a security guard hired by Firefly Film Studio. The two-meter-high black man has a very gentle temper and claims to have never played with people since he was young.

    Standing on the street is actually a very dangerous profession. Some girls are suddenly caught in the car. After a few days, the body has not happened in the garbage. Tonight's test to prevent it, Eric deliberately called Tonys.

    "Tony, you should live near here? Parking at the front of the road, you can go home. I just sent Miss Julia back. ”

    Tony Stou nodded and stopped at the place to stop and leave.

    Julia's female assistant Alison Greene turned her eyes twice and pushed the doorway: "Mr. Eric, there is just a bus to my house, I am going down, goodbye. ”

    Soon, Eric and Julia were left in the car, Eric started the car, and Julia was awkwardly in the back seat. Both of them were silent.

    Half a child, car in Julia's apartment before stopping, the girl head down to get off, wait for a while, Eric did not follow down, but from the window to explore the way: "Julia, as soon as possible to rent a new residence, preferably in Beverly Hills Zhuang, once the film filming, you starring the news will certainly deceive Don't live in the media, then paparazzi will be a big trouble. I will let Jeffrey advance some of your pay in advance. ”

    "Okay, Eric. you……Don't you come in and sit down? ”Julia whispered, her eyes a little erratic.

    Eric blinked at the girl and said, "I can't do it today. Although I have done some measures, I am not sure if I have cleaned paparazzi."

    Julia didn't know if she was happy or disappointed. She gave me two voices, waved to Eric and turned into the apartment.

    Eric watched the girl walk into the apartment before she shook the window and started the car.


    On the first day of the New Year, Al Pacino flew from Los Angeles to New York and settled in his villa in Beverly Hills. And soon invested in the preparation of "Pretty Woman."

    "Pretty Woman" also held the first meeting of the main Actors. Everyone talked for a morning and added some understanding. Eric also took the opportunity to discuss the script with several starring exercises. After all, the actor was replaced by Al Pacino, Al and Richard Gere's performance style is completely different, Eric can not completely follow the image of Richard Gree in memory.

    Eric's chance also allowed Al and Julia to try and perform a few shots. Al · Pacino actively converges on acting in conjunction with some young Julia, but Al Pacino still suppresses Julia during the performance.

    Because Al · Pacino is only one meter seven, and Julia wears high heels, the height is close to one meter eight. Eric originally planned to let Julia change her high heels into flat shoes and make Al wear high shoes if the height is uncoordinated during the audition.

    However, after the audition, Eric dismissed the idea, because Julia's only advantage is height. If she erases this advantage, Julia will find it difficult to show herself under the edge of Al Pacino.


    For the "Pretty Woman" spent 1 Million sponsorship, Lamborghini and its parent company Chrysler have attached great importance to this cooperation.

    On the training ground of a driving school in Los Angeles, two small container trucks were parked next to them. Under the command of the staff, two Lamborghini ghosts were carefully removed.

    "Wow, cool sports car."Drew stood next to Eric, looking at the silver and purple lines of Lamborghini, with small stars in his eyes, and he couldn't help but go forward, but Eric reached for it.

    "Eric, I want that purple, so beautiful."

    Eric squeezed Drew's little nose and smiled: "It's not a doll, you say it's going to be."

    The Lamborghini staff named Ian Brest saw Drew's reaction and smiled with some smug smiles: "Miss Drew, you have a vision, purple represents noble and mysterious, and women generally like to pick this color. However, this is a concept car we specially created, in order to cooperate with Mr. Williams' filming is not yet available for sale. ”

    Several people chatted, the staff lead Julia and Al got two cars and began to carefully explain the essentials for the two. Although both Julia and Al have driver's licenses, they have not opened Lamborghini, especially Julia. They have not touched the sports car before.

    In "Pretty Woman", Lamborghini will appear in the first 20 minutes. When shooting, two people have to drive for a long time. According to Lamborghini, there will be some innovations in the latest Ghost series.

    To ensure that there were no surprises during the shoot, Eric had to train Julia and Al for three days. Lamborghini is also very happy to cooperate, specially sent a technician named Ian Brest to cooperate.

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