Body 064 is not to be caught

I am the latest chapter of Hollywood, the body of Chapter 064 should not be caught, floating astronomy

    Most men like the sports car, Eric is no exception, but he only showed up on the first day of Julia and Al training, tried a hand on the training ground, and then did not appear because of busy.

    Beverly Hills Halfway up the hill, in a temporarily rented villa, Eric and Jeffrey are directing the staff to set the scene, which will be the starting point for Pretty Woman.

    Al · Pacino is the standard method actor, and according to the rumors that the previous life Julia was always 'sentimental' with the male actor, she should also be a methodist.

    This performance style actor is accustomed to incorporating characters into themselves and then showing them out. If the shooting sequence is upside down, it will definitely affect the performance. In order to perfectly show the personality changes of the two protagonists in the movie, Eric decided to shoot in chronological order.

    The original film, the first is Edward's party at the private lawyer Philippe Starkey's home. This conversation, through Edward's conversation with several characters, introduces the identity and character of the actor.

    Eric and Jeffrey negotiated and decided to take the show first, and at the same time, they could really have a party as the launch party for Pretty Woman. Even the temporary Actors are not going to be invited, and most of them are played by the crew and their families. There aren't many shots in this scene, so Eric is not worried about any mistakes.

    "I went to Century City again yesterday. Fox still has doubts about the release of our film during the Lovers Day. I talked with Carr Tower Hen for an hour before the other party promised to ensure that the film will not be postponed. A propaganda campaign was launched two weeks before the Valentine's Day. Eric, for two weeks, certainly won't achieve the best publicity. United Artists invited Richard Gele to star in the "Road House" and only dared to advance to the Easter holiday in March. ”

    Eric was writing a note on the folder with a pencil. When he heard Jeffrey's words, he thought about it. "Don't worry, Jeffrey, now the entire American media is spontaneously promoting this movie." It can be said that the entire United States, few people do not know "Pretty Woman". Moreover, there should be another blockbuster popping up. ”

    Jeffrey is curious: "What?"

    Eric's mouth is faintly confident: "Let's count, according to the current Home Office of Home Alone, how many Box Office will it be?"

    Jeffrey quickly figured out that at that time, "Home Alone" should have been released for about 12 weeks, and Box Office is likely to reach 200 Million USD.

    Seeing Jeffrey's relaxed look, Eric said, "Do you understand?"

    Jeffrey nodded. "At the time, Home Alone Box Office is likely to exceed 200 Million. North America hasn't had a movie Box Office with more than 200 million USD for three consecutive years. Some time ago, there was an article on the variety show in North America. "Once Home Alone broke 200 million USD, the media will definitely be warm again. ”

    "So, as long as the quality of my film itself is no problem, I don't have to worry about Box Office losing because of the promotion. It was United Artists who carefully placed the "Road House" in "Pretty Woman" a month later, but did not borrow much of "Pretty Woman". ”

    Eric isn't too concerned about "Road House", which is completely unimpressed in memory.

    Richard Gere missed "Pretty Woman" This opportunity to turn over, it is difficult to rise again in the future, after all, his acting is not too good, until Eric passed, this did not get an Oscar nomination.

    "Right, Eric, when I went to Fox headquarters yesterday, Carr Tower mentioned the adaptation of the novel "Jurassic Park". And the "Resident Evil" you just released, Fox is very interested, but this topic has been around me. ”

    "Resident Evil", with the efforts of Michael Claus, also went on the market a few days ago. This novel has sparked some controversy as soon as it appeared. Most of the newspapers are critical of the criticism of this novel. Some book reviewers suspect that Resident Evil may be created by Eric looking for a gunman. After all, the style difference between the two novels is too great.

    Eric did not respond to these questions. The mind can think of it normally. With his current fame and wealth, is it necessary to find a gunman for a few royalty?

    But Michael Claus, after the listing of Resident Evil, called to say that the book sold well, and readers are interested in this novel zombie science fiction novel. Moreover, many readers have written to Michael and Eric, hoping that Resident Evil can be adapted into a movie.

    "Jeffrey, someone will contact the novel to adapt the movie in the future, and directly deduct it. I will definitely not let out these two novels unless the other party can offer a cooperation plan that will satisfy me. ”

    Jeffrey nodded and suddenly remembered one thing and smiled: "The Golden Globe Award really gives us face, and Home Alone can nominate the best film in the musical comedy class."

    Eric also laughed: "Whether it's the Golden Globe Award or Oscar, it will bow to Box Office, wait and see, even if the Oscar organizing committee is reluctant, it will definitely hold the nose for several nominations for Home Alone. ."

    Jeffrey tried: "You have made the shooting plan so compact, and I am afraid that we will not have time to attend the Golden Globe Award dinner."

    “Don't worry,” Eric packed up the folder and clipped the pencil to his ear. “The Golden Globe Award gives us face, and even if we pause shooting, we will definitely be there. If we are all in Los Angeles, we refuse to attend the dinner because of filming, and maybe we will be hated if we don’t know it. ”

    Recalling the afterlife, poor little Li has repeatedly failed to make Oscar nominations, Eric can not make a mistake in this kind of thing.

    Although many people say that Leonardo can't get the best actor because he doesn't have enough strength, he always plays all his roles. It doesn't matter if RMS Titanic didn't get a nomination and refused to attend Oscar. But since that view has spread to the public, it will certainly not be a hole in the wind.

    The two chatted and arranged the shooting venue. They had lunch together at noon. Eric looked at the watch and said to Jeffrey: "Jeffrey, let's arrange the afternoon, I have something to leave."

    Jeffrey was very curious, and at this time, there was nothing left to let Eric put down the film preparation.

    Eric has a helpless tone: "Drew started school this afternoon. I want to send her to school. Shantou was in trouble at school last time. The principal personally called me."

    Jeffrey groaned for a moment, shaking his head and laughing: "Are you really raising that girl as a daughter?"

    Eric spread his hand: "I am spending money and playing tricks. The contract signed with Eddy is almost equal to getting Drew's custody. I don't care who she is. I feel a little self-sufficient. ”

    “I saw someone on a newspaper who praised you, saying that you left Drew out of the control of her greedy mother and sent her to the boarding school, which is a love for Drew.”

    Eric didn't mean to hide it. He picked up the jacket on the back of the chair and put it on his mouth. He said, "That is the gun that I paid for and asked people to write. I always want to understand that my good intentions are not, save some ulterior motives. The guy always wants to take Drew's underage to find me."

    Jeffrey, who was drinking coffee, listened to this and couldn’t help but squirt out: "You are really…"


    The headmaster of Drew's girls' school is a white woman in her fifties who looks kind and looks amiable. Eric sat alone opposite the principal and listened to each other's voice: "Mr. Williams, we don't want to give up any child in our hearts. It’s just that Miss Barrymore is too naughty. The girls in the school are all the ladies of the rich family. They are very quiet and charming. If their family members know that their daughter has learned to skip classes, they will definitely question the educational environment of our school. And we can't take coercive means to stop Miss Barrymore, so once this happens again, we have to ask Miss Barrymore to transfer…"

    "Ms. Gurion, I have warned Drew awkwardly."

    "That's good," Gu Li'an nodded, and screamed for a long time before letting Eric go.

    Out of the office, Eric looked at Drew, who had already put on a beautiful school uniform, and said, "Okay, I have already learned the lesson for you. Don't you want to let me lose my face for the second time?"

    The girl smiled and held Eric's arm: "Do not worry, it will never be."

    "The answer is really not sincere," Eric snorted, but there was some helplessness. The hoe was simply not immersed in water, and even if he held it down, he squinted his eyes and enjoyed it.

    Opening the door, Eric sighed and looked around, no one around, whispered: "Don't get into trouble anymore, I will be very busy recently. If you want to skip classes, don't be caught. ”

    "Ha ha……Just know Eric, you are the best for me. ”Drew quickly picked up his foot and kissed Eric's cheek.

    Eric smiled and slammed on Drew's head, turned to car, waved his hand, and drove away in Drew's reluctant eyes.

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