Chapter 065, the transformation of two people

I am the latest chapter of Hollywood, the body of chapter 065, the transformation of two people, floating astronomy

    On January 7th, "Pretty Woman" was officially launched in a villa in Beverly Hills.

    Based on the consideration of the fact that the fertilizer is not flowing out of the field, many of the supporting roles of Pretty Woman are selected from the United Talent Agency. Kapoor was right at the beginning. These people have no problem with acting, just lacking opportunities.

    Even if you can get a small character with only a few lines in the new film of the Home Alone Director, these small Actors are quite satisfied. Eric did not promise anything to everyone.

    As long as "Pretty Woman" is released, the United Talent Agency's signing Actors will find out how lucky they are. Previous life Because of the popularity of Pretty Woman, even the elevator operator who only showed several faces in the movie ended up as a continuous comedy actor.

    Edward, the profitable private lawyer Philip Stuckey, has no suitable Actor in the United Talent Agency. Eric has contacted the original creator Jason Alessandra.

    Jason Alessandra is still an ordinary Broadway stage actor. Although the acting is very good, it has no advantage in appearance. It plays only some insignificant characters in several movies and TV serInternet Explorer s. I heard that I was able to get a strong supporting role in Eric's new film, and the other party did not hesitate to join the United Talent Agency from the original Brokerage Firm.

    Hollywood is such a reality, as long as Jason Alessandra is successful in the future, no one will blame his betrayal, but will envy his good fortune.

    In the villa, all the Actors were buried, and Eric sat behind the monitor, making an OK gesture to the assistant, and the filming began.

    "Pretty Woman, the first act, the first, Action!"

    The field record slammed down the board and everyone in front of the camera moved.

    In the shot, a magician invited from the circus, while speaking lines, skillfully changed the coin magic.

    "No matter what they say, the topic is inseparable from money…"

    Soon, the lens moved up, the magician pulled out a gold coin from Edward's ex-girlfriend's ear, and Jason's Philippe Stuckey appeared in the camera with a smile, and asked a male person who watched the magic to listen to the male lead Edward. whereabouts.

    This is a long shot of nearly a minute, which is difficult to perform and quite tests the ability of the Actor to play. In order to take this shot well, it has been rehearsed many times before.

    Jason Alessandra didn't let Eric down. As the camera moved, Jason in the monitor smiled and spit out a line without any hindrance, shuttle between the guests, accompanied by rich and natural body language. .

    After Jason kissed the cheek of a woman, Eric shouted with satisfaction: "cut!"

    Jason Alessandra put the champagne in his hand and smiled at Eric with his face: "Director Williams, how about the lens, do you want to come again?"

    Eric couldn't help but erect a thumbs up and praised: "Not at all, perfect, this is a good start."

    Several members of the crew couldn't help but come together. Eric played back the camera just now. Everyone saw Jason Alessandra's performance and started to look at the same place.

    After watching the replay again and confirming that there was no need to shoot again, Eric patted the clapping: "Well, the relevant staff immediately prepared for the second game."

    Everyone dispersed, Jason Alessandra also walked into the villa and Al Pacino and others prepared for the next play.

    A room on the second floor of the villa was converted into a conference room, and Al Pacino was flipping through the information that I didn't know how many times I saw it.

    In order to make Al more substituting for the role, Eric deliberately prepared a more than ten pages of information about Louis and Moses. Although the two companies are fictitious, the content is to ask professionals to be realistic. The companies that exist in the company are designed in blueprints.

    The second film was a discussion about the acquisition of Moses. Although the room has been initially remodeled, it took half an hour to work on the layout.

    After the filming began, Eric focused most of his attention on the first performance of Al Pacino. There wasn't a few lines in Al Pacino, all of which were expressed by expressions and body language. These were all Al Pacino. good at.

    Al's image is very different from the original Richard Gere. Edward's shape is still graceful, but there is more wisdom and indifference in the temperament, less gentle and easygoing. In fact, this is more in line with the script's setting about Edward, who is a cold businessman who performs his own plans like a machine.

    Therefore, Eric quickly accepted the new image that Al had created.

    “cut,” after shooting a few shots, Eric suddenly shouted at the beginning of a shot, brows and stood up.

    "Eric, is there any problem?"Al Pacino asked in confusion, the first few shots were smooth, and he didn't feel that there was anything wrong with his performance.

    Eric shook his head: "Al, it's not your problem."After that, Eric sat behind a blonde next to the meeting table, and the blonde named Dory stood up quickly.

    Eric smiles and picks up the notebook on the table. Dory just wrote and painted: "Dory, you know, because of your negligence, we have to retake all the shots!"

    Dory apologized nervously: "Sorry, Director, I…Can I know where the problem is? ”

    "Your role is a meeting recorder, but in the first few shots, you are a bit absent-minded, you know? If this is a real company meeting, you must be fired to see what you have written, 'Can you compare me to summer, but you are more gentle than summer', is this a poem? ”

    The blonde's white face rose slightly and whispered: "Yes…It is a sonnet of Shakespeare. ”

    "Well, young lady of literature and art, now, sit down."Eric let Dory sit down again, eat the little tofu without hesitation, correct the sitting position for himself, and put the notepad in front of the girl: "Next, remember, don't write poetry again, wait for the next Al, all the lines they said were written down quickly, did you understand?"

    Dory nodded. "I understand, Director Williams."

    Eric returns to the Director's chair and directs everyone to start shooting again. The reason why it is so easy to let go of the girl is because Eric himself is at fault.

    He just focused too much on the performances of Al and others, ignoring Dory's mistakes, until a shot, Dory appeared in the center of the screen, he reacted. If he corrects it in time, he will not waste so many shots.

    However, as Director, in order to maintain his prestige in the crew, he certainly will not admit that he is a mistake in such a small matter.

    Although the party lens in the villa was only a few minutes in the film, it took a whole half of the time to shoot. It was not until four o'clock in the afternoon that the last shot in the villa was finally ushered in, that is, a conversation between Edward and his ex-girlfriend Susan.

    After a violent and direct phone break with his current girlfriend Jessica, Edward, who was about to leave the villa, went downstairs and just met his ex-girlfriend, so the two briefly talked.


    "Susan, ask you something?"Edward stared at Susan.

    Susan wondered: "What?"

    Edward lifted his hand slightly and thought about it: "When you are my girlfriend, do you talk to my secretary more than me?"

    Susan’s tone was a little lost, and it seemed to recall the past when two people got along: “Your secretary became my bridesmaid.”

    Edward snorted and smiled awkwardly before bidding farewell to Susan.

    This episode seems to be ordinary, but it is actually one of several character turning points in the movie, the hero of Edward.

    "Pretty Woman" was able to get Box Office success and was included in most love movie lists, not for no reason. Many people will think, oh, this is just a fairy tale of a nutritious prince and Cinderella, which is impossible in reality.

    There is nothing wrong with this. The plot design of this movie is much more elaborate. Perhaps Director himself only did this subconsciously, but he could not deny the existence of these delicate settings.

    To say that there is no logic, "Notting Hill" was taken after the success of Julia's fame. The male Heroine only met one side. Without saying a few words, she kissed him in the actor's apartment. Eric first I saw this movie, and I was tender and tender by the sudden scene.

    In "Pretty Woman", the last reason why male Heroine can come together is not to ruin the ignorance. The character of Vivian and Edward in the film has changed at least three times.

    Vivian's first change was the beginning of the film. She met the niece who was dying in the trash. In the close-up shot of the moment, Vivian's eyes showed fear, so when she met her friend Kate Luca. Vivian asked for the first time, 'Don't you want to get rid of this kind of life? '

    The second time was to accompany Edward to the feast. Vivian went shopping alone, was rushed out of the clothing store, and Vivian, who was wrapped in a coat and walked down the street, felt the bitter humiliation, which made her again determined to escape the original life. .

    For the last time, Edward gave up the acquisition of Moses, and Philippe Stuckey, who was thunderous, blamed Vivian. In the hotel room, Philippe Stuckey said vaguely to Vivian: "Don't forget your identity, Miss Vivian You are not a little woman, you are just a prostitute!"

    This sentence completely awakens Vivian, who is immersed in the Cinderella dream created by Edward. So, when Edward said that he wanted to support her, Vivian ran to the balcony, dare not face Edward's eyes, but dreamed of his childhood illusions. She said to him, either, give her a fairy tale, or let her leave.

    She finally chose to leave, although this is not the end.

    The character transition of the male lead Edward began in the villa. In conversation with ex-girlfriend Susan, he asked his question. Susan said that her secretary eventually became her bridesmaid. I can imagine how Edward had been to Susan. Cold and ignorant, so that his girlfriend has to be associated with his secretary. Although this detail is unlikely to cause too much change in Edward's character, it also makes him start to reflect on his behavior.

    Edward's second shift was to return to the hotel after a meal with Moses' Boss. He sat alone on the balcony overlooking the night scenes of Los Angeles. Because the conversation at the meal reminded him of the father who passed away not long ago, he worked hard, worked hard, and finally in order to avenge his father to abandon her mother. The first thing he did after setting up the company was to acquire the father’s The company, split it and sell it.

    However, his father passed away. Fourteen years of grievances have vanished, and he finally felt a trace of exhaustion. When a person is exhausted, the willpower is always the weakest. At this time, a woman suddenly appears in front of him, enlightens him, soothes him, and unknowingly breaks into his heart.

    On the piano in the dining room, the exhausted Edward broke out for the first time with strong emotions.

    The last transformation began on that night, Vivian wrapped around Edward under chess, and Edward supported his chin and said, "Why don't you go down tomorrow?" I still have to work? ”

    Vivian asked: "Why go to work, let's take a day off?"

    Edward wakes up like a dream: "Yeah, I am Boss."

    So Edward completely 'fallen', they are shopping like a couple, lying on the lawn reading, chatting in the snack bar in the north of the sea…

    In the end, he found that he could not do without Vivian.

    On the sad rainy day before leaving, in the song "This is definitely love," Edward finally made up his mind to give Vivian a fairy tale, he turned into a knight, his right hand with a long sword (umbrella), his left hand holding flowers, climbing On the window of the castle (stairs), I greeted my princess.

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