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I am the latest chapter of Hollywood, the main section 067 Super Bowl trailer, floating astronomy

    After the concealed refusal of the day, Julia seemed to be turning his back on Eric's emotions and began to devote himself to the shooting. Julia's name for Eric has become 'Director Williams', both in front and in private.

    Of course, Eric didn't have time to feel lost for the girl's alienation. As the accumulation of shots increased, the post-editing work of the film began at the same time. Eric is busy with the editors until late at night, and sometimes, because it's too late to get the job done, Eric sleeps directly in the office to save time.

    Jeffrey also had concerns about Eric's work style. Most of the films were edited after they were finished. Eric's last Home Alone, although the production cycle was short, was the standard process. Now, Eric has completely disrupted this order.

    However, after seeing the clips edited by Eric, Jeffrey completely let go of his heart, just 嘱咐Eric pay attention to the body, not too tired.

    Jeffrey didn't ask Eric why he had to work so hard. With his current achievements, the film "Home Alone" is enough for him to be safe for ten years.

    Eric just smiled and didn't explain, still burying his head and working. How can Jeffrey, the ambition in his heart, know? The first time I walked into Fox's audition room, the sprouting sprout was now ingrained in his heart, and the subsequent success of the buds allowed the bud to thrive.

    Eric just wants to see what step he can do.

    "Pretty Woman" After three days of running-in, the filming progress was abrupt. At the same time, he officially entered the Beverly Hills Wilshire Hotel and started some of the most important scenes.

    “Cut,” Eric poked his head from behind the monitor. This was the scene after Vivian and Edward had breakfast the next morning.

    "that whoever……Change Julia's lip gloss to a lighter one, and don't be too light. ”

    Just a small change, Julia didn't need to avoid the sight of everyone, the makeup artist came forward to pick up the lip color for Julia.

    After a while, the makeup artist turned back and asked Eric: "Director, is this OK?"

    Eric glanced at Julia and shook his head: "It's light, and it's a little thicker."

    The makeup artist was fiddling around for a while, Eric was satisfied with the nod, and at the same time to the side of the assistant Alan Viessmann: "Alan, this note down, remind me later," Eric thought, said: "Julia's lip color with the plot time, gradually from red to pink, from pink to red, After almost being raped by Philippe Staky, Julia then no longer lip gloss, keeping the primary color. ”

    Alan Fisman, despite his doubts, quickly wrote Eric's words on the memo.

    Eric didn't explain anything to everyone, it was a personally inconspicuous detail change to the film. He just wanted to use this method to slowly suggest the transformation of Heroine Vivian. And Vivian's good friend Kate Luca, from the beginning to the end, the lip color is the kind of glamorous red.

    At noon, Jeffrey rushed to the crew.

    "Eric, I talked to Carr Tower Hunter for a morning, and Fox still didn't agree with your plan to place a trailer on the Super Bowl live."

    Eric put down his lunch and wiped his hand with a paper towel and asked, "What do they say?"

    "The 60-second trailer on the Super Bowl costs about 1.2 Million USD. Fox thinks this is a waste. They believe that the two-week campaign before the release is enough for your movie. ”Jeffrey replied: "In the end, they still don't have enough confidence in your new film. The reason for signing three movie distribution contracts with you is well known, just for the "Home Alone" second part. ”

    Eric kneaded the napkin in his hand and thought for a while, saying: "Continue to talk to Fox, let them be a little bit. The important thing is to take the 60-second ad slot from NBC first. If Fox is really unwilling to pay the money, the money will be paid by me personally. ”

    "Eric, our movie budget is only 7Million. If you must put a trailer in the Super Bowl, I think 30 seconds is enough."

    Eric patiently explained: "Jeffrey, if it's a special effect like Star Wars, 30 seconds is enough, just cut a few powerful shots. But "Pretty Woman" is a feature film, I also intend to add our company's title LOGO, in that case, 30 seconds can not express anything. ”

    "Well, if you insist."Jeffrey didn't say too much. It looked like Eric decided that he hadn't been able to persuade him to change. However, many times, Eric is proof that it is right. This time he still can only choose to believe in Eric.

    In this era, the marketing of Hollywood movies is still relatively conservative. It is more than a decade after the large-scale release of the movie trailer to the Super Bowl, and only the six giants can afford it.

    Known as the Spring Festival Evening of United States, Super Bowl has been North America's No. 1 event since its inception, with more than 100 million viewers. The Super Bowl is broadcast live by several major TV stations in United States, and this year is just the turn of NBC.

    Eric also watched the Super Bowl preview at NBCTV Station when he watched Aniston TV serInternet Explorer s a few days ago. At the same time, I came up with the idea of ​​playing the "Pretty Woman" trailer on the Super Bowl.

    In the first few years of rebirth, the concept of the Super Bowl trailer has been deeply rooted in people's hearts. Almost every year, Hollywood Six Great Film Studios will send a preview of their main movie to the Super Bowl.

    But in this age, Eric's idea is a bit avant-garde. Under normal circumstances, the current Hollywood movie will only be played on TV for about a month or so.

    Although the Super Bowl last month is also a good Easter schedule, but the big production movies of this era will obviously not choose this schedule, but squeeze in the summer or Christmas. So no Film Studio will play ads on the Super Bowl.

    Super Bowl's advertising costs are still quite expensive. Eric consulted before, this year's Super Bowl advertising fee has reached 30 seconds "670 USD high price," 670 USD does not seem to be much, but can play half a month of advertising in NBC mainstream TV Station prime time. On the Super Bowl, you can only buy a flash of 30 seconds.

    Even so, Eric quickly decided to put a 60-second "Pretty Woman" trailer on the Super Bowl, which is his director's second part movie, and Box Office scores are crucial to him.

    Although Eric has always been confident that Pretty Woman can achieve good Box Office results, deep down, the concerns about the butterfly effect are still there.

    Therefore, he will not let go of this excellent publicity opportunity. According to his information, "Pretty Woman" will be the first movie trailer to be on the Super Bowl if things go well.

    100 Million's more viewers, plus the first Super Bowl trailer, can bring a huge topic to Pretty Woman. In comparison, the price of 1.2 Million USD is completely acceptable.

    Moreover, Eric believes that after the media hype, it will be more than enough for the film to be released after 20 days.

    Deciding on this, Eric remembered another thing: "Jeffrey, how is our company's title LOGO doing?"

    After the establishment of Firefly Film Studio, Eric and Jeffrey discussed and put forward several ideas of LOGO, and finally chose a 3D version of the idea.

    After "Pretty Woman" started shooting, Eric handed it over to Jeffrey.

    "I have urged Pixar several times. The other party said that this week will definitely be made. I will definitely not delay the trailer. You can rest assured."

    Eric just got to the head and suddenly opened his mouth: "You mean…Pixar? ”

    Jeffrey didn't understand why Eric suddenly became so surprised: "Yeah, is there any problem?"

    "Is that the Pixar of Jobs?"

    Jeffrey nodded. "Yes, it's Jobs' Pixar," Jeffrey said, his mouth showing a smile of gloating.

    "Speaking of it, Jobs was really unlucky in recent years. It was first kicked out by Apple Inc. Ambitiously bought Pixar, originally intended to do a special graphic design computer, but unfortunately after the launch of this product, the general sales, and now only to pick up some animation ads to maintain the company's operation. But Pixar's animation technology is really good, I have seen their "Luxo Jr."
The short film decided to hand over the LOGO to them. ”

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