Body Chapter 068 Ugly Duckling Pixar

I am the latest chapter of Hollywood, the body of the 068th ugly duckling Pixar, floating astronomy

    Eric quickly sorted out the trivial memories of Pixar in his previous life. As the leader of Hollywood 3D Animation, Pixar has produced the world-famous 'Total Mobilization' series of animated films.

    But before 1995, Disney's 2D Animation still dominated the animated film market, and no one was optimistic about the future of 3D Animation.

    Jobs himself had no confidence in 3D Animation until Jobs had been selling the package of Pixar until "Toy Story" was released, and even contacted the old rival Microsoft.

    In contact with Microsoft executives, in order to please Microsoft's senior Vice Chairman Nathan Myhrvold, Jobs also deliberately placed a laptop running Windows on Pixar's desk.

    Unfortunately, the price that Microsoft opened could not satisfy Jobs, and Jobs, who was so deep in the mud, had to bite his teeth and finally ushered in the dawn.

    After the release of "Toy Story", just North America got the record-breaking Box Office of 192 Million USD, the global Box Office is close to 360 million, and the cost of Toy Story is only 30 Million USD.

    After that, the Pixar market value of 50 Million USD was directly increased by 20 times. When Disney acquired Pixar in 2006, its market value reached 7.4 Billion USD.

    Calculating the time, Jobs should have begun to sell Pixar this 'losing goods'. Eric had just thought of buying Pixar right away and had to shake his head in disappointment.

    Although Jobs can't now price the 50 Million USD like the previous life, even with a half-fold, 25 Million, Eric can't get it.

    He doesn't have much money right now, and Home Alone has been released for so long, and Columbia must have started the split with the theater.

    However, Eric wants to get his own share, and the best case will be after the "Home Alone". Previous life Movie Director, Actor In order to get their own share, it is not uncommon for Film Studio to owe money to the book.

    The funds of hundreds of millions of USD, even if they are only deposited in the bank, the daily interest rate is a very impressive figure. Even with a clear agreement, Columbia will definitely try to drag the day into a day.

    Eric can even think of what kind of arrears that Columbia will use for arrears. For example, a few months later, the potential of Box Office in Home Alone has been exhausted. In order to delay the payment share date, Columbia is simply holding a hundred screens. Eric is also likely to just blink his eyes when he doesn't let the movie go down.

    Because of the smashing of the gambling agreement, Columbia is unlikely to work with Eric again in the short term. There is no need to estimate the relationship between the two parties, and Columbia Corporation has no psychological pressure to use these little tricks that harm others. Especially now sitting on the Columbia Chairman seat is Blunt Cohen.

    Thinking about it, Eric still feels that it is most important to make the movie "Pretty Woman" right now. Anyway, even if there is no change in history, there are still six years before the release of "Toy Story", Eric has enough time to take it. Under Pixar.

    "Pretty Woman" Before the start of the shoot, the preparations were quite complete. The crew didn't need the producer Jeffrey to be present at all times. Several executive producers were enough to arrange everything.

    Jeffrey and Eric negotiated for an hour and hurriedly left the crew to fly to New York to discuss advertising with NBC.

    Super Bowl's advertising bidding began half a year ago. NBC has successfully sold 80% of the advertising space this year. What Jeffrey wants to win is one of the remaining 20%, and the time period will not be too Well, good time period advertisements have long been taken away even if they have to exceed the average price.

    Three days later, Eric just got out of bed and received a call from Jeffrey, saying that he had already won a 59-second ad. The Super Bowl's ads were all counted in seconds, with a minimum of 15 seconds and a maximum of 90 seconds.

    "What, 1.5 Million USD, didn't you say 1.2 Million USD before you can win it?"In the bathroom, Eric pinched the cordless phone under his neck and asked for a toothpaste on the toothbrush.

    Jeffrey also had no help in his tone: "If no one bids, 1.2 Million can talk about it. When bidding, a New York fashion company suddenly came out to compete for this ad. You told me that I must win it. I had to raise the price to 1.5 Million USD. I even suspect that the fashion company is the childcare NBC found, but this is only my guess, there is no evidence. ”

    More than 300,000 USD was spent on the whiteout, and Ai Rui didn't feel like brushing his teeth slowly, slamming the drums a few times, licking his mouth and returning to the living room.

    "Forget it, 1.5 Million is 1.5 Million," Eric sat on the couch and poured himself a glass of water: "Sign the contract as soon as possible." Yes, Jeffrey, tomorrow is the Golden Globe Awards ceremony. Can you come back before? ”

    "I see the situation, it is very likely that I will not go back."Jeffrey said with regret: "The most important thing for everyone to see is your miracle Director. It doesn't matter if I go."

    "Haha, don't worry, even if you miss this time, it doesn't matter. There are opportunities in the future."

    "I believe this too," Jeffrey laughed. "Nothing else, I hang up." You must have just gotten up, and now Los Angeles should be at seven in the morning. However, "300 USD overspending this kind of thing, I have to inform you as soon as possible."

    "It doesn't matter, I didn't stay up late last night, I came back at ten o'clock."

    Goodbye, Eric hung up.

    Leaning lightly on the sofa, Eric quietly gave himself a small account, the original from FOX million USD cheque, Beverly Hills mansion used to "1, paid to Drew mother 1 million, acquisition United Ta Lent Agency expenditure of 1 million, leasing and decoration Firefly Company, as well as dubbing room, editing room those expensive professional equipment, and spent 3 million, "pretty Woman" production cost 7Million USD, Super Bowl advertisement 1.5 million, add up altogether 15.4 million USD.

    Although he is not a luxury person, during this time, there are hundreds of thousands of dollars in the piecemeal expenditure.

    Since reborn in the United States, Eric will soon face one of two things that no one in this country can escape: pay taxes. In the current income situation, it is certain to pay the highest personal income tax of 35%, which is nearly 10 Million USD.

    Eric sorrowfully discovered that he would probably not have any income until April 15 of the tax filing deadline.

    "You won't have to pay a tax and you need a loan."Eric snorted with a forehead. After all, he was not a real United States person. He didn't form a deep-rooted concept of advanced consumption, so he resisted the loan.

    Temporarily put this matter behind, Eric had breakfast and drove to the crew.

    Perhaps because Eric announced that he would advance the fixed day of the week to tomorrow, the members of the crew were very upset, and even took five or six shots a day.

    "Pretty Woman" After a 10-day filming, 60% of the shots have been completed. After that, after the Golden Globe Award ceremony, it takes only one week for the film to be officially released.

    The reason why the filming was so smooth was mainly due to the excellent performance of Julia's. From the beginning, Eric didn't worry that Al Pacino would have any problems. There are so many Oscar-nominated Al shows that don't require too much acting, and even the role of converging acting is completely stress-free.

    Julia, who is a newcomer, is different. At the beginning, Julia did not have too many problems when shooting her personal shots, at most NG. But when I first started playing against Al Pacino, Julia made frequent mistakes and the number of NGs went up. Compared to Al, Julia's acting is indeed in the early childhood.

    However, after a few days of running-in and the roar of Eric's inability to endure, Julia gradually narrowed the gap with Al Pacino. Even in some shots, it is possible to form a certain degree of pressure on Al, even if it is in the case of Al·Pacino convergence, it is not easy to do.

    "OK, come here today."After the last shot, Eric announced that he was going to work, and the crew members cheered and began to pack things up and go.

    Eric stopped Al Pacino, who was about to remove makeup, and asked, "Al, how did you practice the piano solo?"

    In the original movie, Edward's piano solo in the restaurant was created and played by Richard Gere himself. Eric wrote the less than forty seconds of the score together with the company's soundtrack to Al. · Pacino.

    Al's piano technique was only a little stronger than Eric, but insisted on playing it himself, and Eric had to postpone the show.

    "Eric, give me another…No, two days, I think I still need to practice again. ”

    "This is no problem," Eric admired Al's professionalism: "However, Al, we can't drag on for too long, the filming progress is so fast, dragging it for too long, as the plot develops, your emotions The change will be great. Even if you play well, it will be difficult to show the feelings after shooting those scenes a few days ago. ”

    Al · Pacino thought about it and understood what Eric was saying. After discovering that his little persistence could not improve the quality of too many movies, Al had no choice but to compromise: "Well, Eric, then put the show in The Day After Tomorrow. If it doesn't work, use the late dubbing. ”

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