Chapter 069, you can’t be a bit of an attempt at me?

I am the latest chapter of Hollywood. In the main part of Chapter 069, you can't do anything about me. Floating astronomy

    While everyone else has left, Eric will return to Firefly's corporate headquarters as usual, working with editors to handle today's shots. Since attending the Golden Globe Awards ceremony tomorrow, Eric didn't move the scissors to today's lens material, but just worked with the editor to mark and sort the samples.

    These two tasks don't require much effort, but they are also a time-consuming task. Two people must take a complete look at all the footage.

    In the dimly lit editing room, Eric looked at the watch and said to the editor: "Padrick, come here today."

    "Okay, Director."Editor Pader McKinley knows that Eric will take part in the Golden Globe Award tomorrow, with envy in his eyes: "I wish you good luck tomorrow, Mr. Williams. ”

    The Golden Globe Award does not have a professional voting group and does not set up technical awards such as best editing and best photography. So Patrick, although an editor at Home Alone, didn't get an invitation to the Golden Globe Award dinner.

    Driving back to Beverly Hills home, Eric just found the lights in the villa. Except for himself, there are only Drew and Aniston with the keys to the mansion. Although Aniston accepted Eric's key, she has never been here before. She is filming NBC's TV serInternet Explorer s "Mary in Action" in New York, and it is obviously impossible to leave the crew. There is no doubt that Drew's little girl is back.

    After stopping the car, Eric pushed the door into the living room, and Drew, who was already sleepy on the sofa, heard the sound and looked up.

    "Hey, Eric," Drew screamed sloppily, lifting his body from the sofa and seeing Eric sitting next to him. The avatar squirmed a few soft cats like a caterpillar and arched into Eric's arms. .

    Eric smiled and pinched the baby face of the hoe. "Well, what happened this time, tomorrow is not a weekend?"

    "Tomorrow is the Golden Globe Award," Drew awake a little, resting on Eric's thigh, looking up at Eric with his face up. "I didn't skip classes this time. I also received a Golden Globe Award dinner." Invited, I will be your partner tomorrow."

    Eric is not particularly concerned about the Golden Globe Award. This award is too subjective and does not contain much gold.

    A month ago, when the Golden Globe Award was nominated, Eric just took a look and didn't pay any attention. Compared with the original "17 again" at the Oscar and Golden Globe Awards, because of Fox's public relations, this version of "17 again" has won the Best Supporting Actress and Best Score for two Golden Globe Award nominations. .

    While Home Alone did not conduct any public relations, the Golden Globe Awards Organizing Committee could not turn a blind eye to its anti-day Box Office. Therefore, the Golden Globe Award nominated is consistent with previous life, the best actor in the best film and musical comedy category in music comedy.

    "I remember that the best supporting actress nomination for "17 again" is Ms. Susan Sarandon, isn't you?"Eric has some doubts. Drew's performance in "17 again" is really good. Is it a mistake.

    “There is no nomination to participate in the awards ceremony,” Drew blinked a few times. Under Eric’s gaze, the girl quickly revealed the truth: “I let Kapoor help me. I am now the biggest female artist of his team. Oh, it’s just an invitation. Kapoor contacted Fox and it was done very quickly."

    Eric reluctantly said: "I understand, you are trying to stay in school."

    "Oh."Drew smirked at Eric's thigh and pleaded: "Eric, you are hungry, my pizza is not finished, in the kitchen."

    "I have eaten at the company."Eric stood up and said: "Don't watch TV anymore, go to bed early. We have to go to the dress tomorrow morning, and we must wear a grand ceremony to attend the awards ceremony."

    Drew also stood up and followed Eric: "This thing Kapoor has already contacted us. Versace promised to sponsor Haute Couture dresses. I have already selected a few sets. They will come over tomorrow morning and let us try on them."

    Eric remembered that Kapoor seemed to have said this on a phone call, and he agreed at the time. At present, Kapoor has transferred United Talent Agency other actor contracts to his manager, who is only responsible for Al Pacino, Julia Four people, Roberts, Drew and Eric.

    A few days ago, under Eric's suggestion, Kapoor went to Sweden and wanted to sign the Roxette combination, but Roxette is already an artist at the EMI record Europe branch. With Kapoor's tongue, the two people in the Roxette group are reluctant to give up the EMI record industry's behemoth and switch to the United Talent Agency, the obscure little Brokerage Firm. However, the other party is pleased to sign the license agreement for the song "".

    Originally thought, in the case of Drew, Eric and Al, Julia filming "Pretty Woman", Kapoor will be very quiet, but only a few words from Drew, Eric understand the former CAA Gold Manager unknowingly has already done a lot of work, which is to say, the manager and manager people to do the work. This made Eric very satisfied. It was obviously a wise decision to buy Kapoor's Brokerage Firm under the pressure of CAA.

    “Good night,” Eric kissed Drew's forehead and went back to the bedroom to close the door and walk into the bathroom.

    After taking a shower, Eric went to bed, picked up a magazine on the bed and looked at it for a while. After the hair dried, he turned off the light and slept.

    I don't know how long it took, the door of the bedroom slammed softly, and a slender figure came in silently, groping for the big bed and picking up the quilt into Eric's arms.


    The bedside lamp was turned on.

    Eric stunned his forehead and forgot to lock the door.

    Feel the red fruit close to his body, and Eric flames, which have not been warmed up with women for a few weeks, go straight up. For a moment, Eric almost gave up the bottom line.

    "Wow, why, don't you, can't I go back?"With Eric's movements, the hoe was quickly wrapped in a sheet of paper, revealing only a small head.

    Eric picked up the wrapped goblin and walked to her bedroom.

    "Eric, can't you be a bit of an attempt at me? You have been so good to me, and you have done nothing. I am so embarrassed. ”The hoe was not wrapped up, let Eric hold it, but his mouth was broken.

    Eric put Drew on her bed and said seriously: "Okay, no more."

    "It's not fair. You did it with Aniston. I also did it with Julia Roberts. Why is it indifferent to me? It's not fair!"Drew finally struggled out of the sheets and pulled Eric back and argued.

    “Because they are all grown up, and you don’t,” Eric explained. “You don’t want me to be sentenced to 100 years?”

    "but……"Drew retorted: "As long as we don't say it, no one knows?"

    Eric put a quilt on Drew, pulled the sheets out and folded them. The face was solemn: "Shantou, you have to understand that everyone must have their own bottom line. This is my bottom line. You are so cute, how can I not Tempted, but even if you want to do that, at least you have to wait until you reach the legal age. ”

    "But, in some countries in Europe, my age is already ok?"

    "This is California, not Europe."

    Drew grabbed the sheets and his eyes sparkled. "Eric, wait for you to finish the film. Can we travel to Europe?"

    The anger that Eric had just provoked did not cool down. After listening to Drew's words, he swallowed his mouth.

    "No, you can wait until you are 18 years old."

    "Wow, 18 years old, I was old at the time. I recently turned over a book at school. It said that a long time ago, humans died on average when they were twenty. Is it 14 years old? ”

    Eric has a black line on his head. Is there such a bargain? Just got up and went back to the house, ignoring the madness and madness of Shantou, but Drew held his arm tightly. The naked body of Shantou was taken by him, directly exposed from under the quilt, and a pair of red-eyed bunny entangled: "Well, fifteen, fifteen can't do it?"

    Eric glanced at the milky white skin of the goblin, and the ghost made a blurter look: "That doesn't work, at least sixteen."

    "Deal!"The girl quickly released Eric's arm and slid into the bed, staring at Eric with an innocent expression: "No regrets."

    The amount is counted again, but how do you expect it in your heart?


    At nine o'clock the next morning, Versace's staff came to Eric's home with a haute couture dress chosen by Eric and Drew.

    The Golden Globe Award is, after all, a big deal, and Kapoor is coming at almost the same time to explain some of the Golden Globe Awards to Eric. He will also go to the Golden Globe Award with Eric and Drew today, but Kapoor is not eligible to enter. He only needs to send his employer to the Hilton Hotel Awards Hall, even if he has finished his work.

    This is not an insignificant work. Many stars will have a manager in this situation. Once an unexpected situation occurs, the manager can handle it for the first time to prevent the situation from expanding.

    When Drew tried on the dress, Eric carefully inquired about the specific sponsorship of Kapoor Versace. It turned out that these haute couture dresses were not white, but equivalent to borrowing, and they still need to go back when they are finished. Of course, if you like, you can also pay for it. Versace will give Eric customers a very suitable discount.

    Eric feels that it is necessary to prepare such a line. Anyway, as a man, he does not need to wear different dresses at each award ceremony. A suit can be worn repeatedly. However, when asked about the approximate price, Eric temporarily ignored the idea, and he was almost ready to pay the loan.

    A high-end custom dress is worth 100,000 US dollars. This is still a mystery for Eric now, although it can withstand it. Previous life His most expensive suit is bought by his wife, and the price of more than 5,000 soft sisters has made him feel awkward.

    In the morning, I chose the dress. In the afternoon, Kapoor contacted the make-up artist for makeup. After all, it was almost four o'clock in the afternoon. A team of people rushed to the Hilton Hotel where the Golden Globe Award was held.

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