Text 075 gives a message to Jobs

I am the latest chapter of Hollywood, the text of Chapter 075 to Jobs, astronomy

    John Lasset explained: "Mr. Williams, the girl's movements are indeed slightly stiff. Before the production, I have already reminded Mr. Hanson about this problem. It is Mr. Hanson insisting that we make a look at the effect. ”

    Eric looked at Jeffrey and Jeffrey nodded.

    "Don't you be able to do it more smoothly?" Mr. Lasseter, money is not a problem. This title LOGO may take many years to use, of course, to be better. ”

    John Rasett shook his head: "Mr. Williams, I promise, this is the highest level of 3D Animation at the moment. Pixar started experimenting with human motion modeling last year, compared to the baby in the last short film Tin Toy. The red girl’s movements have been smoother. Other studios can't even do this level. ”

    When Eric heard the name "Tin Toy," a thought in his mind flashed away, but he did not grasp it. His main attention was on the title of Firefly.

    Eric and Jeffrey whispered in the light of the inability to improve.

    In the 30-second title, except for the fact that the girl opened the cap to release the Firefly, the rest was perfect. Moreover, after editing, the title LOGO is generally around 15 seconds, and shorter, such as the trailer to be played on the Super Bowl, perhaps only inserted into the Firefly to draw the two words Firefly-Film in just five seconds. Therefore, the 30-second clip material is enough to cut out a more perfect LOGO.

    In this case, Eric didn't ask Pixar to rework. The next thing was a lot simpler. I signed the document and paid the last payment to John Rasset. All this, John Rasett refused Eric's dinner invitation. To leave, Eric suddenly stopped John again.

    "Mr. Lasseter, I remember you just mentioned "Tin Toy"? ”

    John Lacey nodded: "Yes, Mr. Williams, this short film was produced in February last year. About five minutes, I have already declared the best short film of Oscar this year. ”

    Eric was completely determined when he heard the other person mention Oscar.

    "John, don't mind if I call you that, you can call me Eric. If you are not in a hurry, can you stay and talk for a while, I am very interested in 3D Animation. ”

    John Rasett took a hard look at Eric's expression. He suddenly remembered that Eric, with the Box Office of Home Alone, is about to become Hollywood's youngest billionaire. And Pixar has now reached the point where it is running out of water, and it may collapse at any time. Perhaps the young man in front of him can save Pixar.

    Thinking of this, John Rasett became eager to get it: "Of course, no problem, Eric."

    In Firefly's conference room, John Rasset explained: "The idea of ​​"Tin Toy" comes from my little nephew. Last Christmas, I saw him crawling up and down in a pile of toys. The toy made at sixes and sevens. Then I created the idea of ​​this animated short film, Eric, if you are interested, I can call my assistant and send the tape. ”

    Eric also noticed the eagerness of John Rasett's eyes and confirmed that it is now the best chance to win Pixar. If there is nothing wrong with the memory, Pixar can attract the attention of the animation giant Disney's, and finally signed a contract with Disney for three 3D Animation movies, because "Tin Toy" won the Oscar Best Animated Short Film Award.

    Originally Eric thought that he had won Pixar in five or six years. Now, if Pixar once again signed a contract with Disney like previous life, he would have a huge variable if he wanted to win Pixar again.

    In order for John Rasset to know that he is really interested in 3D Animation, Eric agreed with John's proposal: "If it's convenient, then trouble your assistant to run."

    John Rasset dialed a phone call, and for half an hour, Eric returned to the screening room.


    The new toy soldier looked curiously at everything in the room, and a baby crawled in. The soldier is full of expectations for the new owner. But the baby's rudeness on the toy forced the soldier to try to escape the baby's claws, but the instrument on it creaked and attracted the attention of the baby, so a chaotic battle began…

    John Rasset sat on Eric's right hand side, and as the animation played, John whispered to Eric with a shallow statement explaining some of the technical difficulties in the seemingly simple picture.

    Eric listened carefully and nodded from time to time to understand. The animation was quickly finished, and although I wanted to sculpt the baby in the animation, Eric praised the animation on the surface.

    No way, whether it is animation or games, Westerners try to be true when they make them. Eric, who is oriental in the bones, looks like a word: ugly. In contrast, the animations and games produced by the Orientals, regardless of their inherent quality, are quite beautiful. This is more prominent in 3D games. Just look at the character is not beautiful, you can determine the approximate origin of a game.

    After playing the animation, Eric did not leave the screening room again, but continued to talk about 3D Animation. Compared to John Rasett, who has little confidence in 3D technology, Eric is developing 3D Animation. The prospects are well known, and later, Eric couldn't help but reveal a little "Toy Story" idea.

    "Eric, you must have seen this idea from Tin Toy." I actually have the idea of ​​making 3D Animation movies, but you know that in the current situation of Pixar, it is impossible to achieve this plan. ”

    Finally, seven bends and eight rounds talked about the topic, Eric changed a more serious look, whispered: "John, Jobs is not going to continue?"

    This matter is not a secret in the industry, as long as you have the heart, you can find out. John Rasset also doesn't hide: "Jobs just sold Pixar's hardware division, and now only the software animation department is left. If there is no miracle," John said, looking at Eric with a look of hope, and then said: "Pixar studio is either disbanded or sold, but not many people are willing to take over. ”

    “Why no one wants to take over, Pixar's technology should be the most advanced in the industry?”

    John Rasset hesitated on this issue and watched Eric, the possible gold master, tangled for a few seconds, but he was ultimately an avid technician, not a accustomed businessman, but ultimately decided to tell the truth. To be honest: "Because 3D Animation technology is too expensive, there is not much output. Unless you buy an animation studio and can complement other departments, such as a giant like Microsoft, or a movie special effects company, no one will take over the purely money-burning studio. ”

    Eric was very satisfied with John's frankness, pretended to think for a minute, suspended John's appetite, and opened his mouth: "John, I am very interested in 3D Animation, just after home Alone, I have a great amount of money to invest, so, like If I could, I'd buy Pixar and invest in 3D long animations, um …The idea about toys that we just talked about is good. ”

    John Rasett thought that Eric would lose his interest when he heard his explanation. He didn't expect to hear such a statement. He didn't know what to say at the moment.

    Two people have just had a good chat, he is very good for this young man, so in Basic Instinct, John did not want Eric like Jobs, and again into the "mire" of Pixar, Jobs, the billionaire is now at the end of the situation, because PI Xar constantly draw money from him, but did not create the corresponding economic benefits.

    On the other hand, he really loves 3D Animation technology. Otherwise, he will not repeatedly refuse the old owner's Disney's olive branch, but stay in this Pixar studio that everyone is not optimistic about.

    Thinking about it, John Rasset proposed a compromise: "Eric, I think, you don't have to buy Pixar at all. If you are interested in 3D Animation, you can invest a 3D Animation in Pixar, which won't cost too much, if…If you fail, you can take it easy. ”

    Eric had some surprises in John's own position, and he was able to make such pertinent suggestions instead of trying to fool himself into the game.

    But if he did this in accordance with John's suggestion, it would be like a live Lei Feng, married for Jobs. Previous life "Toy Story" After the success, Pixar's stock price soared, and Jobs went directly from the bankruptcy edge to the ranks of 1 Billion rich man.

    Eric put on a rich and willful young man's voice: "No, John, you give me the Mr. Jobs took a message and I am willing to buy Pixar Studio at 20 Million USD. If the deal is reached, I will invest 30 Million USD to make an animated film. ”

    "Eric, I think 20 Million USD, Jobs won't agree. He has invested in Pixar not less than 20 Million a few years ago."

    Eric said: "John, if you make a business, you will lose money. If you invest more, you have to recover more. It is not business. You bring my message directly to Mr. Jobs is just fine, 20 Million, not a lot of cents, I am very busy, no time to climb the price, if Mr. Jobs is not satisfied with this price, so you don't have to contact me. I believe he will make a wise choice. ”

    "In this case, okay, I will bring your message to Jobs."

    Sending away John Rasset, Eric’s long-awaited Jeffrey said: “Jeffrey, how do you hold back this time without persuading me?”

    Jeffrey spread his hand: "I know it's useless, I still say so much." But since you asked, I still have to say that buying Pixar is definitely not a wise choice. ”

    Eric smiled and teased: "I wanted to make a bet with you, but unfortunately there is nothing I am interested in, so even if it is."

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