Body Chapter 082 Pixar

I am the latest chapter of Hollywood, the main body of Chapter 082 Pixar is easy to change, astronomy

    In Richmond, California, Eric has been here for three days. In the past few days, he hired a team in Silicon Valley to conduct a detailed survey of Pixar's assets.

    Jobs is eager to complete the transaction and expresses dissatisfaction with Eric's "doing a lot of things" behavior, but he can't help it. Eric can't think about the feelings of Jobs.

    Although the talent of Jobs is beyond doubt, its character is really flattering. This can publicly claim that he is a sexually incompetent master in order to resist the support of illegitimate women. Therefore, it is impossible for Eric to complete the transaction without a detailed evaluation of Pixar.

    Three days later, Pixar was in Richmond's single-story office building, and Eric placed a thick dozen assessment files on the meeting table, tapping his finger on the table, and sitting opposite the Jobs: "Steve, I I was very sincere in the acquisition of Pixar, but unfortunately, I did not see your sincerity."

    Jobs was not affected by Eric's tone at all. His face was accompanied by a layman who looked at the layman's helplessness: "Eric, if you have any doubts, you can say it, I will answer it for you seriously. It is too serious to directly accuse me of being sincere. ”

    Eric lamented the psychological quality of Jobs, no matter what his inner activities, on the surface. This calmness is hard to achieve even for him who has lived for two lifetimes.

    He was not in the mood to play psychological war with Jobs and opened the door to see the mountain: "Well, Steve, I said it directly. The reason why I bought Pixar is that Pixar's 3D Animation technology, so you have sold the hardware department, I don't mind. ”

    Eric said, the hands of the information opened a few glances, then went on: "But, my hands collected data show, Pixar developed graphics rendering software package, three core software ownership time was placed in your next Computer company, and the most important animation production system, Although the core software is in, but the ownership of a color-filled software has been shifted. Pixar's ability to receive Disney 2D animation outsourcing projects is based on software that can significantly reduce coloring time. These, do you need to give me an explanation? ”

    Jobs is really not an honest person. The reason why you do this is to rely on luck and want to fool Eric. Once successful, the software can sell millions of dollars. Maybe someone will think about how much software can cost. If you have this doubt, think about Microsoft.

    But what Jobs didn't expect was that Eric was indeed a layman, but he knew that he would hand it over to the layman, so he specifically invited the Silicon Valley professional evaluation team, Silicon Valley is a place where technology mad people get together, and it is also a very intriguing area. Those people quickly realized the little action of Jobs.

    In fact, after Eric made this move, Jobs didn't have much luck in his heart. But with his cheeks, even if it is punctuated in person, it will certainly not be so easy to follow.

    "Eric, taking over Pixar for four years, I invested at least 50 Million USD into Pixar and the hardware department only sold 16 Million. And your offer is only 20 Million, and the money is only enough to buy what I left in Pixar. ”

    Eric smiled mockingly, closed the folder, and put his hands on the meeting table, staring at Jobs. "Steve, it seems that you still don't want to admit your failure. Ok, I understand that if you buy Pixar from Lucas, you have failed. The loser must have the realization of the loser, and the loss is inevitable. In order to save your NeXT Computer Company, you must sell Pixar's complete Pixar software department to me at a low price. So, by returning those software, we can continue to talk about other things. ”

    Jobs's face changed a little between the blue and white. As a person who is extremely proud and conceited, he has always pointed to other people's arrogance. Now he is rebuked as a loser by a young man who is younger than himself. Even with his extraordinary psychological qualities, it is difficult to change his face.

    Instead, John Russett and others, who were pretending to be busy in the outside workroom, actually erected their ears to listen to the two people, were refreshed.

    Jobs has never been an amiable Boss. Every time he comes to Pixar, he will catch all the masters, criticize the results of their labor, and then leave a check on the condition of taking back part of the management's equity.

    In the past few years, with these means, Pixar has completely become the personal property of Jobs, and all the shares in the management's hands have been taken away by him.

    Now I finally see that Jobs has been paralyzed by others. Only on this point, the awkward emotions that were supposed to work under a young man disappeared.

    In the conference room, Jobs stretched his face: "Mr. Williams, you bought Pixar, should you use it for animated movies? You have achieved great success in several consecutive movies. I believe many people will notice your every move. If I disclose your optimistic about Pixar, there may be many people interested in higher prices. You Think? ”

    Eric's right ring finger trembled a little, but fortunately this detail was not noticed by Jobs.

    Eric didn't hesitate to sneer at this layer of worry in his happiness, saying: "Mr. Jobs, your sentence is worth 1 Million. I don't like people to pinch me, so I decided to compress the offer to 19Million. Pixar is actually like a camera. Under my command, I can shoot "Home Alone" and shoot "Pretty Woman", but in other Directors, it is hard to say anything. So, 19Million USD, the complete Pixar software division. If you think about it, call me before I leave Richmond. ”

    Eric finished, picking up his personal belongings and getting out of the Pixar office. Private lawyer Edward also quickly went out. After a long time, Jobs walked out of the conference room and glanced at the employees who were working or pretending to work. They did not get angry and left the Pixar headquarters silently.

    Early the next morning, Eric and Jobs sat in the conference room again.

    This is the case with many commercial negotiations, and there are always several rounds of confrontation. Even if the last time was too loud, I almost had to slap my arm and have a big shot. But in the next round, everyone still had to pack up and continue to sit together and then play.

    Today, Jobs obviously has a faint black circle: "Eric, I have not done anything wrong before, everyone will do their best for their own interests. But I agree to return those softwares, but the price still needs to maintain 20 Million USD. we……They are all rational adults. You can't compress 1 Million USD in one sentence, that is what children do. ”

    Eric doesn't want to push Jobs too hard. If he breaks down, he can spend money to build another animation studio, but develop the software and accumulate enough technology. These not only need a lot of money, but also take years. time. Although Eric is not short of money, he does not have enough time to do technical accumulation.

    Previous life Everyone knows that 3D Animation movies and the surrounding area can bring huge profits, but Hollywood has always had several well-known animation studios, because these studios are technically far ahead of other peers and occupy the market. .

    It is a very difficult thing for others to catch up. If you have done it for a few years, you have reached a certain level, but others have accumulated more than a few years of technology. In this situation, the latecomers will never be able to keep up with the pace of their predecessors.

    In the conference room, the two men twitched each other for half an hour. Eric couldn't swallow all the words he said yesterday. Finally, both sides made a small concession and reached a price of 19"500 USD.

    After taking back the ownership of the software, Eric once again confirmed that it was correct, and then signed the contract. Jobs collected the check and looked at the employees who had worked for a few years under their own hands. I felt that there was nothing to say, and I nodded and turned away from the Pixar headquarters.

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