What is the matter of finding me in Chapter 083?

I am the latest chapter of Hollywood, the main text of Chapter 083 to find out what I have, floating astronomy

    "I am not a person with a gifting talent. I am not good at saying inspiring words. Here I only promise one point: within three years, Pixar will not have any layoffs as long as you do not have problems with your own work."

    After Jobs left, Eric said to all the employees in the open office. This is also the issue that they are most concerned about. In the past year or so, Pixar has continuously abolished several batches of employees because of financial constraints.

    Sure enough, after Eric made the promise, many people sighed with relief. Everyone knows Eric's identity. This young man is now a poor money owner. Since he has made such a promise, he will not easily go back.

    "Okay, now everyone continues to work, and all management comes to the conference room."

    After a brief commotion, the head of Pixar headed by John Rasset gathered in the conference room.

    "Everyone must know me, and when I read the materials, I also made some understanding of you, so I can temporarily skip this link."

    There was a low laugh in the conference room, and Eric smiled and waited for a while, then said: "Pixar was in a bad situation, but it won't be like this anymore. You may be very curious about why I bought Pixar. I told John that I was interested in 3D Animation movies and just had the money to invest, so I did it. I don't think you will doubt my vision in the movie. According to Pixar's previous short film "Tin Toy," I thought of a good long story idea…"

    “The wealthy little master has a house toy, because the cowboy Woody is the most loved, he has become the boss of all toys. But one day, the little master brought back another new toy, Buzz Lightyear. Buzz Lightyear looks novel and advanced, and the little master loves it. The result threatened Woody's boss status, so Woody began to find ways to drive Buzz Lightyear away. Under the erroneous mistake, the two toys fell out of the room together and flowed to another neighbor's child who liked to treat the toy rudely… ”

    It took a few minutes to talk about the story of Toy Story. Eric went on to say: "When I met John last time, I told him that I would invest 30 Million USD for this 3D Animation movie. Of course, the budget can be added, I just need you to do the best for this animation. For me, it doesn't matter if I fail, but I think Pixar should have failed to withstand failure. ”

    Pixar's executives have a dignified expression on their faces. The previous Pixar couldn't make ends meet. If the 3D Animation road doesn't work, it is estimated that Pixar will be able to stand alone. Eric is very satisfied with the reaction of everyone. Although he knows that 3D Animation will become the mainstream of animated films in the near future, but now it is said to cheer everyone, these people will certainly not believe. It is better to give them some pressure to change their tone.

    "I know that the production cycle of animated films is very long. I want to give you three years of production time for this movie. Within three years, Pixar will not have any changes, and you don't need to pick up an advertising project to maintain Pixar's operations. You can put all your energy into the production of Toy Story. Ok, my words are over. Now let's talk about your own opinions? ”

    The pressure left by Jobs also left Pixar's high-level minds. After carefully asking a few questions, everyone decided that Eric and Jobs were completely different. They finally let go of themselves and began to speak freely.

    Because the discussion was too much, everyone ignored the lunch time until the sunset, the location was not too good, the conference room dimmed, and the talents reacted, and the sky was already dark.

    In order to ensure that "Toy Story" will not be too different from previous life, Eric spent another three days in Richmond, during which he personally wrote the complete script of "Toy Story", and will also cowboy Woody, Buzz Lightyear, etc. The shape of the whole set of toys was hand-painted and handed over to Pixar's Producer.

    It wasn't until Fox Chairman Barry Diller personally called to remind Eric who had disappeared for a week to attend the celebration party of Pretty Woman, and he had to leave Richmond.

    Eric didn't think about moving Pixar to Los Angeles. In private, he said with John Rasset that the result was that it was difficult to implement.

    Most of Pixar's technicians have long lived in San Francisco Bay, and they are used to everything here, and many even settle here. And the big environment of Los Angeles is not suitable for animation studios like Pixar, but Richmond is very close to the Silicon Valley where high-tech companies gather together, but it is more suitable for Pixar's survival.

    Eric heard the explanation of John Rasset and gave up the original plan. Anyway, San Francisco is only five or six hundred kilometers away from Los Angeles and can be reached by air in an hour. Back and forth is very convenient, Eric is no longer strong.

    After living in the hotel for a week, I finally got back home and took a shower in comfort. After several hours of the evening feast, Eric was too lazy to prepare. Wearing loose and casual clothes, leaning against the sofa in the living room, lazy to touch the remote control and turn on the TV to see it.

    When I was sleepy, I heard the sound of the doorbell.

    Open the door, the sneaky girl with a wig sunglasses, dressed in a very ordinary clothes, anxiously waiting at the door, looking around from time to time.

    "Why is it so slow to open the door, it is bad to be discovered by paparazzi."

    Eric looked at Julia's outfit and sideways let the girl enter the door: "What do you dress up like this, oh…A bit like Alison? ”

    "I let Alison dress like me and leave, before I get rid of paparazzi and get out of it."Julia has a little bit of pride in her tone.

    "What to drink?"When I came to the living room, Eric asked, going to the refrigerator.

    "Coffee, no sugar, don't be too hot."

    “Oh,” Eric said, giving Julia a glass of juice.

    The girl glanced at him blankly, or picked up the juice: "You are always so abominable."

    Eric fell to the sofa again and looked at Julia with great interest: "You have changed a lot. Look at this sitting position, listen to this tone, a Hollywood top actress fan is coming, I can't help it. I want to sign with you."

    "No problem, where are you signing?"Julia magically pulled out a pen from her arms.

    Eric God looked at the ceiling for a while, as if brewing something, then suddenly opened the waistband of the slacks and looked inside. He shook his head and said, "No, you don't feel it, you can't sign it."


    The girl's face was reddish, and she sipped at Eric, her eyes twitching and holding up the juice.

    After a while, Julia put down the cup: "I heard that you bought an animation studio?"

    "Well, it’s too tired to shoot a real-life movie, and I’m going to change my way to guiding an animated film.”

    The girl glanced at Eric with a strange look: "Are you serious?"

    "It’s all so cooked, and who is it to see.”Eric said, still sitting up straight and asking, "Well, what's the matter with me?"

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