Body Chapter 084 Lost Los Angeles

I am the latest chapter of Hollywood, the body of Chapter 084 is lost in Los Angeles, floating astronomy

    "I want to know why you let Kapoor push those coupons down. If some people didn't hand the script directly to me, I don't know if I have received these offers."

    Julia became more and more excited. Finally, she pointed directly to Eric's nose and condemned it: "Disney's "Lost Los Angeles" but paid 6 Million USD. If you don't ask my opinion, you will directly push it off. 6 Million USD Ah, how can you be so overbearing, I am not your fault, so please respect me a bit…"

    Eric leaned back against the back of the sofa chair, letting the girl vent her emotions like a little female cat. At the same time, I remembered Disney's "Lost Los Angeles" and couldn't help but smile. Because the scriptwriter for this script is called J.F. Lawton, it is the original screenwriter of the previous life Pretty Woman.

    During his days in Richmond, many of Film Studio directly ignored CAA's ban on UTA and issued a film to several "Pretty Woman" stars such as Julia and Al. If UTA has only a few endless small Actors, Hollywood Film Studio may be tempted by Michael Ovitz's influence, and the idea of ​​holding more than one thing is to reject UTA's Actor.

    But now, with the fire of Pretty Woman, UTA has two pillars, Julia and Al. Other supporting characters such as Jason Alessandra are also famous. The driving force of interest directly makes many of Film Studio ignore the scruples of CAA, especially Six Great Film Studios, which hates and can't help CAA. Eric even maliciously guessed that the Big Six was simply sending a series of invitations to UTAActor with the thought of adding to Michael Ovitz.

    Al Pacino patiently waited for Eric's promise of "Scent of a Woman," so his films were all directly resigned, and Al had no opinion.

    Julia can't be so rash. In the script received, Kapoor screened it out, excluding the script with low offer and looking like a bad movie. The rest of the scripts communicated with Eric by phone.

    So Eric knew the script "Lost Lost City" in a logical way. When he heard the name of the screenwriter, Eric curiously asked Kapoor to fax the script to him.

    At first glance, J.F. Lawton apparently revised the original "3000" and turned it into a love story with a male lead. As mentioned before, in the original time and space, the original script of "Pretty Woman" is the black drama film called "3000" that reflects the living conditions of Los Angeles prostitutes. In the end, it was modified into a romantic comedy film. .

    And this "lost in L.A." The story is the main actor to Los Angeles business trip, the result not only lost the road, but also stolen all the luggage, the cause is quite successful but life is an idiot male protagonist by chance, was a kind-hearted prostitutes 丨 female temporary shelter, after some twists and turns, Another pair of princes and Cinderella happily walked together.

    Anyway, Eric saw at first glance that this story is in line with Pretty Woman, but it can't be said that people copied it, because the story was modified quite ingeniously, and film giants like Disney couldn't make Eric catch the handle of plagiarism.

    In Eric's opinion, this story, which is very similar to Pretty Woman, will not lose money if it is shot again with Julia. After all, the movie budget is not high.

    But if you want to sell Box Office again like "Pretty Woman", it's basically impossible. Just like a person just ate a bowl of rice, it's already full. If you change an apple or a glass of juice, you might still be able to eat it. If you put on a bowl of rice again…

    "Hey, have you listened to me, can you still laugh?"

    The girl’s questioning sounded in her ear, and Eric pulled back her thoughts from the gods and saw that Julia had been deceived by her side with a touch of anger on her face.

    "Are you finished?"Eric looked at the girl's eyes and asked seriously.

    "Well," Julia nodded and looked at her eyes. The girl suddenly realized her own gaffe and sat back quickly.

    These days she was used to appreciating the words of flattering praise, and the whole person would inevitably have some small expansion. But when I saw Eric change a serious expression, the girl suddenly remembered, looks like…This guy is not the one who needs to please himself, but himself…

    Thinking of this, Julia involuntarily hugged her arm and unconsciously rubbed her arm twice, bowed her head slightly and glanced at Eric with a guilty conscience.

    "I have been talking to Kapoor on the phone every day for a while in Richmond. Al's lower movie has already been set, so the deliberations are about those about you. As for the Lost City, I also let Kapoor fax me a script and read it carefully. ”

    Hearing that Eric was so private to himself, Julia felt guilty about her own behavior.

    "I am sorry."The girl’s voice is apologetic.

    Eric waved his hand: "I am not asking for your merits, I just want to tell you, I have never forgotten what I promised that night. I said that I will take a girl named Julia Roberts to VivInternet Explorer n Leigh, Audrey. Hepburn's heights of Hollywood legendary actresses."

    "I am sorry."The girl’s voice rang again.

    "But I am a little disappointed with you now. This is only the first time of success. It makes you so unstoppable, what do you want to do?"

    Eric’s calm tone gradually entrained the reprimand, and the girl couldn’t help but refute: “I…”

    Eric interrupted the girl's wish to argue: "Now, you have the fame, as you said, Disney has already offered you a 6 Million USD pay quote, and few Hollywood actresses can reach this height. If you are short of money, go to the loan, and the bank is quite generous for the Hollywood star. What you have to do is to carefully consolidate your position. If you want to go a little further, you can't be too careful. ”

    "I understand."

    "No, you still don't understand, I feel like you are aggrieved." Take "Lost Los Angeles", 6 Million is indeed a very high price. Tom Hanks took 2 Million in Box Office's "Big" last year, but if you take this movie, it will consume the Box Office appeal that you have accumulated with Pretty Woman. This is not a Add a question equal to two, but a subtraction. Have you ever seen a star who has successfully taken two films that are almost identical in a short period of time and have been successful? This is the same as Hollywood's big-selling series of movies, which are separated by a few years, waiting for the audience's expectations to rise to the highest level before shooting a sequel. ”

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