The first part of the body of Chapter 086

I am the latest chapter of Hollywood, the first part of the body of Chapter 086, Astronomy

    After the champagne is finished, the party officially begins. As a plus movie, such as the surrounding videotape, Fox can bring hundreds of millions of USD profit to the movie project, even if Fox's current Chairman, Barry Diller, had to attend the "Pretty Woman" celebration.

    In addition to the "Pretty Woman" crew members, Fox also invited dozens of large and small stars to come to the show, the party scene can be described as star-studded. However, after all, there were a lot of big people on the scene, and the banquet halls of hundreds of people were orderly. The guests gathered in groups of three and five and talked about their own topics.

    "Eric, Super Bowl trailer, the promotion department is really too conservative, I promise that when your lower movie is released, Fox will fully cooperate with you."

    Don't be next time, this time you can count on the declaration and reimburse me.

    Eric has a belly and a smile on his face: "Mr. Diller, don't mention this again. 1.5 Million USD's Super Bowl advertising fee is indeed a big expense, and Fox's conservative is nothing to be said. ”

    Barry Diller smiled and didn't mention it.

    This old fox!

    The topic was once again transferred to Eric's next movie. After "Pretty Woman", Eric's next movie, although not even seen in the shadows, was taken for granted by Fox in the summer.

    This year's summer program is a big gathering, Warner's "Batman", Paramount's "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade", Columbia's "Ghostbusters II", these are destined to be Box Office big.

    Fox has shifted too much attention to the development of the TV Network, resulting in more than a dozen films produced this year in the film, ranking first in the six.

    In order not to bottom out on the performance of the Film Industry, Fox is destined to fully support Eric's films, especially after the success of Pretty Woman.

    And the summer file is a big deal, it is not too easy to get a high Box Office. Eric couldn't take the sequel to the already-famous "Home Alone" sequel to the summer stalls and argue with them for a long time before deciding on a thought that had been generated before.

    "The next movie has a preliminary plot outline, and I plan to invite Tom Hanks and Tom Cruise. This will be a rivalry for two men. ”

    Barry Diller's eyes lifted slightly, and if successful, only Two Toms plus Eric's Box Office appeal, the movie Box Office has at least 100 Million USD. With the end of the year's "Home Alone 2", there are three big movies in a year, Fox's performance in the film is no longer blameless, he can also confidently develop the TV Network.

    "Eric, if you want to invite Two Toms, the pay for the two people is no less than 10 Million USD? What is your budget cost? ”

    Eric thought for a moment: "It should be no more than 30 Million. This is a drama. There is no big scene, no special effects, and it depends on the individual of the two actor. So the budget of 30 Million USD is very relaxed. It is very likely that it will not be spent."

    "I heard that you just spent a lot of money to buy the studio of Jobs?"

    Although Barry Diller's problem was not looking for a margin, Eric immediately understood what Barry Diller meant. Fox still wants to put a foot in the movie investment.

    "Yes, I asked Pixar to make a title LOGO for my Film Studio. I was very satisfied after reading it. I heard that Pixar was in trouble and wanted to shoot. I just became interested in animated movies and bought it. However, the period of animated films is very long, and 3D animation is in the stage of exploration, so the first animated film does not know when it will be made. ”

    Eric ignored Barry Diller's faint helplessness. Anyway, you turn around and I will give you drift.

    Listening to the little fox in front of him, Barry Diller had to clarify the topic: "Eric, I mean, if your underlying film production is tight, Fox can take part in the investment, which can also reduce the risk. And you can rest assured that Fox will not link investment funds to the cost of the announcement, and the sharing agreement we signed previously remains unchanged. ”

    Barry Diller confessed things, and Eric didn't directly reject it. Of course, he wouldn't let his own interests go hand in hand. What Barry Diller can think of, Eric can certainly think of it. If you invite Two Toms to succeed, the movie can't fail with the boxing power of three people.

    Finally, Eric can only perfuse: "No problem, Mr. Diller, if you need an outside investment, Fox is definitely my first choice. ”

    Barry Diller also saw Eric's perfunctory, knowing that Fox is almost zero likely to want to invest. But he won't take any stuns like Columbia. The two sides are still in the honeymoon period of cooperation. Although they are stratified according to the previous agreement, Eric earns a little more than Fox, but Fox also draws enough envy from others. Huge profits.

    I also talked about some other topics, and the two talents separated each other to socialize with others. Barry Diller just walked away and Eric felt a lot of gaze focused on himself.

    Ok, girls, give me a hug, who is the first to come over today, the lower movie gives you a role. Eric had a little bit of thought in his mind, and he enjoyed this feeling of being noticed. After all, he is still a laity, and if he has no vanity, he still has to do something toss.

    Soon he ushered in the first player.

    Bald head, eight feet long, the tiger's back bear, the face with a look of wretched smile, the most lying is…Hey is a man.

    "Eric, you are finally back. I want to know what you think. Julia's those films, I think several of them are good, but they have been vetoed by you?"

    It was hard to decide to indulge once, and Eric was helplessly pulled aside by Kapoor.

    "Kapoor, you don't have the illusion of being worn by people."


    "Looking around?"

    Kapoor glanced puzzledly and found that a few beautiful girls around him who were not very good at concealing their emotions stared at him badly.

    Although Kapoor is a workaholic, but the world is still very proficient, or can not do the manager career, shrugged: "Sorry, Eric, delay you hunting." But you don't explain it to me, I am not practical. ”

    Eric also wants to explain to him that the most successful movies of previous life Julia are mostly romantic comedies. They just took "Pretty Woman". It is definitely not suitable to shoot this type of movie in a short time, so it is not possible to Those movies from later generations are taken out. He thinks that the best for Julia's is Steel Magnolias, which won Julia's Golden Globe Award nomination. It is a movie of Box Office's word of mouth.

    Unfortunately, I have inquired about it before. Samsung Film Industry has not started this project now, either it has been lost by the butterfly effect fan, or it has not started to shoot.

    It is also impossible for him to write the script again. In the previous three films, he was 100% sure that the original script has not appeared yet, or that it has not had much to do with his movie, and he has used it with ease. He can't guarantee this movie now.

    "Kapoor, wait a few more days, I am going to Writers Guild of America to see if there are any good scripts registered, pick one for Julia."

    Kapoor's mouth was pumped: "Eric, do you know how many registered scripts are written by Writers Guild of America? Thousands! I feel like I am saying that I am going to San Francisco to scouring a few tons of gold. Is that kind of thing possible? ”

    Knowing where the gold is buried, it is easy to get rid of it. Eric just wants to check if the screenwriter of Steel Magnolias has registered the script.

    "Trust me, Kapoor, be patient, I will reply you soon."

    Eric also made up his mind. If you can't find "Steel Magnolias", then pick Julia from the movie with a high Box Office. Anyway, Julia's current reputation, as long as the image is right, Julia personally has the same In the intention of the show, no team will reject her, I believe that many Production Studio will not hesitate to raise the budget.

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