Text No. 088 Malibu 10880

I am the latest chapter of Hollywood, the body of Chapter 088 Malibu 10880, floating astronomy

    Eric walked down to the living room sofa, and the girl hangs her clothes and comes to Eric. The four eyes are opposite and the atmosphere is smashed. Eric can't help but hold the girl's waist and pull it in front of her.

    "High heels are off."

    Virginia obediently smashed the high heels on his feet, feeling the man's powerful big hand rubbing on his waist and hips, his voice hoarse and low: "Eric, can I take a shower first?"

    The man did not answer the girl's question. Virginia took off his high heels and was short. Eric was still not satisfied. His hands were slightly weak, and the girl's eyes flashed a few times, obediently sitting on the carpet.

    Feeling the look of a man who was replaced by a top-down gesture, Virginia's little hand held Eric's thigh, raised his charming face, and the apricot eyes were fascinated. Half of the temperament was like dissatisfaction: "Is it true that all male animals like female surrender? Under your feet?"

    Eric stroking the girl's smooth face, with a natural tone of course: "Yeah, unfortunately most of them have no ability to let women completely surrender. What is going on with your hair, I remember the last time it was not like this? ”

    Virginia puzzled and touched his pale blond curly hair, but this was a special imitation of Marilyn Monroe's hairstyle: "Is there any problem?"

    "This color is not good-looking, change it tomorrow."

    This command-like tone made the girl somewhat resistant: "But my hair stylist said that this color is very good with my twilight."

    "I like golden brown."

    Virginia grievously looked at Eric and said, "Okay."

    Eric took off the shoulder strap of the girl's dress, ripped off the little nipple, and smugly played with the girl's richness: "Do you have Brokerage Firm now?"

    Virginia gasped and shook his head: "I only have a single independent manager, he…"

    Eric interrupted the girl's words: "Your career has not improved for so many years. The man is unqualified, fires him, and then goes to the United Talent Agency to find Kapoor. I let him personally bring you."

    "Kapoor · Sid?"Virginia looked up excitedly and she certainly knew who Kapoor was. Kapoor Sid now has only three artists, Drew Barrymore, who has a relationship with Eric, Al Pacino with "Pretty Woman", and Julia Roberts, who was recently called "Hollywood Cinderella" by the media. .

    Virginia never dreamed that she would be the fourth. Until now, she had been worried about whether Eric would turn his face and not accept it after playing with him tonight, or feel free to give himself a small role.

    "Eric, thank you."

    Eric smiled and hugged the mature girl with her eyes: "Now, your task is to satisfy me, where is the bedroom?"

    Under the guidance of Virginia, Eric picked up the girl and went to the bedroom on the second floor, throwing the petite body onto the big bed. The clothes on both of them quickly flew around, and Eric straddles the girl's waist and places the weapon between the two groups of at least F-cups.

    On the top of the abundance of particles, the man looked down at Virginia and asked, "Is it?"

    The girl under her arm smiled and nodded, holding the soft and sturdy clips, and occasionally bowed and sucked on the aggressive gun head.


    Eric was awakened by the sound of the waves hitting the embankment. In the gap between the curtains, the tiny morning light came in. Looking at the girl who curled up in her arms, although the natural reaction in the morning made Eric want to look forward to it, he did not disturb the Virginia in his sleep, mainly for temperance.

    I played too much last night, and the girl was very tossed by him. Previous life The methods I saw in the movies of the singer were basically tried, and the ripe peaches were indeed much more tolerant than the little red fruit Aniston. Coupled with the girl's songs, Eric was a cool one.

    Dressing on the balcony and discovering that the scenery here is not as bad as I thought last night, I can see the sea view not far away, the sun just slid out of the horizon, and the distant sea surface was dyed with an exaggerated orange red. .

    An eye-catching sharp corner appeared in the southwest of the field of vision, overbearingly blocking the path of a white sand beach. Looking at it with a squint, Eric remembered where it was. Last night, I was drunk and beautiful, and the ambition of a man who was waking up was always strong.

    Eric went back to the girl's bedroom and found a stack of A4 paper on the Virginia bedside table. It looked like a script. Eric was too lazy to look at it. The script that could be sent to Virginia was definitely not a good film, just next to it. There is a pen. Eric picked up the things and took a chair to the balcony and placed the stack of A4 paper on his lapped knees.

    Looking at the topography of the sharp corner not far away, and then comparing the memory in my mind, Eric looked down and began to draw on the blank side of the paper without typing. The pen is not comfortable to use with a pencil, but it can also make do.

    Shasha’s paper-sounding sound unknowingly stunned for more than half an hour. The girl in the bedroom woke up and found that the pillow was gone. Virginia also had a brief horror, but she soon found sitting on the balcony. The figure on the top is carefully drawn.

    When the quilt was barefooted, the girl picked up the tulle gown and covered her body. She went to the balcony and leaned over to kiss the man's shoulder.

    "Good morning, Eric."

    "Early, Vicky, are you still using this script?"

    Virginia shook his head: "Draw it, it's useless. I have been preparing for a long time, but I haven't passed the audition."

    Eric nodded and continued to draw.

    "Eric, what is this you painted?"

    Eric pulled down a bird's eye view and handed it to the girl, pointing to the sharp corner of the southwest.

    Virginia took it over and looked at it and said: "This is…design diagram? ”

    "Well, the design of a mansion, I am going to buy that sharp corner and build a house like this."

    Virginia smiled and returned the design to Eric, saying, "But there is a park."

    Eric took the drawing and said: "It's not the Central Park of New York. I think I can definitely get it. I plan to buy all the land that is close to one hectare. I believe the Los Angeles County Government will be happy to increase this. Extra income."

    One hectare, Virginia did not notice that Eric was not using an imperial unit of measure. The cerebellum awkwardly converted the area. One hectare was about 100,000 square feet, and her cottage was only over a thousand square feet.

    God, a hundred-fold mansion is clearly beyond the limit that Virginia can imagine. If this man belongs to himself…No, even if I can be a love man of this little man, I will live in that fantastic mansion for a while, and it must be excellent.

    “Eric, the geological conditions there don’t seem to be suitable for building a mansion, otherwise, the rich have definitely managed to buy it there.”Virginia's voice is greasy and seems to bring himself into a role and start to give men a idea: "I think it's better to pick a piece of land with a private beach. Why do you have to pick it there?"

    Eric once again smeared a picture in his mind on a piece of white paper with a mysterious smile on his lips: "Because there is Malibu 10880," paused and added: "My Malibu 10880!"

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