The body of the 089th chapter has a good fortune

I am the latest chapter of Hollywood, the body of the 089th chapter has a good fortune, astronomy

    Virginia couldn't understand what Eric was saying, and asked in confusion: "Malibu 10880?"

    Eric clicked on it and did not explain it in detail, nor could she explain it to the girl.

    Previous life Tony Stark's Malibu Super Sea View Mansion in Iron Man 3 impressed Eric. Later, he and many fans, on the Internet, queried the information of this mansion, but found that it was the full CG model that Film Studio made based on the original address of Malibu.

    Later, some people said that the mansion really existed, but the address was in San Diego, California, and the homeowner also listed it for sale. The onlookers quickly discovered that it was just a hype, and that San Diego was indeed a good sea view villa. But compared with the movie, it is obviously the difference between wild ducks and white swan.

    The more glamorous New York Stark Building is unlikely to be realized, New York is now a radish, but Iron Man's Malibu mansion is within Eric's capabilities. It is nothing more than a question of money. For Eric now, the problem of money is not a problem. It is expected that the movie "Pretty Woman" will bring him hundreds of millions of USD of income. With such a large sum of money, it is enough to build a hundred villas in Malibu.

    Turning his head and glanced at the scented girl on his shoulder, Eric smiled and reached for Virginia's full meatball, feeling the soft and smooth meat: "Vicky, help me make some breakfast, busy all night, good I'm hungry."

    Virginia smiled at Eric with a glance: "Is there, I still need breakfast?"

    "Go, prepare a bread omelette, and then you have an apple on the table, I will wait to eat you."

    "As you wish, Your Highness."Virginia smiled and reached his head, trying to kiss Eric's lips. The red lips just came together, and Eric suddenly thought of something and suddenly slammed to the side: "No."

    With a bang, the whole person went to the floor with the chair, and the paper on the knee that was fixed by the paper clip was also scattered and scattered.

    Virginia quickly lifted Eric and slaps the dust on his body: "What's wrong with you, how big is the reaction?"

    Eric pointed to Virginia's little mouth: "You ate that last night, haven't brushed your teeth yet?"

    Virginia immediately understood it and stunned Eric with a glance: "You are so abominable, forcing me to eat something so disgusting, I just disliked it."

    "Tiger is not a child!"Eric smiles and picks up the paper on the floor with Virginia, and re-uses the paper clip. The girl was rushed to prepare breakfast and Eric sat down again.

    The order of more than ten pages of the manuscript was obviously disrupted, and Eric flipped through the order to mark the order, inadvertently glanced at the two letters on the top of a page, Steel-Magnolias.

    "Steel Magnolias"!

    Eric quickly sorted the manuscript order and read it from the first page.

    Although it's just an audition, it's not a complete script, and there isn't any information about screenwriter Director. Eric uses these footage to determine which one is the Steel Magnolias. The lens fragment on the manuscript is obviously the courageous hair stylist Annel.

    "Fortunate property points are really high enough, maybe you should go to Las Vegas to try your luck!"Eric smiled and muttered. Since the script appeared in Virginia's bedroom, the audition should be the latest thing, and I hope the character has not settled.

    Walking down the stairs with the script, Virginia has changed a set of home clothes and is alive in the kitchen with an apron.

    Notice that Eric appeared behind him, and Virginia turned his head and smiled at him: "Eric, it will be good soon."

    Eric raised his script and asked, "Vicky, when did you participate in the audition for this movie?"

    Virginia flipped the sizzling egg in the frying pan with a shovel and quickly turned and glanced at it: "Do you mean "Steel Magnolias"? The mirror tried on Friday, um, that is the day before yesterday. ”

    "Can you tell me about this movie, how much do you know?"

    Virginia shoveled the omelette and turned off the fire. "Okay, Eric, let's go to the restaurant."

    Eric nodded and helped the girl to bring the breakfast into the restaurant.

    Virginia poured a glass of milk on Eric and said, "This movie script was recommended to me by my manager. Director is Herbert Ross. I heard that Samsung originally planned to invest, because it started the acquisition negotiations with Japan Sony, worried that the failure of the production of the released Box Office will lead to a stock price decline, and many of the unfavorable movie projects of Columbia Samsung Film Industry were suspended, Herbert Ross had to invest in a plan to build a film, and the budget was not much. I only got the chance to audition. ”

    Because of Eric's promise last night, Virginia is no longer lost for not having the role of Annel. The tone is very dull, like pulling a home: "Unfortunately Herbert Ross thinks I…I am too old to be suitable for that role, so the audition failed. ”

    When she mentioned her age, the girl had another worry. She looked up at Eric. She was 30 years old and could not stand the embarrassment for several years.

    The opposite Eric's movements were slower, and the mind quickly figured out that since Samsung gave up the movie, it might be possible to pull the project over. Firefly wants to grow and grow, it's impossible to make Eric's own movie all the time. Investing in more projects is a must, and Steel Magnolias may be a good attempt.

    Of course, Firefly will definitely build its own distribution channel. Previous life DreamWorks is because there is no perfect distribution channel, and the film has to be handed over to the six majors, resulting in most of the benefits being separated by the giants. DreamWorks Many movies were sold, but the books were always losing money, and they had to be sold to Viacom.

    In fact, DreamWorks also has its own distribution capabilities, but many of the movies produced by SpInternet Explorer lberg are big investment big productions. If you declare your own ability, if you release it, you can take 200 Million USD Box Office movies around the world and you can recover 100 Million. USD is not bad. This is why Eric has not considered his own movie for the time being.

    He willingly give nearly half of the profits to Fox, because only the ability of the giants such as Fox is enough to completely release the potential of the original Basic Instinct movie Box Office. If he publishes it himself, even if he gets exactly the same number of screens as Fox, he can't reach the same high Box Office. There are too many things involved in this, and it is difficult to make it clear at a time.

    Gradually, Eric clarified the development ideas that Firefly should have, and handed over the films he produced to the giants to make money. At the same time, he invested a lot of small-cost movies with a budget of several million, and used these films to accumulate as 'cannon fodder'. Resources and experience. When the development reaches a certain level, it is logical to release your own movie.

    It seems that the Weinstein brothers are taking the path of starting a small cost. They have been playing and selling up and down the DreamWorks. The Weinstein brothers have been very moist for a long time. Even if they later lost Miramax, the newly formed Weinstein Film Industry is still there. Hollywood has a place.

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