Chapter 090 of the main text has to be realized a few without regret

I am the latest chapter of Hollywood. The main text of Chapter 090 is to realize a few regrets.

    Putting down the phone, Eric turned to the girl and said, "Well, go to the United Talent Agency and look for Kapoor. He knows what to do."

    Virginia has now put on a rosy suit skirt, adding a bit of intellectuality, holding a small bag in his hand: "You don't go back to the city with me?"

    "No, I am here waiting for my lawyer to come. And we were discovered together by paparazzi, certainly not very good. ”

    Virginia took out a bunch of keys and handed it to Eric: "This is the spare key for the villa. If you want, you can…Come over at any time. ”

    Eric smiled and took the key to the pocket: "Do not worry, I will come often."I couldn’t help but stretch my hand and squeezed on the girl’s pointed chin: “You look really sexy when you wear this suit, and show it to me in bed next time.”

    Virginia threw a wink at Eric: "It’s only eight o'clock now, I can go out later."

    Eric slaps on the hips of the girl wrapped in the skirt, and squats a few times, smiles: "Don't wave, be careful, I will let you out of the door for three days, let's go."

    "Oh, wrinkle."Virginia took Eric's magic hand and put together the skirt: "Then I will go first."

    Shortly after Virginia left, a black Mercedes stopped at the door of the villa. Eric's private lawyer carefully pointed to the address on the note and slammed the doorbell in confusion.

    "Eric, have you bought another house here?"Seeing Eric open the door, Edward Lewis asked.

    Eric explained: "No, this is a friend's house."

    Edward followed Eric into the living room, not looking at the feminine home accessories, just the faint scent of the air, Edward determined that this is a woman's home. This made him somewhat envious of Eric's beauty.

    Always leading a private lawyer to the balcony on the second floor, Eric pointed to the sharp corner not far away and asked, “Edward, what do I need to do if I want to buy the land there?”

    Edward put on his glasses, squinted and looked at him. He shook his head: "Eric, it’s too far away, or will we go over it? It is not clear here. ”

    “No problem,” Eric picked up the script that painted the design and followed Edward out.

    Two people stood on the edge of the cliff in the sharp corner, with bare brown rocks at the foot, surrounded by weeds, but the blue sea in front was beautiful.

    Edward holds a design in his hand, although it is pen-and-painted, but with Eric's solid sketching skills, the buildings on the map are still vivid.

    Private lawyers admire the atmosphere and luxury of the buildings on the draft. If it is really built, it will definitely become the landmark of Malibu: "Eric, are you sure you want to build such a mansion?"

    "Can't you?"

    Edward nodded. "These are private villas. Although I don't know the knowledge of construction engineering, I guess a little, I know that the reason why it was changed to a park is definitely because it is not suitable for construction land, or no one will let the ten-acre land vacant. ”

    "As long as you can take this piece of land," Eric said: "No matter how much it costs, I will build it up. If the situation is not good, it will be cemented. If it needs soil, it will be transported from the outside; the excavator can't." Work, then use explosives."

    Edward smiled and shook his head.

    Eric also felt that he had just made a fuss, and smiled and said: "Edward, you will not be in the heart of the damn rich man?"

    "Of course not, just think it's not necessary to do this, Eric. Look at those," Edward pointed to the villa twice: "The villas are comfortable to live in, and there is nothing but rock weeds here. ”

    Edward finished, looking at Eric, with curiosity in his face, he was curious to know why Eric was wondering how he wanted to build a mansion here.

    "This is an ideal for me."Eric understands what private lawyers want to ask, and it is also an excuse to make up an excuse: "I just moved from Los Angeles to United Kingdom when I was a child. I was brought here by my father. I was young and my heart was suddenly coming out. The idea of ​​building a big house on the ground under his feet. Later, I gradually forgot, until this morning, I suddenly saw it again, remembering the whims of a long time ago, such as the world. And if you have enough economic strength, why not achieve it. ”

    After that, Eric licked a blade of grass and put it in his mouth and chewed it twice: "There are countless thoughts from small to large, and I have to lose a few of them all the way. I have to realize a few, and I will not regret it in the future. Edward, have you had any unusual thoughts before? ”

    Edward seems to have been recalled by Eric's words: "When I was in high school, I wanted to be a rock star. I skipped classes and went to school. I was caught by my father and closed for one month. My father used to participate in the Marine Corps and went to the battlefield. Therefore, it is also the standard military confinement. You never know how terrible it is after you have never experienced it. After a month, I was released. He applied to Yale Law School. ”

    Eric laughed and looked at the temperament. Confucianism is more like a scholar's Edward: "You don't look like a person who has ever played rock."

    Edward sighed: "Of course, it has been almost 30 years. At that time, the Beatles had just been established, and Elvis Presley was still in full swing. Now these legends have disappeared. ”

    Elvis and the Beatles were too far away from Eric, but he still heard the memories and feelings in Edward's tone, reaching out and touching in a few pockets.

    Edward glanced at Eric's movements, took a pocket and found a box of cigarettes: "Are you looking for this?"

    Eric took a cigarette and ignited and took a sip: "I thought you didn't smoke."

    Edward Basic Instinct looked at it four times and then followed one of them: "Occasionally, I will smoke one. When I was in high school, I was very addicted. My father found me once and used it. It was very painful and slow. Slowness forms a psychological shadow. Even if the father no longer manages, he still used to sneak when smoking. Many people think that I don't have this habit. ”

    Two men of mental age who are in their forties are talking and snoring while blowing a half-hour sea breeze. Edward smashes the last cigarette butt with Eric's cigarette butt into the empty cigarette case. "It hasn't been so relaxed for a long time."

    "You can always come here afterwards."

    “Too busy,” Edward shook his head, then said, “Eric, get the check ready, I try to help you get the land down.”

    "Thank you."

    "You're welcome, I have to get a commission."Edward joked: "But, Eric, you need to find a financial manager. Today, this kind of thing, strictly speaking, is beyond the scope of my services. ”

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