Text 091, Amy’s invitation

I am the latest chapter of Hollywood, the invitation of the body of the chapter 091 Amy, floating astronomy

    Eric also had the intention of finding a Manager, but it was not an easy task. Although he has not yet got a share of any film, no one can deny that he is now worth more than 100 Million USD.

    And only Eric knows himself, the "Jurassic Park" copyright, the Pixar studio, and in the future he will plan to continue to take the next generation of 'gold mines', these things will make his assets easily break through the Tenenny USD in the future. level.

    In this case, he could not hand over the assets in his hands to an outsider. The ethics of this kind of thing, only if there is not enough temptation to be tempted, will someone stick to it.

    It’s not uncommon for Hollywood Star to be deceived by its own financial manager. The previous life Nicholas Cage’s bankruptcy incident, although it’s not related to Cage’s personal squandering personality, but he’s not the financial manager who’s out of it. This kind of thing is not easy to happen.

    The more confusing the employer’s financial situation, the easier it is to fish in the water. The accounts are clearly organized, and the assets are added to the employers. The financial Manager can only get the rewards that belong to them.

    Take Edward's ride back to Los Angeles, and Eric goes to the Hilton Hotel parking lot to retrieve his car and drive directly to the Firefly headquarters.

    Jeffrey had already taken over the adaptation of Scent of a Woman during Eric's departure from Los Angeles, and Eric hadn't had time to write the "Scent of a Woman" script. Jeffrey also raised another issue, the financial status of Firefly.

    Shooting "Pretty Woman" has already spent Eric's investment in the company, and to get the film share, as usual, after the film is down. Although it has a good relationship with Fox, Eric can be sure that if he wants to talk to Barry Diller because of this, the other party will definitely talk to him about business.

    And Eric's 50 Million USD loan, which was secured by the Home Alone contract, cost P20 $20 million and left 10 million as the upfront funding for Toy Story. Now there are only 20 million USD left. .

    The money didn't even invest enough in his next movie, let alone Eric's plans for several other movies.

    Eric signed a check for 20 Million USD and handed it to the company's financial manager. Then he said to Jeffrey: "So, prepare for Scent of a Woman, I will drive the script out these days."

    "What about your movie?"

    Eric shrugged: "You can only continue to borrow."

    Anyway, I have borrowed it once. This kind of thing, even if I just started to resist, I got used to it by borrowing. Anyway, he will not let other Film Studio intervene in his own movie project.

    "Right, Jeffrey, this is me…A script that I happened to see, Director is Herbert Ross, and is still in the casting stage. I heard that the budget for this movie is not very loose. You can contact him to see if you can win this project. Firefly is willing to invest together, and can also convince Julia Roberts to join the film. ”

    Jeffrey looked at the sub-script script that Eric handed over and read a few paragraphs. He didn't see anything special. However, he did not raise any objections. Until now, he no longer doubts Eric's vision in the movie. As Eric said, he is more suitable as a producer, and the content of the film is left to Eric to decide.

    "No problem, I will contact Herbert Ross as soon as possible."

    In the morning, I had to deal with things that he had to ask, Eric was going home, and Jeffrey knocked on the door and went into his office: "Eric, remember Amy Pascal?"

    "Of course, not her words, "Home Alone" is not likely to be released so smoothly. Speaking of it, I have not been able to thank Amy. ”

    "She called," Jeffrey said, pulling up Eric: "I haven't hung up yet, looking for you."

    Eric quickly got up and followed Jeffrey to his office.

    "Amy?…I haven't seen you for a long time, I always want to say thank you to you, but unfortunately, you suddenly resigned…No problem at all……Then, see you later. ”

    Hanging up, Eric and Jeffrey glanced at each other.

    Jeffrey took the lead to say what he knew: "Amy returned to Columbia, and temporarily served as Vice Chairman. Blunt · Cohen has resigned. I heard that I retired early and went to France."

    "She just told you?"

    Jeffrey nodded. "I talked to her a few words before, what did Amy look for?"

    "Say it is to invite me to dinner,"

    The two talked a few words and didn't figure out what the clues were. Eric looked at the watch and said, "Then I will go to the appointment first, Jeffrey, "Scent of a Woman" and "Steel Magnolias" are all handed over to you. I am going to catch the script at home in the next few days, I will not come to the company, I will call me if I have something."

    “No problem,” Jeffrey said, and the two walked out of the office side by side.


    Coming to the agreed restaurant, Eric found that Amy Pascal was waiting there. The girl was dressed in a black professional suit, and the shoulder-shouldered blonde became a wave. It was said that the haircut of the woman showed her mood, and Eric did not see what the hairstyle represented.

    The two hugged a little, Eric said: "Sorry, Amy, traffic jam on the road, let you wait for me here."

    “It’s okay,” Amy Pascal smiled. “You are not late, it’s too early for me.”

    The two sat down at the table together, and Amy Pascal handed the menu to Eric: "What do you want to eat?"

    Eric took it and suddenly smiled: "It feels weird, the order of the two of us is completely reversed, and the sentence should be correct for me."

    "Forget it, big boy, I said that I have a treat for this meal, don't be masculine."

    Eric shrugged and didn't refute. Amy Pascal didn't have much contact with him. The other person didn't know the mature side of his character, so it was understandable to talk to him about the tone of his young man of this age.

    Just ordered a lunch, Eric handed the menu to Amy, the girl did not look at the menu, skillfully said his request, and then handed the menu to the waiter.

    "Do you often come here to eat?"

    “Yeah, the food here tastes good.”

    Amy didn't rush to explain his intention to invite Eric. Eric didn't worry too much until two people had lunch together and chatted casually about topics such as weather and current affairs until they had used lunch and changed into coffee. Amy said For my own purposes.

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