The body of the 092th chapter of the fat sheep, what is the most loved

I am the latest chapter of Hollywood, the body of the 092th chapter of the fat sheep, what is the most love, floating astronomy

    After listening to Amy Pascal's condition of Coca Cola CEO Guo Sida, Eric is not motivated. He even thinks that there is no big pit waiting for himself. Otherwise, how can there be such a good thing in the sky? What?

    Provide enough budgetary funds, do not intervene in the production of the film at all, and even provide the team to help him make another film to deal with Fox's contract, and after that, he can still get 30% of the local, 10% of the overseas Box Office is divided.

    This kind of condition is a bit mad, and SpInternet Explorer lberg can't get such a good treatment.

    "Amy, Columbia's opening this condition gives me a sense of unreality. You know, my last collaboration with Columbia wasn't too happy, so I can't believe if there is anything in it…Cat tired? ”

    Amy is right: "Eric, believe me, in order to promote this cooperation, to prevent someone from obstructing it, Board of Directors deliberately lifted the original Chairmanman Blunt · Mr. Cohen's position. This is enough to express the sincerity of Columbia. ”

    Eric still shook his head. Blunt · Cohen's passing away made him happy, but not enough to convince him that Columbia did it because he said: "I need a real reason to convince me?"

    Amy indulged in detail and explained: "Because Columbia is negotiating with Japan Sony, it needs a hot movie to stimulate stock prices, and you are the safest one. The three movies you participated in have achieved amazing Box Office results. Under the continuous accumulation of this Box Office appeal, the audience has formed a certain amount of cinematic inertia. When you release the next movie, many people will get used to it. Sex tends to go into the cinema to have a look. As long as your next movie maintains the previous level, it is reasonable to get the broken Box Office again. ”

    Seeing Eric gradually revealing his expression, Amy went on to say: "So, don't think that Columbia will do a loss-making business. This is a win-win cooperation. Eric, "Home Alone"'s previous hot sale, pushed Columbia's share price from 12USD to a high of 14USD. The market value has shrugged from 2.2 billion USD to 2.56 billion USD. ”

    Eric figured it out, that is, because of the goodness of previous Home Alone, Columbia's market value increased by 360 million.

    Under normal circumstances, this growth is encouraging, but shareholders will not sell stocks because the stock price has increased by two USD. After all, they are interested in long-term interests, and the main benefit is annual profit dividends. At the same time, once the film investment fails, the stock price will fall again.

    But after Sony decided to buy Columbia, the situation was different, and every minute of stock price growth would translate into actual banknotes. The shareholders of Columbia can't calculate the net assets with the Japanese. If they want to buy, the stock price is the standard. There must be a certain percentage of the premium.

    I remember previous life, Sony bought Columbia, and spent nearly five Billion USD, which is definitely a super big head, because Columbia's actual assets are not even 2 Billion USD. Only one year after the acquisition was completed, Columbia's share price once again fell back to normal levels, and the market value directly evaporated by 2.7 billion, making the Sony Board of Directors cry.

    Regardless of the previous life, Eric has no good feelings for the Japanese people. How can this kind of knife slaughter the fat sheep?

    Of course, on the surface, it is necessary to pretend to be a difficult person, and his own interests are the first.

    "Amy, if that's the case, I would be happy to work with Columbia again, but I have previously signed a cooperation agreement with Fox for three films. As for what you said, Columbia provided me with a gunner's team to make a movie to deal with Fox. I definitely won't agree. It's about my personal reputation. There are many people who have questioned whether I can make the first few movies with my age. . ”

    When I heard Eric let go, Amy asked: "Eric, is there a plan in your heart?"

    Eric smiled a little: "It is estimated that you have already got the specific content of the contract, so you only open the previous price. Although the local share is 5 percent less than Fox, the price is still relative to the price paid by Columbia. Very reasonable."Amy's cheeks are hot, and the specific terms of Eric's contract with Fox are not strictly confidential, but they have not been disclosed. It must be that commercial espionage has played a role.

    Eric also has no interest in this sort of thing, and continues: "Since the contract content Columbia already know, then you should be aware that Fox's contract is mainly to get the" home Alone "the title of the sequel, specifically for the film to make a lot of details of the provisions of the gossip. But it’s not too concerned about the other two movies, so…"

    Amy Pascal excitedly sockets: "So, your next movie even if not to Fox to issue also does not matter, as long as the end of the year to Fox three works on the line, right?" ”

    Eric nodded and shook his head again: "Although this does not violate the agreement, Fox is not so good." Fox has already scheduled my next movie in the summer, and because Fox has a lot of movie distribution plans this year, once I quit, Fox is equal to the summer out of Box Office competition, which will make Fox lose. From tens of millions to more than 100 million USD. ”

    Amy Pascal frowned, the six giants, although both competitive and cooperative, but Columbia could not come up with enough chips for Fox to give up such a big profit. Glance at the opposite boy

    Eric also shrugged helplessly, and he couldn't think of anything for the time being, and this summer's summer movie was saturated, especially for big-production movies. Although Eric can spell it and then direct a movie to Fox, this kind of thing may not be done by others, but there is no problem for him with such a golden finger.

    However, in this case, that is the extra film and the May "Batman" against it, or with the June "Indiana Jones" hard to shake it, difficult to get July, oneself with oneself competition? This is bound to result in both losses.

    But at the same time, he is not willing to give up the conditions that Columbia has to offer. Even if it is based on the Box Office of the lower movie North America 200 Million USD, the share he gets will only be 10 million USD less than Fox, and Columbia is willing to pay for the production cost of 30 million USD.

    What's more, he's not so confident about his own movie, even if he can be invited to Tom Cruise and Tom Hanks, plus his own box Office appeal, broken billion certainly no problem. But the specific can get, but there is no previous life Box Office for reference, because his next movie is not from the movie of previous life Hollywood.

    "Amy, give me a few days, I need to talk to Mr. Barry Diller first. If you can get Fox's understanding best, if it is impossible to reach a settlement, anyway, I am not a violation of the agreement. ”

    “Do you need Columbia to do something?”Asked Amy Pascal.

    Eric is not ok: "What can Columbia do? It’s hard not to go to Mr. Barry Diller’s office and say to him: Hey, we have to negotiate with the Japanese, need some chips, how can we give us the Williams movie? ”

    "This……"Amy smiled and shook his head. "Well, I am waiting for your good news. If you need help, you can contact me directly."

    The two left their respective contact methods before they broke up. Eric went home and dialed the phone at Barry Diller's office, but was told by the assistant of the other party that Barry Diller went to Europe for a business trip and returned four days later. Although the assistant left Barry Diller's temporary contact to Eric, he did not call the other party directly, but made an appointment four days later.

    After all, this matter is hard to say on the phone. The two are separated by thousands of miles. If the communication is not smooth, it will be worth the loss.

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