Body Chapter 093 I’ll be leaving things to you

I am the latest chapter of Hollywood, the body of Chapter 093 I'll be leaving things to you , Astronomy

    "In just four days, have you written the script out?"Jeffrey picked up the top "Scent of a Woman" and looked at it, surprised Eric.

    "It’s just the first draft. When shooting, it will definitely be modified according to the specific situation."Eric replied, stepping back a few steps comfortably on the sofa and asking: "I faxed you the script outline and asked you to invite Tom Hanks and Tom Cruise. Is there a response?"

    Jeffrey turned over the work record and said: "All responded. Sending Tom Hanks to Shane's invitation, but Hanks hopes to play Andy's role. He thinks the character is also evil and very malleable. There is more space for acting. Tom Cruise also expressed a strong interest in the script, but hopes to modify Andy's women's plot, he does not want to be damaged in the image of the fans. ”

    The next film Eric is going to shoot is the peak of previous life Milkyway Image, Running out of Time.

    When writing the script, Eric used the English names of Andy Lau and Sean Lau to name the two male protagonists.

    If you want to choose two Actors in Hollywood instead of Andy Lau and Sean Lau, are there more suitable than Tom Cruise and Tom Hanks? The two are an idol, a power, and the same as the previous life.

    Of course, Hanks is still a little handsome, but there is only one lost, and it will soon be cruel. If Hanks is to replace Andy Lau's role, with the current image, can the bus girl love you at first sight, do you want to be so self-aware!

    "Jeffrey, they shouldn't know each other getting an invitation." You will tell them about the news and see if you can talk about it for a while. ”

    "Well, I will contact them when I wait."Jeffrey replied: "And, Herbert Ross promised Firefly to invest in the "Steel Magnolias", but Kapoor insisted that Julia's pays 5 Million USD, and if so, the film production costs at least 13 Million. Herbert Ross has only pulled 4Million investment before. Firefly needs to add 9Million. Do you want to communicate with Kapoor to see if you can lower Julia's film. After all, this is a group play. Julia's plays are not many, I think the most. 3 Million, if it is high, it will be worth the loss. ”

    "I will call Kapoor," Eric nodded. "Yes, you copy a copy of Scent of a Woman's script and give it to Al to get him ready." In addition, the script at the bottom sends scripts to Wes Craven, William FrInternet Explorer dkin, and Jonathan Demme to see if they have any intentions for Director. ”

    After Jeffrey wrote it down, he flipped through the last script and took a look: "The Others?"

    Eric nodded, and the film, perhaps another translation, is more known: The Others. But Eric thinks that the translation into "The Others" is more appropriate. The original English name of the movie is "The Others".

    As for the three favorite Directors he said, Wes Craven is the famous "A Nightmare on Elm Street" series Director, and later the "Scream" series.

    William FrInternet Explorer dkin Director Exorcist in 1973. This horror film was once called Hollywood's first horror film. Of course, this title was faltering after the rise of Japanese horror movies in Hollywood. The last Jonathan Demme is still just a small director, but in parallel time and space, the other party will launch "The Silence of the Lambs" two years later and become a hit. The reason why the two famous masters are now Jonathan Demme, who is still unknown, is for Virginia.

    Eric doesn't doubt that the big reverse horror film "The Others" won't get the recognition of the first two horror masters who have been famous for many years, but they are not sure whether the other party will accept Virginia as Heroine. At this point, Eric does not intend to give in. In this regard, Jonathan Demme has no room for bargaining with Eric.

    "Is it an invitation, or one by one?"Jeffrey asked another question.

    "At the same time, remember to show that Heroine has decided that there is no room for negotiation."

    Jeffrey showed a sly smile: "Eric, which girl are you looking at?"

    "Virginia · Madsen."

    Jeffrey remembered the "Pretty Woman" celebration feast and followed Eric to leave the big breasted Actress.

    "Eric, I have to remind you," Jeffrey rarely took out the elders' exhortations: "Investing in movies is a matter of prudence and prudence. You can't promise to give each other a Heroine because of one night's sensation. It's not worth it. Even if you leave a huge check on the other party, you can't make a promise easily. Because once the movie fails because of Heroine, you have to bear the loss of millions or even tens of millions of USD, then a lot of money, even the most advanced should call the girl, enough to find thousands. ”

    Eric never angered or ignored those who pleaded with goodwill, patiently listening to Jeffrey's advice and explaining: "Don't worry, Jeffrey, I'm very good at this. I have let Kapoor sign up for Virginia before. If she does not have this potential, I will not do this. At first, you and Kapoor are not optimistic about Julia, how is it now? ”

    "You know what you are doing."

    "So, here I'll be leaving things to you , Jeffrey."Eric stood up: "I told you about Amy looking for me on the phone before, and I just talked to Mr. Barry Diller today."

    "You seem to have gotten used to the phrase 'I'll be leaving things to you', I am thinking about applying for a raise?"Jeffrey joked that he actually enjoyed the busy and fulfilling life. Compared to the decadence of the first meeting, Jeffrey now looks a lot younger and the whole person is full of energy and vitality.

    Eric knows that Jeffrey is joking. The current position is Firefly's Chairman. In addition to the dividends paid by Eric film producers, although he has not yet acquired the shares of Firefly, the income in Hollywood is definitely at the top of the pyramid: "If you insist If you add one USD, then."

    Joke a few words, Jeffrey got up and sent Eric out of the door and said, "Don't fall out with Fox, try to be euphemistic."

    Eric shrugged: "It involves tens of millions of USD of profits, and euphemism is useless. Whoever made Fox do not pay attention to the specific details of the contract, I am not a breach of contract. Anyway, I won't let Columbia take this opportunity. I think even if Barry Diller is placed in my seat, the choice of the other party will definitely be the same as mine. ”

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