The No. 098 chapter of the text

I am the latest chapter of Hollywood, the main body of Chapter 098, floating astronomy

    "Williams secret meeting with 'Two Toms', suspected to negotiate the new film deal", this is the second day, the title of the headline of the "Hollywood Reporter" headline, accompanied by an Eric, Cruise and Hanks side by side from the Firefly headquarters Photo.

    In the photo, Eric wore a gray sports suit and looked like a high school student, which is very suitable for his age. Cruise is dressed in a black casual jacket and has no buttons to reveal the white T-shirt inside. Only Hanks is wearing a black suit and tie, looking like an office worker. Because I talked about the morning script, the two superstars relaxed their vigilance when they left, and they didn't bring sunglasses, so the three people's expressions were quite clear, and they talked to each other with a smile. This shot happened to be a lucky one. Paparazzi caught it.

    "At about 8 o'clock in the morning, it was discovered that two superstars, Tom Cruise and Tom Hanks, entered the headquarters of Firefly Film Studio, the new director Eric Williams. The reporter received the news and quickly arrived at the relevant location. After waiting for four hours, Eric Williams and the Cruise and Hanks superstars were crowded out from the Firefly headquarters, and the three-person expressions in the photo can be seen. The meeting was quite enjoyable.

    Although the three did not accept the interview of this reporter, they hurried away by car. But based on some clues provided by informed sources, the meeting was related to the new film that Eric Williams was preparing.

    Since the debut of "17 again" as an actor and screenwriter last year, Eric Williams, the magical kid who suddenly broke into Hollywood, has continued to rocket at the speed of the rocket. The first low-cost comedy "Home Alone" will be directed. It was sent to the Box Office Club.

    When many people attributed the boy's performance to the goddess of fortune, just four months later, the Williams second part romantic comedy "Pretty Woman" was released again. The first week of Box Office was close to 30 million USD, which proved completely. The strength of this junior Director.

    In the first movie home Alone, Eric Williams used a bunch of TV actor and the little boy next door to create an amazing box Office Marvel, while the second part movie's Two starring, Al Although Pacino has been nominated several times Oscar, but has been comeback after for four years, Box Office appeal is close to none, Julia Roberts also played a small role in a low-cost comedy, and Eric sent both to Hollywood A-level actor.

    This time, the young Director directly chose two Hollywood star A-stars, and we have no doubt that the lower film will once again create a Box Office miracle.

    However, although the three people in the photo talk about the appearance of this cooperation is a kind of appearance, but we have to mention that Tom Cruise and Tom Hanks currently belongs to Creative artists Agency brokerage Firm, and it is well known that Eric Williams was due to buy a well-known Hollywood gold manager at the beginning of the year brokerage Firm, angered the creative artists Agency high level, the industry has been rumored that senior to Eric Williams quite dissatisfied, "pretty Woman" during the selection of the horn, also once obstructed its artists Richard Gere's cooperation with Eric Williams. For this reason, he compensated Richard Gere for a big production of Metro Goldwyn Mayer – United Artists.

    In this case, we can't imagine that the cooperation between Eric Williams and the two Toms will be full of twists and turns. Of course, Tom Cruise or Tom Hanks also have enough strength to ignore the obstruction of Creative Artists Agency. After all, the two are now Hollywood A-class superstars, and even if they lose the support of CAA, their career will not be greatly affected.

    Moreover, judging from the impact of the first two works of Eric Williams, his new work is likely to bring the two superstar careers to a new level.

    I believe that in Hollywood, no Actor can resist this kind of temptation, that is, I don't know if the CAA's top executive has enough power to once again obstruct the cooperation.

    The last incident caused Mr. Richard Gere to lose another chance to step into the A-level Actor ranks. According to the recent filming of the "Road House" film critic, the prospect of the film is not optimistic. The Box Office is unlikely to break out, not enough to 'compensate' Mr. Richard Gere to give up the 'loss' of the "Pretty Woman" actor. So, how Cruise and Hanks will choose, how the CAA executives will handle Williams' invitations, let us wait and see. ”

    Eric smiled and threw the newspaper on the table, and really wanted to blow up the editor who wrote the manuscript. In the previous situation, Michael Ovitz would only raise the disapproval of the two superstar's pay quotes, but it would not be a strong obstacle to the cooperation between the two.

    After all, the rise of UTA is now overwhelming, and Michael Ovitz is not only worth the loss, but also being considered to be narrow-minded. The more narrow-minded people, the more fear and hatred they have for others.

    When the future contract is signed, the Actor lineup is announced, and some media are spurred, no matter what is in private, but in the public mind, the two sides are even shaking hands and swearing, this is for the public of Creative Artists Agency and Eric. The image is good.

    But now that the tabloid newspaper is so sloppy, if the cooperation is successfully reached, the title of 'Hollywood's most powerful person' that Michael Ovitz just got becomes a joke.

    Sure enough, the second day of the article "Hollywood Reporter" published, Eric ushered in a heart-wrenching news.

    "It's too much, 6 Million USD's pay quotes are ok, but the other side turned out to be a big lion, and the 20% North America profit share after the movie was released. I have been in Hollywood for so many years, and I have never heard of any Actor who will make such a non-point condition. Eric, do you have to use Tom Cruise and Tom Hanks? Other Brokerage Firm is not without top Actors. It's not good. You can play a role yourself. Self-directed and self-directed, this gimmick has more influence. ”After Jeffrey talked to Cruise and Hanks' manager, he rushed into Eric's office with a sullen look, complaining.

    Although the heart has long been expected, the conditions put forward by two people still shocked Eric. Hollywood Star demanded profit sharing This 'bad atmosphere' began with Tom Cruise, and later, the pattern of pay and profit sharing slowly became a popular charging model, and the proportion was generally between 10% and 20%. .

    The so-called profit sharing is divided into two concepts, namely, the Box Office of the movie. Specifically, the producers get the Box Office share they deserve, minus the part of the gross profit of the production cost, multiplied by the Actor's required proportion. Is the profit share that Actor can get. Moreover, the profit share is divided into two categories: the global Box Office share and the North America Box Office.

    Although the managers of Cruise and Hanks have not lost their sense of reason to make a global profit share, the 20% North America is split, even after many years, it is not so easy to get. The one that can get the highest ratio is either the one that is missing, such as Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean in the parallel space, or the total abandonment of the pay, in exchange for the highest proportion of gambling.

    But now, this kind of charging method just appears, Tom Cruise was also filming "Rain Man" last year, ' whimsical ' to put forward this charging mode, because Cruise powerful box Office appeal, plus the "Rain Man" production cost is not high, the film side after considering, feel as long as Cruise join , the film is very easy to profit, so promised to cruise requirements, but this is also in the case of cruise, and the profit is divided into a proportion of only 10%.

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