The text of Chapter 099 is a work of art.

I am the latest chapter of Hollywood. The text of Chapter 099 is a piece of art, floating astronomy.

    Looking at the eyes are really angry, still in the chatter of Jeffrey, Eric can only get up, give each other poured a cup of water, and so Jeffrey at once drank, just advised: "Well, Jeffrey, don't you see it, this is just creative artists Agency wipe not A trick to open face, if the other party killed 20% of the split, of course, there is no need to talk about cooperation. But if you calm down and think about it, you know that Creative Artists Agency wants to drag on for a while? ”

    "Trouble time, why should you drag the time?"Jeffrey obviously didn't calm down, and poured himself a glass of water to ask for it.

    Eric's spreader: "Because of the face, "PremInternet Explorer re" magazine has a "Hollywood Power Rankings" ranking, Michael Ovitz ranks first, even the bar giants of Barry Diller and Michael Eisner Can only be behind him. It didn't take long before I got this title, and there were two stars who had cooperated with the previous blockers. This is not the face of his 'Hollywood's most powerful person'. ”

    Jeffrey breathed a sigh of relief: "That's fine. I thought the other party really wants to split the profit. It's too messy."

    "This is not a mess," Eric said directly. "Jeffrey, maybe you will slowly accept the stars in addition to pay, but also divide the profit into this reality, because Cruise tries in the upper film "Rain Man" This model has gained a lot of sweetness, and other Hollywood Stars will not be able to follow suit."

    "Two people add 40% of the gross profit. Do you want to earn more than we do?" We have 60% remaining and we have to pay various other fees. ”

    Eric actually thought of this question. He thought that this might be an opportunity. In the future, he was destined to join the Hollywood Film Producer Alliance. This decided that for his own benefit, he must stand on the opposite side of the Actor.

    Cruise's "Rain Man" is just an attempt to give Actor a new pay-for-charge model, and the "Running Out of Time" negotiation may become a reference for many Hollywood top star requests in the future, so no matter what. , the lower the proportion of the division, the better.

    If this ratio can be controlled between 5% and 10%, then once it becomes a standard, the accumulated expenses in the future will be an astronomical figure. Although Eric doesn't know if this can be successful, I always try it.

    "Jeffrey, don't worry about this matter. Just talk to the other party. I don't even think about 20%. 6 Million's pay will also be pressed down. I want to divide and don't want to reduce the pay. Now there are so good things."

    Jeffrey is still somewhat reluctant: "Eric, why not bypass the managers of Cruise and Hanks and talk to two people alone. Didn't you have a good day?"

    Eric smiled and pulled out yesterday's "Hollywood Reporter" and shook it in front of Jeffrey: "They are all artists of Creative Artists Agency. I don't have any good friendship with each other. They can promise to star in "Running Out of Time". It’s enough to give Michael Ovitz’s face, and the two can’t do too much. Besides, they can't object to Creative Artists Agency getting more out of themselves. ”

    Jeffrey did not refute, but asked: "Eric, talk about what you think." I am still encountering this kind of thing for the first time. Although I can drag the negotiation down, as Boss, you are the one who decided on the final decision, so you better give me a bottom line data reference. When I was negotiating, There is a measure in my heart. ”

    Eric rubbed his chin and said: "There is no Actor to take the share of the convention, forcing the other party to divide, and then reduce the pay." I heard that in the "Rain Man", Cruise can get the share contract, which is the result of actively reducing the pay. As for the bottom line, with the current reputation of Cruise and Hanks, the pay is not more than five million USD, the proportion is controlled between 5% and 10%, and definitely not more than 10%. ”

    "Well, I have a bottom in my heart."Jeffrey wrote down Eric's words.

    Noting that Jeffrey was still depressed, Eric comforted and patted each other's shoulders and smiled: "Well, Jeffrey, don't worry about it anymore." Although we do lose some of the benefits because of the new pay-for-money model, we can make up for it from other places, and that part of the benefits do not need to be divided into Actors. We can even use the Actor's banner to open higher. Price code. ”

    "You mean…Implant ads? ”

    "bingo!"Eric snapped a finger: "Running Out of Time is still a fashion film, which is perfect for advertising. I saw on the newspaper that Lamborghini had more than three times the sales of this year's sports car because of the "Pretty Woman" placement advertisement. The new ghost sports car has not yet been listed, and has received orders for hundreds of vehicles. ”

    “This is really a good idea,” Jeffrey finally showed a smile, subconsciously looking for scripts, and wanted to see which ads could be embedded in Running Out of Time. Eric took a piece of paper and handed it to Jeffrey: "Don't find it, I'm ready."

    Jeffrey took it and glanced at the long list of slips, his mouth slightly open.

    Mobile phone, intercom, sports car, boxed cookInternet Explorer s, sunglasses, camera, necklace, comic magazine…

    "Eric, is this too…Exaggerated a bit? ”

    Eric feels that he has been very frustrated compared to the explosion of previous life. At least he did not spend 200 Million USD to create a three-hour special effects commercial. He just used the plot to put the advertisement into the advertisement, but not for advertising. And change the plot.

    "Jeffrey, in fact, these are just handwritten when I think of it. There will be a lot of intercom and mobile phone shots in the movie, so mobile phone and intercom ads can be packaged for a communications equipment company, such as Motorola, I heard that Motorola is about to launch a small mobile phone, only a palm. I believe that with the example of Lamborghini, plus the two superstars, Cruise and Hanks, Motorola will pay millions of advertising fees very quickly. If the other party’s offer is too low, look for their old rival Ericsson. There is also sports car, continue to contact Lamborghini, presumably the other party will not refuse. ”

    Jeffrey pointed to the list and asked, "What is the boxed cookInternet Explorer s?"

    Eric explained: "Did you read the script? In the movie, Andy put a few bombs and it has always been fake. These bombs are made of boxes. Not only will the box have a close-up of the box. There will also be related lines, so this is also a very important implant advertisement. As for sunglasses and cameras, they are used in movies, so you can also go to sponsorships. The mosquitoes are small and meat. ”

    "Eric, don't you worry, inserting too many ads will arouse the audience's resentment?"

    “No,” Eric said. “There is no intention to implant these ads, so the audience does not feel any discomfort. Of course, because this time there are a large number of implanted advertisements, it is necessary to communicate with the sponsors in advance. It is not like the last Lamborghini, the movie has not yet been released, and the sponsorship is directly extracted. ”

    Jeffrey was aware of something wrong and wondered: "The placement of the advertisement is not outstanding, and it is not publicized. If I am a sponsor, I will definitely not pay for it."

    "It's not that people don't preach," Eric said patiently. "I mean, I can't preach this before the movie is released. Otherwise, even if I didn't deliberately implant it, it would be deliberately thought by the audience. This preconceived notion will cause the audience to resent the film in the subconscious. However, as long as the movie is released, after the word-of-mouth is confirmed, the advertising will be speculated. Not only can it be used for publicity, but it can also attract viewers who are curious about the advertising plot in the movie to enter the cinema again, thus increasing the Box Office of the movie. ”

    Jeffrey showed a meaningful smile: "Eric, I feel like a Venetian businessman in front of me."

    """Is that sarcasm?"""

    "Yes, but I added a lot of praise and admiration to it."Jeffrey laughed.

    "Oh, Master Jeffrey, you are so generous."Eric answered with a tone of the stage play and laughed.

    After the joke, Eric looked at his watch and said, "I just have a date, then…"

    Jeffrey replied quickly, not waiting for Eric to say it: "Things are handed over to me, right?"

    "Smart, I don't think you will answer."Eric laughed again.

    Jeffrey didn't understand what the stalks in Eric's words were, didn't laugh at them, and grinned and curiously said: "Dating, with women?"

    "Man, a well-known architect designer in the industry, Frank Gehry, I have seen his Malibu mansion for Oracle Chairman Larry Ellison, so I plan to ask him to help me."

    “Related to the rocky beach you bought with 5 Million?”

    “How is it to save money?” Eric retorted: “When I successfully build my Malibu 10880, I will buy it at 50 Million USD.”

    "Whether you, to be honest, your arbitrariness has made me relieved, because you have finally done what your teenager should do at this age. Otherwise, I will subconsciously treat you as a peer. . Eric, why are you always calling Malibu 10880 there? ”

    Eric blinked: "This is a secret."

    "Talk, I promise not to tell others."Jeffrey looked over curiously.

    "Since it is a secret, of course you can't tell anyone other than yourself, you can be considered 'Others'."Eric certainly can't explain to Jeffrey and left the office directly.

    Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch reached 11 square kilometers, plus a variety of buildings, only spent 19"500 USD, compared to Malibu, which is only six hectares equivalent to 0.06 square kilometers of land, spent 5 Million USD, It is indeed a big price. However, even then, the private lawyer has spent an extra 'public relations fee' lobbying result, because this is a small park, which is not sold by convention.

    "Mr. Williams, the design of the building you painted is very imaginative, but there are too many unreasonable places, and the construction is quite difficult, especially on the edge of the cliff. ”Frank Gehry evaluates Eric's artwork with his professional eye.

    At this point two people stood together at the sharp corner of Malibu, accompanied by Frank Gehry's assistant, Eric is not alone, just Virginia at home, so Eric called a temporary guest secretary.

    It is already a private territory belonging to Eric, and it has obtained a building permit to be tossed on this land. As long as it is not because of the harassment of the people, there will be no one to manage.

    "Mr. Gehry, you mean that the construction is too difficult, that is to say, can it be built? ”

    Frank Gehry nodded. "But it costs a lot of money. I don't think it is necessary at all. If you must build this mansion here, I suggest to shift the mansion to the north by at least 10 meters, which will not only greatly reduce the construction difficulty, but also save more than 30% of the construction expenses. Moreover, various piping lines are also easier to erect. ”

    Eric visually measured it. After ten meters of translation, the glass window would see a rocky landscape with a lot of scenery. Is it a seascape mansion facing the sea in spring?

    Shaking his head, Eric rejected Frank's suggestion: "Mr. Gehry, if I insist, how much does it cost? ”

    "I can't give you a specific number for the moment, because I don't have a specific survey data, if you insist on the style of your own design, you need to test the geological conditions of the cliff bank to see if it can withstand the weight of the building, if not, it will need to be reinforced, which is even more cumbersome. However, I think that five million is definitely indispensable. ”

    “Only five million USD?”Eric raised the eyebrow, it took five million to buy this land.

    "Mr. Williams, as far as I know, the most expensive mansion in Malibu is now the price. ”

    "Sorry, Mr. Gehry, I don't know too much about these things. I want to take the liberty to ask, if I have 10 million or even 20 million, what effect can I create? ”

    In this era, even Bill's classmates at Microsoft can't open up one or two million dollars in cash. After all, the other party's worth is reflected in the stock price. But the film industry is different. As long as Box Office can sell, you can withdraw tens of millions or even hundreds of millions of dollars in a relatively short period of time.

    Frank Gehry looked at the young man in amazement and thought about it: "In that case, I will build a piece of art for you, Mr. Williams, are you sure? ”

    "I am sure, Mr. Gehry, what I want is a piece of art. ”Eric replied without hesitation.

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