The 101st chapter of the text is made bigger

I am the latest chapter of Hollywood, the 101st chapter of the main text is big, floating astronomy

    "Eric, you are so smart. I have found out that the assistant's suit is not fit, but I can't think of what you said."

    "This is nothing, as long as you usually develop the habit of observing and thinking." Moreover, I like to watch Sherlock Holmes' novels. ”

    "So," Virginia got tired and raised her chin: "Mr. Sherlock Holmes, have you found out that I have changed?"

    “I found out early, the hair dyed very well, I like it very much.” Eric touched the girl and dyed it into golden brown hair.

    "I really have no sincerity. It’s so stubborn. It took a few hours for people to dye their hair."

    Eric kissed the girl's face and appeased: "Okay, don't talk about this."The Others 》The script How are you prepared? ”

    "I've been looking at the script all these days, but Mr. Kapoor is not too bullish on me, and he thinks it's a bit of a waste for me to change to a Oscar-level actress, like Meryl Streep, jodinternet Explorer Foster, may be able to interpret the story more exciting, I also have some concerns about whether I can play a good role. Eric, aren't you preparing for a new movie, or else, how about I play some female characters in your movie? ”After the girl finished, she looked at Eric with hope.

    "Well, then don't play this," Eric said with a smile on his lips: "I just have a female Interpol role in your new movie."

    Virginia is just a temptation, originally did not hold too much hope, unexpectedly Eric so easily agreed to, incredibly ask again: "Really?" ”

    Eric nodded. "Of course, however, I want to explain to you. My next movie is a thorough men's play. There are not many actors who are barely considered to be Heroine's female characters. There are only a few appearances. The look of the lens."

    "what……"Virginia Small Mouth micro-Zhang, am hesitant to say words.


    Perhaps for the Actress, which is still struggling in Hollywood, even if it is the role of several shots in Eric's new film, they can fight at all costs, but with the two A-class superstar Tom Cruise and Tom Hanks. . Even Virginia, half a month ago, would be ecstatic if it could get Eric's promise.

    But now it's different. It's obviously a better chance to play the absolute protagonist in a wonderful script, but he gives up and exchanges for a vase character with only a few shots, which makes Virginia instantly have a kind of The feeling of crying without tears.

    What do you do now, tell Eric that he regrets the decision just now, and wants to play that horror movie? With a smart man's savvy and overbearing personality, if he finds himself in front of him, he will probably turn his face.


    A fragile sound awakened the girl in awkward situation, the pain in her buttocks, Virginia looked up and found Eric's face hangs a joke. The girl instantly understood that her careful machine had not escaped Eric's eyes. However, the good news is that Eric's expression is not angry.

    "I regret it?"The man asked this.

    "Eric, sorry, I am wrong, I will not dare anymore."Virginia spoke softly on the mouth, and the whole body quickly slipped off the sofa, sitting on the carpet, kneeling on Eric's thigh, lifting his charming little face and looking up. She knew that Eric liked the woman to pose in this position, so she did not hesitate to do it.

    Eric reached out and pinched the girl's slippery face: "The brain is not smart enough, don't be squinting everywhere, and it's best to be content." It was stupid and greedy, and the end would be terrible. Also, don't really treat me as an 18-year-old boy, this is not right. Although your physical age is ten years older than me, my psychological age is ten years older than you. Even Jeffrey and Kapoor always feel that I am the same age as them. ”

    "Uh-huh," the girl chick nodded like a glutinous rice.

    "Since this is said, some things are still clear, lest you do stupid things."Eric went on to say: "The two of us are impossible to have a future. If you are willing to be my woman, I will always help you in my career." If one day you are tired and tired, want to find a man to get married, tell me in advance, I will let you go. But before that, if you carry me with other men, it is a very serious betrayal for me, it is a shame, so don't do it. ”

    Although Eric did not say what the consequences of betrayal were, Virginia saw a chill from the man's eyes. The girl couldn't think of any better wording at a time, and only clumsily assured: "Eric, I will never be that. made."

    "In short, you know how to score."Eric pulls the petite girl up and puts it on her lap. The white neck of the girl, sniffing the seductive scent of a woman, continued to whisper in the girl's ear, "prepare for the script of the others, with your acting, try to prop up this story enough, if you can explode, Some future PR nominations are not impossible. ”

    "Ok……"The girl pulled out a seductive syllable

    Gradually, neither of them talked anymore, and Virginia, who is familiar with Eric's personality, completely passively allowed the other to dominate everything.

    Eric lifted his foot and took the coffee table in front of the sofa a little further, freeing up enough space for the girl to squat on the coffee table.

    The two didn't even eat dinner, and until the late night, Eric took the lead to sleep, always looking more tired than women. Under the faint bedside lights, Virginia was lying on the side of the bed, staring at the little man in front of his eyes, reaching out his index finger, trying to draw Eric's tall nose, hesitated and took it back. I am awakened by this magic star, and I will decide what tricks to toss myself.

    "What kind of person are you?" After a long time, Virginia sighed. Then suddenly I thought of something, showing a smug smile: "I also said that I am not a hairy boy, hehe."

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