Body Chapter 106 Human Feelings

I am the latest chapter of Hollywood, the body of the 106th chapter of human sentiment, floating astronomy

    "The man who is the wrong person," Drew carelessly scratched Eric's chest twice: "I forgive you."

    Eric habitually knocked on the door of the mind: "Do I still want to thank you for your generosity?"

    "That's all right," Drew said, with his head up against Eric's chest, his soft body arched, his little hand sticking into his jeans ' pocket, digging and pulling out a crumpled piece of paper: "Oh, here it is." ”

    Eric took it over and glanced at the list of names and audition characters. He laughed and said: "I can't think of your business."

    "Hey……"He screamed at the river and the involuntary feeling: "I have refused to refuse, and I am not directly asking you for a role, just an opportunity for audition."

    "Well, I will arrange it."Eric didn't say much. From Drew's sudden run back today, Eric knew that it was definitely related to the recent casting.

    He to Drew's future plan roughly with her previous life almost, even the girl future film Studio name all thought well, still is the flower film Industry, to drew the character of the highly capable, will become their own a big help, now helps her accumulate a little more There is no harm in networking.

    As Drew said, it's just an opportunity for audition. If he doesn't make it, he still has the final say. He can also earn a favor for Shantou. Why not?

    After reading the list carefully, Eric found that many of the Hollywood Stars that are familiar to the later generations, including SpInternet Explorer lberg's another goddess, Gwyneth Paltrow, should be 17 or 18 years old this year. The role of the audition is "Running Out of Time" in the robbery Andy's girl on the bus.

    Recalling Gwyneth's appearance, Eric painted the fork directly in his heart. Without him, is completely not in line with his own aesthetic, perhaps in the eyes of Europe and the United States, Gwyneth Paltrow is a standard beauty, but Eric on the high cheekbones, the nose, deep eye sockets of the beauty of the basic love, he prefers facial lines soft some of the beauty, Aniston, Drew, and Virginia belong to this type of woman, even Julia is not high cheekbones beautiful women.

    Thinking of this, Eric couldn't help but pull Drew, who was holding the remote control and tune the TV channel. He held the small face of the girl and looked at it. I remembered that there might be a long-term risk of Shantou in the future, and Eric couldn't help but sigh.

    Drew had some small nervous expectations, is this going to play KISS? As a result, I sighed and suddenly frowned, and my teeth screamed and threatened: "Eric, you dare to sigh at my face, be careful of me scratching you."

    “What anxious,” Eric said, touching Drew's hair. “Just a little bit, the cute little loli with the cat in Cat Eye four years ago suddenly became so big.”

    Although in English, no matter ' the ' or ' only ', all is a word, but does not prevent drew to listen to the evil in Eric's tone, the girl turned over the eyes of the eldest brother, forced Eric down on the sofa: "You damn lolicon, I'm going to Los Angeles police dep Artment report you, to you for chemical castration, see how you go to find that big breasted woman, still night not home! ”

    Eric was a little surprised, he felt that he should not have too many informed people with Virginia.

    "amount……This thing is known throughout Los Angeles? ”

    "Yeah, yeah, the whole North America knows that a third-rate actress actually got the female number one of Williams's hand-written scripts. Are you fools when others?" So oh, you have to be careful not to be photographed by paparazzi, or someone will say that you have an Oedipus complex, that woman is ten years older than you. ”

    "I definitely don't have this tendency."Eric raised his hand and retorted.

    "Of course, I can prove," Shantou rode on Eric's waist, leaning against the chin's arrogant look, slanting Eric: "Because you are lolicon!"

    "Well, I am lolicon, I am guilty," Eric smiled and made a surrender: "Can you come down from me first?"

    Drew had a big round of eyes, propped up two round long legs and slid down Eric's waist. Eric saw the intention of the hoe and had to stretch his hand to hug the waist of the hoe, and put the girl aside: " Don't make trouble, it's sunny."

    "Then I go to your room at night?"

    "I decided to go out at night, but the whole North America knows it anyway."

    Shantou immediately stepped forward to hold Eric's arm: "No, Eric, you can't give up on yourself." You should learn from Drew Barrymore. ”

    Eric broke free of Drew's arm and got up and walked upstairs. He walked and said, "Learning your truant skills, Al met me yesterday and said that I saw a playful little girl at a party. It seems like Wednesday. ."

    Eric has no hope that Drew can stay in school honestly. He doesn't expect Drew to take college. He wanted to let Shantou stay at school until he was 16 and continue to return to Hollywood. As far as the current situation is concerned, this kind of thing is not very feasible. Shantou couldn't sit at school at all, and the only thing that Eric felt was that Drew didn't know what method to use. Anyway, their principal no longer called to complain to Drew about "atrocities" like bad school prostitutes.

    When he heard Eric, Drew jumped up, raised his little fist angrily and waved in the air: "Al Pacino! I want to break with him, I specifically told him not to tell you. ”

    "Then he must have misunderstood what you mean," Eric said with a smile. "But I am very pleased, Al said that you did not drink." By the way, when did you have a relationship with Al? ”

    "After the release of "Pretty Woman," I happened to see it once."

    Drew said that the cover was hidden, Eric quickly understood the hidden meaning in the girl's words: "It seems that you have done a lot of 'bad things' outside in my name, and you have to slap it out."

    "No, Eric, I am afraid of hurting. If you kiss me, I will take all the measures."

    Drew followed Eric into the study and watched the other person pack up several documents into the bag and walked downstairs: "Eric, are you going out, today is the weekend?"

    Eric picked up his bag and went downstairs: "It's not you. I will officially start audition next week. The staff will give an audition notice to the actor who passed the first round of screening in the past two days. I have to give you the few people you gave me. Plus go."

    Shantou is dissatisfied: "But I want you to take me to Malibu to see our new home address?"

    "What is good-looking, there is still a wasteland there, at least one year to build. 看 Watch TV at home, if you find it with conscience, give me a dinner or something. ”

    Drew screamed at the big green eyes: "Do I find a consignment for my conscience?"

    "Then I will go to the third-rate little star home to eat my own love dinner."

    "Don't, Eric, that's a deal. The dinner without feelings is not warm enough. I can't deal with the take-out and let me go."

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