Chapter 108, do you believe in love at first sight?

I am the latest chapter of Hollywood, the body of Chapter 108 do you believe in love at first sight?

    “Motorola promised to pay a sponsorship fee of 3 Million USD, but only if the actor must be previously revealed by Tom Cruise and Tom Hanks.”

    "Lamborghini's sponsorship offer is a one-time payment of "800 USD. The other party is smart enough to no longer accept the rules for floating sponsorship fees for Box Office. ”

    “As for the rest, Ray Ban sunglasses offered a price of “500 USD, which requires a 5 second or more lens close-up of the Ray Ban glasses trademark in the movie. Hershey’s chocolate candy company’s bid is also “500 USD, buy out the packaging of the box bomb. ……"

    In the conference room, Jeffrey was excited and asked one by one to quote the sponsors who were interested in buying the implanted ads.

    In fact, Eric has the same file in his hand. However, Jeffrey can't help but read it. He is so happy. If the quotes on the documents are all finalized, it means that the movie has not started yet, and Firefly has won more than 600. Ten million USD profit.

    In this era, Hollywood has more than 500 movies on the cinema screen every year, but even if it counts the peripheral profit of the video tape broadcasting rights, the profit will reach 60 Million USD.

    Eric reviewed their opinions one by one after the advertisements, and then handed them over to the folder and handed them to Jeffrey: "Well, Jeffrey, the sponsor of more than 6 million USD, will you be like this?"

    "Just more than 6 million USD," Jeffrey raised his head dissatisfiedly, repeating Eric's words and retorting: "Eric, do you have the ability to find another movie that I can get with 6 Million USD sponsorship?"

    "Now, it doesn't mean it won't be in the future," Eric said. "Maybe for another decade or two, the film can recover most of the cost by simply placing an advertisement."

    "It doesn't have to wait for ten or twenty years," Jeffrey said with some emotions: "If it's the last "Pretty Woman," we get so much sponsorship, it's already a cost recovery."

    “There is no objection to this assumption,” Eric suddenly remembered another important thing: “Are you telling the secrets of these sponsors before the film was released?”

    "Of course I will not forget," Jeffrey replied: "I have explained the benefits to them. The sponsors will not reveal half a word before the film is released."

    Eric just nodded and nodded. He stood up and asked, "That's good. Today's audition is about to start again. Are you coming yet?"

    "Forget it, too much torture, I will not go to the" Jeffrey hastily refused, originally he also quite enjoy the actor owned by the producers of Songk power, unfortunately, after sitting in the audition table for several days, repeatedly asked, over and over to watch the performance of the audition actor, slowly, Before the superiority completely disappeared, leaving only the dull and tired.

    These days, the Actor audition also made Eric feel dizzy. This is mainly the audition of the "Running Out of Time" character. Each character has tens of hundreds of Actors who have obtained audition qualifications. The result of the screening. In addition, some Actors who have been eliminated from time to time have the opportunity to get a second audition through various channels. In short, they are disturbingly crowded.

    Eric has decided to hand over the auditions of "The Others" and "Scent of a Woman" to Jonathan Demme and Martin Brest, and he intends to have two directors select ten alternative Actors. I will go through the third round of the audition, which will be a lot easier.

    The only thing better than auditioning a variety of villains in the past few days is that today’s audition is the role of Andy’s girl Yoyo on the bus, which is played by the friends of the base or the pseudo-base friends to enter the Andy and Shane pure and beautiful. The third party of feelings.

    Of course, this is just a joke. "The two protagonists in Running Out of Time are cool and full of drama, but overall it is a tragic and cold story. If the chief inspector of the Crime Squad, Huang Qiu, is the one in the story, Yoyo is the warm color. A story, like joy and sorrow, is like life.

    Eric's previous standard for this role was 18 to 30 years old, with beautiful women in the workplace. Therefore, today's audition process is definitely very eye-catching.


    A girl walked out of the audition room and gently pulled the door. After turning around, her face quickly closed up, ignoring the various gaze in the corridor, and carrying the bag to the manager waiting not far away, the two whispered a few Sentence, just go outside.

    The staff came out and read another name. Another girl was called in. The next one was herself. Gwyneth Paltrow took out the makeup mirror in the bag and checked the makeup again.

    She was born in 1972 and was only 17 years old this year. According to Eric's standard, Gwyneth could not even get a chance to audition. But this did not stump her because she knew Drew, who had a close relationship with Eric Williams, and both of The Godfather were Steven ·SpInternet Explorer lberg.

    The little Bitch, said to be Eric Williams package Shu raised, not really getting is a.

    Gwyneth's father is a producer. His mother is a well-known film actor. His family condition is 100 times stronger than Drew. She has never looked down on a cute Drew with a baby face. Even at the SpInternet Explorer lberg home party, Gwyneth rarely greets Drew. She prefers to get along with peers who are similar to their family, so that they can help their future development.

    However, when it was learned that there was a chance to work with big names like Eric Williams, Tom Cruise and Tom Hanks, Gwyneth, who was preparing to enter Hollywood, immediately felt heart.

    If she can get this role, her starting career in Hollywood will be higher than the small Actors who have struggled for many years. So without hesitation, Gwyneth immediately contacted Drew, hoping that the other party could help him get a chance to audition.

    Although her previous relationship with Drew was not close, the two had no holidays. The little Bitch by their own words a few cotton coax agreed down, nice to fool, no wonder fall is now falling Shu Shu package raised the point. Gwyneth thought so contemptuously that it took less than five minutes, and the girl who just entered didn't fall out of the way.

    All the waiting Actress eyes in the hallway lit up and there was one less competitor.

    "Next, Miss Gwyneth Paltrow."

    Gwyneth quickly got up and took a deep breath to adjust the state. He walked into the audition room with a faint smile and sat down on the chair. Looking confidently at the front, looking at the blond youth who is sitting in the middle of the bow, that is Eric Williams, really handsome.

    Gwyneth's heartbeat speeded up a bit, and I couldn't help but wonder if the other party would invite myself to dinner. Perhaps, he should first reject the other person once, and he said that he is too easy to get and will never cherish. She is quite confident about her appearance.

    After more than ten seconds, the opposite youth raised her head with a smile on her face: "Hello, Miss Paltrow, let me introduce myself."

    Brief eye contact with each other in, Gwyneth see Eric Williams certainly understand their own, which made her heart some excitement, it seems that little Bitch still played a role, at least not when the other side he is a stranger.

    "Hello everyone, my name is Gwyneth Paltrow. I am 17 years old and graduated…"

    After a short self-introduction, Eric asked: "Miss Paltrow, the information shows that you have not had any experience in filming before. How do you feel that you can get this role?"

    Gwyneth still with a smile on his face, she just made some preparation for it, and calmly replied: "Because I was born in a performing family, my mother was a actor, and when I was very young, I began to help my mother to the lines, in this situation, I have always maintained a strong interest in the performance, from the middle school, I have been the backbone of the school drama community, played many famous stage plays, accumulated a wealth of experience in the performing Arts. ”

    When Gwyneth finished, he saw several judges on the opposite side and nodded at the same time.

    "Miss Paltrow, do you believe in love at first sight?"The opposite side throws another question.

    Gwyneth stunned and didn't know the other party's intention to ask this question. As a Westerner who could easily wipe out the hormonal sparks, Gwyneth still believed in love at first sight. However, she felt that if she answered it, would it be? It seems to be very rash.

    There was no urging on the opposite side. Gwyneth thought for more than half a minute and said: "No, I don't believe in love at first sight. In comparison, I am more willing to accept the sincere feelings that have been cultivated for a long time."

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