Chapter 117, I am the man who wants to be the king of Hollywood.

I am the latest chapter of Hollywood, the body of Chapter 117, I want to be the man of the king of Hollywood, floating astronomy

    "Jennifer Connelly, that's a very lucky girl. At the age of thirteen, I can participate in Sergio León's "Once Upon a Time in America," and some innocence and pride are taken for granted. When she was 30 years old and still had nothing to do in Hollywood, there would be no persistence. ”After listening to Eric's passing through the story, the girl leaned in front of him and said, she must have thought of her own experience.

    Eric can only hug the girl with comfort, and think of something, Jennifer Connelly's pride did not adhere to the 30-year-old, 20-year-old in order to cause a breakthrough, can not wait to choose the road of fame, this is a walk on the pure female star is a very big adventure, many actress in this adventure in Zhejichensha.

    However, that adventure did bring some turnaround for her acting career, and soon got the Disney "rocket expert" heroine, unfortunately that movie again rush to the street, now, the girl debut, the big production including "Once Upon a time in America", "Labyr Inth and rocket scientist all box Office failed, although these failures do not have much relationship with her, but Hollywood studios are also very superstitious, so, after five years Jennifer The Connelly all disappeared into the public eye.

    Virginia looked up at Eric and suggested: "Eric, actually you want to get her, it's not too difficult."

    "Ok?"Eric looks at the girl in her arms.

    Virginia said: "You have your own Film Studio now. When you have a new movie project in the future, you can just throw a piece of bait to her from time to time. For the little girl who wants Hollywood, this Vanity Fair, lure If you are tempted a few times, you will get hooked."

    "Wow, I can't think of a beautiful snake that I escaped in the Eden."Eric slaps on the buttocks of the girl's hips: "It seems to be a good punishment."

    "Well, are you not depressed?"Virginia was tired of Eric's arms, and the thighs in the nest were lifted up slightly, and the little man's high-spirited things were honed.

    "Of course not," Eric rolled over and pushed Virginia down again, splitting the girl's legs and slamming in. "I want to be the man of Hollywood, what a little frustration." In the future, I will reach a height higher than that of the playboy Howard Hughes. As long as I say a woman, I will clean up and send the other person to my bed. ”

    Virginia bears the violent impact of men, ah, ah, ah, but he refuses to accept the loss, retorted: "Now is not a big movie era, no one can fully master Hollywood, and…It’s ridiculous to say that the king of Hollywood. ”

    “It’s very simple,” Eric turned the girl over and put it in his favorite position. “It’s fine to change Hollywood back to the big field.”

    "you……You are really arrogant! ”The girl was holding a pillow and squatting there. "When you realize it, don't forget to let people come to heaven and give me a letter."

    Eric showed a smirk, retired from the slippery, opened two white soft hips, and the gun moved up: "I will send you to heaven now."

    "Ah, no, it hurts, you are a little mixed ball, don't go in again, hehe…This is heaven, hell is almost the same. ”


    Although I played late last night, Eric still woke up early, and a person wants to make a difference. Good work habits are a must.

    I leaned over and kissed the sleeping girl's cheek, and put on the clothes and walked down the second floor. In the yard, I briefly exercised my body and made a breakfast for two. The girl upstairs still had no movement. Eric did not wake up the other party, walked out of the small courtyard and took out today's newspaper from the mailbox, and ate while reading.

    There aren't many newspapers in Virginia, but Eric still found news about himself, because it appeared on the famous Los Angeles Times entertainment version. Although it is not a headline, it is also quite prominent.

    “Williams is watching her “Road House” with her female partner, and she is worried about the “Pretty Woman” Box Office being affected – last night, someone met the young Director Eric Williams at Beverly Hills. The other side drove a purple Lamborghini ghost sports car, and the beauty of Jennifer Connelly, a childhood star from Hollywood, was intimate.

    Jennifer Connelly 13-Year-old was fortunate to participate in the classic film "Once Upon a time in America", followed by the "Labyrinth" and a series of works, but the doll-like exquisite appearance of the Girl Star Road is not magnanimous, in recent years, there is no hand-shot works, this , does the other person's presence with Eric Williams, and his intimate manner, mean that another ' Hollywood Cinderella ' is about to be born?

    Coincidentally, Williams' new film "Running Out of Time" is nervously selecting Heroine. According to reliable sources, Jennifer Connelly also participated in this audition. It is hard not to create the Lenovo Lenovo's established association. Hundreds of audition girls who are full of expectations are disappointed.

    After walking down Lamborghini together, the two did not go shopping, but walked straight into a movie theater and watched Richard New's new film "Road House". When they walked out of the auditorium, Eric Williams looked dignified and found After the reporter, he took Jennifer Connelly and hurriedly left the back door.

    It seems that "Road House" has put a lot of pressure on Eric. After Richard Gere saw the "Road House" script, he greatly appreciated and resolutely gave up Williams' "Pretty Woman".

    This movie is Hollywood new action film director Laudi Hai, a famous movie star Richard Gere, the cost of million USD to create a hot action movie, the integration of fighting, flying, gun battles, explosions and other elements, after a preview of the film critic and the audience alike, I believe that this Easter, for you to bring an enthusiastic boiling visual feast. ”

    It seems that the United Artists executives have spent a lot of effort to promote the film. It is not an easy task to publish such a propaganda soft text in Los Angeles Times. Even if the investment does not have 20 million, it will not be inferior. How much, the pressure to recover costs is quite large.

    Eric didn't really care about the second half of the article with his own hype "Road House". Anyway, the quality of the movie "Road House" was put there. After watching the movie yesterday, he heard the comments from the audience or went to somewhere. In the details, it is either unceremonious criticism. This article is destined to be a face-lifting work.

    But for the first half of the description of himself and Jennifer Connelly, Eric couldn't help but frown. Although there is no point in vocabulary, everyone can see that this is suggesting that there is some unfair trading factor in the selection of his new film Heroine.

    In Hollywood, Actress is a very common thing to climb into the bed of producers, directors or investors for the role. Everyone knows and acquiesces in this kind of transaction.

    However, this kind of thing can only be carried out in private. Once it is disclosed by the media, relevant people will certainly be questioned and condemned by the public, and the social image will also be affected.

    The easiest way to reverse this situation is to publicly declare that the two are in love. You can't see many Hollywood directors. Every time you make a movie, you will fall in love with your own Heroine. Blaming the Playboy, but not reminiscent of certain transactions.

    But Eric didn't plan to do this, and the girl who had just rejected him last night wouldn't cooperate with herself.

    After thinking about it, Eric decided to let it go. If this kind of thing is refuted in the media, it will only be more and more black. Connelly has already rejected Heroine. In the future, the list of Actors will be announced, and the rumors will not break.

    He is not like a star, eating by fame and public image, the public image of many big directors in Hollywood is not very good, don't you still earn Box Office as usual.

    It’s just that Los Angeles Times’s calculation of this account has to be written down and when it will go back.

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