Interview with Richard Gere, Chapter 120

I am the latest chapter of Hollywood, the interview of Richard Gere in the 120th chapter of the text, Astronomy

    "The setting of the actor is very bizarre. He has a doctorate. He is also good at a very mysterious oriental Taijiquan, but he is willing to do the work of Ma Zi, who is watching the game at the bar. Then, Director awkwardly turned it into a paranoid avenger, but it was not a qualified avenger. He could kill those little scorpions without any politeness, but he would have the greatest value for hatred. The bully was soft, but in the end he was almost killed by the other side. All in all, this is a movie that makes people very awkward and tangled. ————Chicago Tribune

    "The film is full of anarchic private law enforcement, lawless destruction and unbridled violence. It is a farce." – "Movie Guide" magazine

    "I only saw the mob fights, the broken beer wine bottle, the large breasts and the pre-split plasma, the plot pale and inconclusive, Richard Gere deliberately for the film to exercise a muscle also let people can not afford half of the interest, his action in the film even have no villain's supporting the crisp. "–Montreal film magazine"

    "A ridiculous and awkward fist fable." – "Reel Film Review"

    "This is a film that can get rid of the hero, and then things will go according to the plot of the film, the Double Dice bar is reorganized, causing the coveted bully, a series of violence, arson, homicide, and then the unbearable small town residents rose up to fight, kill the bully, Richard Gere for such a movie, gave up Eric Williams's "Pretty Woman", do not know will not because of regret and insomnia. "–" Hollywood Reporter "

    "In addition to the rock scores interspersed with it, this movie is nothing." – "Rolling Stone" magazine

    Because United Artists pre-emptively promoted the film, "Road House" had a attendance rate of more than 70% on the first day of more than 1900 theaters. However, with the bad comments on the movie after the release, the attendance rate plummeted.

    Three days later, Box Office was released for the first weekend of the Easter season. The release of "Pretty Woman" in the sixth week undoubtedly showed a Box Office retreat, more than 2.4 million more than last weekend, with the 11.27 million USD score for the top three days of the Box Office list, six weeks of cumulative Box Office 97.69 million, I believe that after this full week, Eric will soon be welcoming his third Box Office. It will take several months to contact Eric to celebrate his 19th birthday, and this achievement will surely welcome the media once again.

    Although "Road House" has nearly 2,000 screens, it has only got 52"50 USD for the first weekend of Box Office, which is less than half of "Pretty Woman" with the drop in attendance on Saturday and Sunday. Ranked runner-up.

    The third place is the criminal comedy "Fletcher's Life" by Global Film Industry, which earned 5.04 million USD in more than 1,400 theaters.

    Because Columbia increased support and Easter schedule, the release to the 18th week of "home Alone" unconsciously and took the 4Million in the box Office, steadily to the million USD very close, for this 12 consecutive weeks accounted for At the top of the box office, the four-month-old box office Black Horse, which is still in the top five in box office, has been numb.

    Perhaps one day, "Home Alone" Box Office suddenly accumulated to 300 Million USD, and the public will only open their eyes again after seeing the numbers, giving a feeling of 'wow'.

    In the new week, Eric ended the "Running Out of Time" selection audition, handed the auditions of "The Others" and "Scent of a Woman" to the two Directors, and began to rush to film in the Greater Los Angeles area. Make a selection.

    Although there aren't many scenes in "Running Out of Time", there are a lot of shots that need to be closed, but finding the right place is not an easy task.

    At the same time, Eric also found the shortcomings of his own strength. As the home base of Hollywood, Los Angeles's policy support for movies is very strong, but it does not mean that the film crew can do whatever they want. Many scenes require the approval of various municipal departments. Although the flexibility is great, the process is very Very cumbersome.

    Moreover, the relevant personal connections are also indispensable. Eric is now very famous, but it is completely incomparable with the big directors and gold promoters who have been famous for many years. Maybe sometimes others can only get things done by phone, but he has to Repeatedly communicated in person.

    Fortunately, this movie Columbia is very valued. In order to ensure that the film can be started as soon as possible, an experienced producer was sent to assist Eric in preparation, which greatly shortened the preparation time.

    When Eric selected the "Running Out of Time", another thing happened unconsciously.

    This storm started in Richard. Gere, the nearly 40-year-old superstar from the "pretty Woman" first weekend box Office, began to lose the "pretty Woman" male protagonist of this matter more and more brooding, he knew he missed a very precious return to a class Su Perstar's chances, especially the recent failure of Box Office in Road House, have made him more annoyed and regretful.

    After "Road House", Richard Gere is eager to get another film to turn over. He also feels that Creative Artists Agency has the responsibility and obligation to help himself, because this is what the other party owes to him, if not for Michael Ovitz. Personal grievances, he can not give up the actor of "Pretty Woman."

    To this end, Richard Gere wanted to talk to Michael many times. Ovitz interview, but now the Michael Ovitz success for Sony Financial Group and Coca Cola between the matchmaking, is busy coordinating Sony and Columbia acquisition case, no time to talk Richard Gere This little thing, just handing it over to Richard. Gere's manager, Hona Willie, was the guy who had a serious cleanliness and was seduced by Eric Stewart Runkle to join forces.

    According to Richard Gere's current situation, Horner Willie recommended him a hero for a small cost horror movie. Richard Gere is certainly not satisfied. He is interested in a medium of the global Film Industry that Creative Artists Agency is in charge of. Making a movie, speaking, this requirement is not too much. But Horner Willie disagreed with Richard Gere for that role. He directly rejected Richard Gere on the grounds that it was impossible for the world to launch an actor that had already fallen into the bottom of the second line and had just performed a big production.

    Horner Willie is one of the early managers of Creative Artists Agency and is now the gold manager of Creative Artists Agency. Even many A-level Actors are gracious to him, which has slowly fueled the manager. Temper. And Richard Gere completely lost the "Pretty Woman". The mistakes of this opportunity were all attributed to the Creative Artists Agency. The grievances in my heart have accumulated for a long time. After Horner Willie refused to win the role for him, another The anger of the stock was swindled and then broke out completely.

    Two people had a big fight in Horner Willie's office. If it wasn't for someone who didn't find it bad, they would break in and stop, and they might be able to fight.

    After this incident, Richard Gere left the Creative Artists Agency on the same day, and on the third day of the incident, he joined another brokerage giant, William Morris Agency, by a friend's introduction.

    This incident would have been a normal Actor job hopping, between Hollywood's several Brokerage Firms, and there were countless such hopping events every year, even if Creative Artists Agency, which claims to have a complete betrayal cost system, could not avoid it. , but it will be relatively small. Creative Artists Agency's so-called 'betrayal cost' system is more about preventing its own manager from standing on its own, because the five founders of Creative Artists Agency were all migrating from another brokerage giant that year. And for those big stars I binding force is not large, top stars want to leave is a very easy thing, two or three-line star, as long as willing to pay default gold, can easily leave, but now creative artists Agency owned film and television industry chain resources are very large, So most of the stars are not tempted enough to leave the tree.

    Moreover, Creative Artists Agency also promptly issued a severe password for the quarrel between Horner Willie and Richard Gere, which was thought to have passed unconsciously. But forget that Richard Gere is also one of the parties.

    Richard Gere's job-hopping quickly caused some media ideas. When interviewed by the reporter of Hollywood Reporter, Richard Gere, who had a hard-hearted hatred, took Creative Artists Agency as a 'victim'. The ground was smeared. The next day, "Hollywood Reporter" appeared an article titled "Interview with Richard Gere: Losing the Inside Story of 'Pretty Woman'."

    “Recently, Richard Gere, the famous actor who once starred in the Eric Williams Box Office masterpiece Pretty Woman, suddenly left the long-time creative artist Brokerage Firm (Creative Artists Agency). In an interview with this reporter, Richard Gere finally told us I confessed that I had to refuse the specific passage of the "Pretty Woman" hero.

    Here is the original words of Mr. Richard Gere: When I saw the script "Pretty Woman", I thought it would be a wonderful story, very suitable for my image, I even did some things for it. Role preparation. Eric Williams is very young, but I learned that he is a talented young man by watching his first two works. But when I had to agree to the film, my former manager, Horner Willie, hinted that I refused.

    I was puzzled at the time, and then Horner Willie told me that because Eric Williams had just recruited Kapoor Sid, Michael Mr. Ovitz and Kapoor Sid have deep conflicts. So I don't like any collaboration between the artist and Eric Williams. It is clear that Michael Ovitz wants to block Eric Williams.

    However, I did not want to give up that opportunity, so I discussed with Horner Willy. But what I got was a hidden threat. If I worked with Eric Williams, then I would be refrigerated by Creative Artists Agency. I was in the low tide of my career, because I was afraid of the threat of Creative Artists Agency. Refused the "Pretty Woman" film.

    Then, Creative artists Agency in the name of appeasement, will United Artists an action film "Road House" the actor gave me, I saw that script, the Hona Willie said: No, this role image is not suitable for me, although I But the role is too violent, maybe it's more appropriate to find a muscle man to play.

    Horner Willie said that I had no choice, then I had to pick up "Road House" with a very low pay, in order to be more in line with the image of the hero in the film, I deliberately carried out a period of high intensity Fitness. But the film finally failed.

    Today the reason for these exposure, is because I think creative artists Agency has forgotten their identity, they monopolize too much resources, become unscrupulous, and some people for a little personal enmity, in order to show the power of individuals, can take actor The future of joking, you can take other companies tens of millions of of investment films to make chips, this is a very bad thing. The Brokerage Firm should have been for the Actor service. It should be based on the employer's interests as the first criterion, so that it can survive for a long time, but now the Creative Artists Agency has begun to arbitrarily use the Actor as a pawn in the hand, and will sooner or later die. ”

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