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I am the latest chapter of Hollywood, the body of the 121st chapter Cruise away, floating astronomy

    If "Road House" is a fuse, then the interview by Richard Gere in "Hollywood Reporter" became the spark that ignited it.

    On the day of the interview, a Creative Artists Agency spokesperson in the media refuted Richard Gere's remarks as completely nonsense, and vowed to declare that if the other party made these irresponsible remarks, Creative Artists Agency Will resort to legal means to seek justice for themselves.

    Although many people can see that Richard Gere's remarks are in the face of anger and anger, he put himself on the side of a 'victim', and many of the loopholes in his speech only have some industry knowledge. People can easily poke. But this does not prevent the media from digging deep into some of the facts in his speech.

    The power of gossip is strong, so the next day, the media began to appear esoteric in the inside story of Michael Ovitz and Kapoor Sid. After leaving Creative Artists Agency, Kapoor Sid was hard to move in Hollywood and was almost forced to go. The things in Europe have also been exposed again.

    Although Creative Artists Agency has grown into a towering tree, it is not without any black history. Coupled with its strategy of forcibly bundling sales, it will definitely lead to the failure of some movies. These failures are naturally pulled out by the media.

    "From the sorrow to the revenge, the two ace managers have to say the past"

    Creative Artists Agency's Top Ten Victims in Bundled Sales

    "The nine superstar counts that have gradually declined after joining Creative Artists Agency"

    "The black hand of the film industry's cost surge, Hollywood's ten-year movie cost comparison"

    "The Destructor of the Industry Rules"


    With the growing popularity of Creative Artists Agency's articles, the trend of a demonized Creative Artists Agency has begun unconsciously.

    The development of Creative Artists Agency over the years has not only severely squeezed the living space of other Hollywood Brokerage Firms, but Michael W. Ovitz's invented bundled sales strategy has also made many of Hollywood's Film Studios miserable. Creative Artists Agency not only made the star pay a big increase, but because of the bundling strategy, Film Studio had to pay a lot of budget over budget.

    Hollywood six film giants is also slightly better, usually with creative artists Agency, and can get most of the right to speak, and a large number of Hollywood two or three line film Studio, and those who are independent of the filmmakers , Creative Artists Agency's bundled strategy is completely out of the way, and they don't have the reputation and clout to sell every movie, so they can only obediently accept creative artists Agency binding conditions.

    A large number of brokerage Firm, a huge film Studio group, countless independent filmmakers, and finally one from the creative artists Agency bundle Sales TV serinternet Explorer s project quite Criticism of the television media, these forces even if any one of the force, use their hands to creative artists Agency smear, enough creative artists Agency good drink a pot, What's more, this one is almost all power in the absence of communication at all, Basic instinct.

    Of course, it’s not that no one has commented on the support of Creative Artists Agency. Some of the Actors of Creative Artists Agency have spoken a little more about Creative Artists Agency when they were interviewed. After all, Creative Artists Agency improved. Film Studio's production costs, and the biggest beneficiaries are these Actors. But these voices basically did not have any waves, mainly because of the manipulation of those forces, deliberately played down the support of the Creative Artists Agency stars.

    Although Creative Artists Agency also has a strong media public relations force, in this trend, the power in the hands basically does not play any role, it is completely passive.

    Then, because of "Road House" box Office fiasco and the United Artists high-rise suddenly jumped out, according to Richard Gere's interview, the "Road House" responsibility for the failure of the film blame on the creative artists Agency, and even threatened to creative artists Agency claim losses, of course, this kind of thing can not be successful, the unit Ed artists just needs to find a scapegoat for the tens of millions of USD investment failure. The Creative Artists Agency on the cusp is just right, and then it’s a bit of a slap.

    At the same time, in this trend, Hollywood several other brokerage Firm very tacit and invariably waved a hoe, within a short period of one weeks, Creative artists Agency on a succession of 20 + two or three line actor, if this is not Creative artists Agency Cause any harm, the ensuing events have caused a flurry of unrest within Creative artists Agency.

    The reason is that Tom Cruise suddenly announced his departure from Creative Artists Agency!

    Who is Tom Cruise?

    Hollywood's most popular idol star, since the debut, many films have been almost missed, and most of his films have earned huge profits for Film Studio at a small cost, 86 "Top Gun" to The cost of more than 10 million USD has won the world's 350 million USD Box Office. The latest "Rain Man" has won a number of Oscar nominations while receiving a high amount of Box Office. In the list of Hollywood's most powerful people selected by PremInternet Explorer re magazine, Tom Cruise is an Actor. Very close to a group of Film Studio executives, big Director, and gold Producer.

    The departure of this super A-class superstar has undoubtedly caused a wave in the industry. The departure of Tom Cruise is actually related to this storm.

    Because of the demonization of the Creative Artists Agency, the media expressed their sympathy for Richard Gere, and some people turned their attention to the negotiation of two male actors in Eric's new film. Soon, with the deep savvy and thoughtful cooperation of the media, the creative conditions of the two artists proposed by Creative Artists Agency were exposed.

    “6 Million USD pays 20% of the profit share. This robbery offer is only the creative company’s sturdy 'big company'. It’s obvious that Creative Artists Agency wants to let Eric Williams again. The hint of retreating. It seems that after going through Pretty Woman, Michael Mr. Ovitz still remembers the ridiculous idea of ​​'blocking' Eric Williams. I want to use this unrealistic offer to stir up the cooperation between Eric Williams and Tom Cruise and Tom Hanks. Not long ago, as Mr. Richard Gere said, Creative Artists Agency has begun to use Actors as pawns in their hands, and it is not untargeted. ”

    In fact, during this time, Creative Artists Agency has been constantly relinquishing negotiations with Cruise and Hanks. Prior to the release of Road House, the share required by Creative Artists Agency had fallen to 12%, and when the media exposed the original offer from Creative Artists Agency, the percentage of profit required by the other party fell to 10%.

    Although the initial conditions were exposed, Creative artists Agency immediately clarified that the two-bit superstar current offer is not that high, but the media has seized on this matter repeatedly, some analysts also published their views on the newspaper, said that if creative artists Agency this pattern of partitioning, it will cause film Studio production costs in the further increase, the profit space is greatly compressed, it is more difficult to achieve profitability. In this situation, it will definitely affect the enthusiasm of Hollywood Film Studio to make movies, which will bring a fatal blow to the fast-recovering film industry in the United States.

    Some media have even begun to call on the federal government to investigate Creative Artists Agency's behavior that disrupts the movie market. Under the influence of some forces, a member of the California State Parliament, in an interview with the media, paradoxically published some possible creative artists Agency of the issue of the price and the alleged monopoly of the conduct of the investigation, although the congressman quickly denied his own statement , but it still creates great pressure on creative artists Agency.

    What America’s industry giants are most afraid of, the first is not the tax bureau, but the antitrust investigation. For the time being, the case of other industries is only Hollywood, because the 'Paramount Act' of that year has caused the silence of the Hollywood film industry for many years.

    In the negotiations between Sony and Columbia, Michael Ovitz, who returned to the Creative Artists Agency to host the overall situation, personally conducted an interview with Cruise and Hanks, hoping that the two can abandon the previous profit sharing plan. Just take a piece of pure pay to help Creative Artists Agency through this crisis.

    Hanks is still very good at speaking, because he has never taken a profit share before, even 5 million of the high pay has not been taken, Hanks of Box Office's "Big" has received 2 Million USD pay, and He also valued this cooperation with Eric, so he agreed.

    Tom Cruise said that he hopes to consider it. The next day, the result of the soup is to take his manager, Ms. Paula Wagner, to announce that she has left the Creative Artists Agency and then re-associated with Firefly in her personal capacity. The company opened the film remuneration negotiations.

    Cruise has always been a very ambitious person, and this time the public opinion storm has indeed made Cruise feel like he is being manipulated like a chess piece by Creative Artists Agency. This feeling is extremely unacceptable for a super-superstar with strong energy and great control.

    Coupled with the success of Rain Man, he saw another way to personally collaborate with those of Film Studio in a profit-sharing manner, which can bring him more benefits, while Cruise I also hope to gain more control over film production.

    To get this without being tied to the Brokerage Firm, getting rid of the Creative Artists Agency is the first step for Cruise. But Cruise's departure from the Creative Artists Agency at this juncture is tantamount to a knife on the back of the opponent.

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